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[VIC] Out of the blue ride - today - 11 Sept '06

Discussion in 'VIC' started by [FLUX], Sep 11, 2006.

  1. Totally spur of the moment decision. Beautifal day outside. Clear blue skies, little wind, 18C. Almost perfect.

    Who wants to go for a ride today? I'll be heading out from home here at 10:30am, so this is a 1 hour's notice.

    Post here, or PM me, and we'll hook up via phone.

  2. Im in stew as long as you take it easy on me :wink:

    My number is 0406567465 and your spot on it is one beautiful day out there
  3. If I wasn't gearing up for tomorrows scooter challenge, I'd be out there with you guys for sure.
    But alas, I'm stuck with preperation and running about. At least I'll be riding around town on the bike,a bonus I guess.

    Lets hope this weather continues for the scooter challenge tomorrow.
    Cya's all out there ...to clap and cheer us on :)
  4. Hmmm...double post :?
  5. Thanks for the ride Stew I enjoyed it very much, especially my first run on chum creek road :wink:

    Thanks also mate for the pointers, I practiced on the way home and it was all working well.

    Gotta watch out for those bloody log trucks in my lane, I think my heart is finally back in place :wink: Have fun on ya trip to septicville and we will have to go for another one when you return to Aus
  6. Thanks for coming Mick. Glad to introduce you to a few new roads for you.

    Later on in the day there I could see you getting smoother and smoother, and it was great to watch you flowing through the corners nicely and with more confidence.

    Glad you escaped the runaway logging truck in one piece. This is always the drawback with week-day rides. Weekdays, you have to avoid the insane logging truck drivers who are determined to turn you into a new hood ornament. On weekends you have crazy amounts of tourist traffic and weekend warriors cutting corners.

    Well, we ended up back in one piece, and that's always a good thing.

    Hope to catch you after my return.
  7. Where's the video Cathar?
  8. Gotta remove some of the old vids from the web-space.

    Which vid did you want? Me following Mick through Chum Creek Rd, or a vid of coming down Black Spur (no Mick)? Both? Maybe possible if I compress properly and match my available web-space just right.
  9. I've started a cathar folder... just finished downloading chumtazman.avi

    whispers in interview with a vampire style "I want some more..."