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[VIC] Overnight ride to Bendigo, Sat Jan 20th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Rosie

    Time to get away from it all!

    Leaving Melbourne Saturday morning for a ride up to Bendigo. Camping overnight (so pack a tent/sleeping bag etc) and home Sunday.

    We'll be stopping along the way at Hanging Rock and perhaps the chocolate place at D...

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  2. Hey Rosie, was thinking....yeah, I can do this, nothing planned this w'end, then I looked at the bank balance :( looks like I gotta work i lil harder.
  3. :LOL: I knew this would happen jd. Good thing I saved some stuff from the previous thread. :wink: :cool:

    JD said:

    The route I'd recommend, which is as follows (not saying it's the best, in fact if anyone wants to recommend an alternative then go for it).
    Firstly find a way to Bacchus Marsh - I don't think there is an interesting way to get here from Melbourne so probably best to just take the Westgate Bridge/Western Highway (the best roads are those that lead away from Bacchus ). This is where I'll meet up with you, the Maccas is probably the best meeting point simply because it has a large carpark and is next to a servo. From Bacchus head North to Gisbourne - then North from Gisbourne onto the Calder. After a very brief stint on the highway turn right onto Mount Macedon road and follow it to Hanging Rock (think this also goes past Gravity Hill where vehicles supposedly roll uphill but I don't know the exact location of that spot, perhaps someone here can help with that?). From Hanging Rock head West to Woodend then onto Tylden. Turn off the road just before Trentham and go past Trentham falls onto Daylesford - as shown (badly ) on this map:
    Next part is simply to follow the Midland Highway North from Daylesford through Castlemaine and Harcourt - although it's a highway this isn't a bad stretch of road with lots of nice flowing corners. Just after Harcourt (and the fruit stalls on the side of the road) is a signposted turnoff to some winery - this leads to a nice bit of road that weaves in between the granite hills then runs North through Sedgwick and Mandurang into the Southern suburbs of Bendigo. As shown by this map:

    And then triway suggested:

    If you go straight under the bridge and just follow the road instead of going onto the Hwy at Gisborne, you go through Barringo to Mt Macedon, much nicer than the Hwy. Four T intersections to get to MtMacedon and they go left,left,right,left.

    Drew said:we could all drop in at his place for a coffee on the return trip Sunday. :)

    and im.on.it expressed his enthusiasm for the whole weekend:

    Good stuff jd and thanks for the offer Drew. looking like a great couple of days. Happy to get lost and find new twistie roads as long as there's very little straight line highway

  4. and then I said:

    jd...this is your part of the world man...I leave whatever way we go to you.

    BTW, the link to the campsites isn't working. I'll have a look at campgrounds later tonight.

    As for departure times from Melbourne....How long does it take to get from Melbourne to Bendigo following the routes you have planned? Not taking into acct stopovers at Hanging Rock etc.

    Speed - :( Sad you can't come. I tried to send you an sms earlier today about this as I thought you'd be interested - but then when I went to send it, I realised I only had your home number. Was going to send you a pm but you beat me to it. :) We'll have to do it again soon. For sure!!! :grin:
  5. Yeah I know I'm impatient - but then again the event I posted on the calender this morning still hasn't shown up so I was worried that by the time this one did we'd already be back home ;). Strange that the accom. link didn't work, the individual websites for the parks I found are:

    As for time I'm not too sure. I've done Ballarat-Bendigo in under 50 minutes but the less said about that the better ;) :LOL:. Realistically probably looking at around 3 hours from Bacchus Marsh - which itself is around 1/2 an hour to an hour from Westgate bridge (depending on what traffic's like in Deer Park). Obviously you'll also need to add on the time needed to get from the other side of Melbourne.
  6. With this talk of Chocolate, I may be tempted to day trip...
    Will let you know Rosie.

  7. +1, I'll see how things pan out with my schedule.
  8. Don't forget Colliers Chocolates.... on the way from Sedgwick to Metcalfe....
  9. Hmmm, that one hasn't been on my radar. Thanks for the tip Drew.
  10. never been myself... everytime i go past it's either not open or i'm running late, or having too much fun on the bike to be bothered getting off!!
  11. Hi Rosie,

    The Gravity Hill you are talking about is on Straws Lane between Romsey/Woodend Road and Mt Macedon Road, about half way between the two. Our bus driver used to stop there frequently and for ages us kids couldn't work it out. We were convinced we were rolling uphill! We even heard suggestions it was a "magnetic pull" from Hanging Rock!! Not many of us bought that idea. Determined to find out for myself, I took a walk down into the paddock and looked back along the road, and yes, of course it runs downhill, but anyone would swear black and blue it didn't. Definately worth a visit, but I doubt it'll work on a bike, probably not steep enough, although I've never tried.
  12. I have yet to comment on this thread...


    ooh keeping an eye on the weather forecast. ;)

    Saturday: Rain developing. Possible thunderstorms. Min 23 Max 32
    Sunday: Rain easing. Possible thunderstorms. Min 21 Max 29
  13. mmm...more chocolate.... =P~

    Thanks for that Ned - sounds interesting. We'll have a look at this while there. :)

    im.on.it - Ta for the forecast - it looks fab... :LOL: I looked at that and first thought was - great...hot muggy temps + wet weather gear = hot muggy Rosie.

    You're not scared of the thunder are you? :twisted: :eek:hno:
  14. if you get too wet we have a clothes dryer.....and kettle for a hot drink.

    thunder is fun.... the cat hates it though!!!
  15. Thanks Drew. Perhaps Sunday you could come along to the Colliers chocolate place?
  16. it's a possibiliy i could do that... my sister is staying over night (hence the reason i'm not doing the whole trip) and "won't be able to get out till about lunch time i'd say

    I may be able to meet you all somewhere on Sunday. depends on the route and approximate time you're going to be in the Sedgwick/Sutton Grange area. Takes me abour 20-30 minutes to the chocolate place depending how much i exceed the posted limit by :twisted:
  17. If anyone decides to come along, we're meeting at the Todd rd servo, West Gate bridge at 9am.

    Drew - I'm not sure what time we're heading off on Sunday so it's probably best to give us a call or sms if you think you can make it.
  18. Well i had 3 very wet and soggy riders turn up for a coffee today.

    Sounds like they had a ball despite the rain.

    JD's Katana is sprting a brake leaver that look suspiciously like a footpeg.... apparently there was a mishap with a U-turn and petrol on the road in Castlemaine. No other damage reported though...to bike or rider.

    No doubt there will be a full report of the trip. once they have all dried out
  19. This is a rather quick attempt at a ride report...I just got home, I'm wet and tired and want a shower. :)

    What a wet weekend!

    Sat 9am...met im.on.it at the Todd rd servo...I gave him the option of pulling out (cos it was so wet). lol. That sounds sexual. ahem. Anyway, he decided to come. :rofl: Geez. I'm starting again. Sorry im.on.it :LOL:

    Take 2:

    im.on.it and I met at the Todd rd servo...it was wet and it was muggy. We were blasted by rain and wind all the way to Bacchus Marsh where we met up with JD. Blasted by wind and rain all the way to Hanging Rock where we decided to go for a walk to the top..it was raining, it was stinking hot, and we were in full wet weather gear. Lots of walking uphill later and we got to rest and relax - enjoyed the views, took some happy snaps (which I'll post along with others later) and cooled off in the strong breeze. It was that strong that the rain was going up. :shock:

    Returned to bikes and headed to Daylesford Chocolate Mill...still raining...me riding along daydreaming about a big mug of hot chocolate.

    That place should not be avoided. Ooh. I couldn't believe it when I saw they had 'white' hot chocolate. And it was bewdiful too. Yummo. We bought an array of chockies and ate and drank until we were sick.

    We stopped at Castlemaine for some lunch and then JD did a u-turn to head back to a petrol station and he and his bike just kind of slipped and slowly, slowly - with must resistance from JD - dropped. A rather large petrol spill on the already wet rd was the cause. A snapped off front brake lever was the result.

    Pull up at the petrol station where JD rigs up a new brake with a pillion footpeg...minus the rubber insert. :grin: Worked a treat too! Crafty man. Hope I have the same genius thinking as him should I find myself stuck. (Photos to come).

    Onto Bendigo where we set up the tents then headed back into town - had a drink at the pub.. grabbed some delicious Indian takeaway and some bundys and beer and headed back to the campsite. Sat in the nearby camp kitchen (sheltered from the rain) and enjoyed good food and good conversation before getting some much needed and well deserved zzzz's.

    We travelled along some lovely rds - the road to Hanging Rock (what was the name of it JD?) was my fav...especially with us riding through the fog. Absolutely beautiful. The wet had us taking it easy all day, but nevertheless we were still able to enjoy. :)

    Woken this morning by noisy kids - packed the tents up...loaded the bikes up...and headed to Drew's place in Kyneton.

    It was great to finally meet you Drew! :) I hope we can get out for a ride together one day soon. Go the V's! :music:

    After that JD headed home and im.on.it and I headed to Melbourne in search of stunters.

    Not long after arriving we decided we'd had enough of the rain and said cya and I rode the rest of the 2hr ride home in the ... you guessed it...wind and rain.

    All up it was a fun and funny weekend. I'm glad we didn't cancel. I think it's good to get out there and learn how to ride in the wet/wind. These are skills you might need one day - (should you get caught out). Like anything the more you do it, the better you get. :) Besides, I actually don't mind riding in the wet - don't even mind the constantly wet socks and gloves. :)

    Thanks to JD for working out the route and showing us this beautiful part of Victoria.

  20. Rosie, you keep this up and you'll get a seat on the Netrider Touring Committee... Great fun ride by the sound of it, and a good report......