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[VIC] Opposition proposes review of speed cameras

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by titus, Nov 12, 2010.

  1. Cannot find a link yet, sorry.
    But heard Baillieu on talkback commit to a review of the speed camera regime in Victoria.

    Don't get too excited - he says they will still have a place if his party wins government. He is saying the current way they are used is creating a lack of 'confidence' in the system.

    Of course a review can mean anything, too. It might (for example) conclude that the system is perfect and needs to be extended - who knows? Baillieu also stated he would NOT role back the government's introduction of 100+ new mobile cameras in the next few months, regardless of the outcome of the review.

    And the response from the beige brigade was predictable. Some callers were demanding truly massive increases in penalties for the smallest infractions.

    But hey, at least it's on the agenda and somebody has recognised it as an election issue.
  2. Given the dollars they generate I wouldn't be holding my breath for any major changes if any.

    Still, as you say, at least there is likely to be some discussion about it - hopefully there will be some considered contribution from more sensible minds.
  3. I'm pumping up my pushy tires in anticipation
  4. The party that campaigns on practical speed tolerances, tram conductors and eliminating bank fees would win in a landslide.

    ...yeh, not holding my breathe - the lib website had some seriously draconian road "safety" bullshit.
  5. Nailed it in one :nail:

    "We'll look at improving the system..."
    Out of office - "...for the users"
    In office - "...for the stakeholders"

  6. I think it was Keating, bless his acid tongue, who said "Never get between a State Premier and a bucket of money."
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  8. I think you're right.

    And we would be fools to think that anyone intends to slay the golden goose.

    But Baillieu in a hamfisted attempt to fool a few voters, has drawn the matter into the spotlight. WE would be fools not to take advantage and make an attempt to sever the link between law, enforcement and revenue. We should be using the opportunity to demand that fine revenue go to the victims of road trauma, not the government.
  9. The way the polls are going I can't help but wonder whether the Libs would have guaranteed control of both houses if they'd announced a cessation of speed cameras rather than a review.

    Honestly though, having looked at their road "safety" policies I actually think I'd take Labor. Lesser of two evils.
  10. I wouldn't argue for one side or the other in terms of voting. I would simply suggest trying to extract a commitment for a more honest approach from both prior, to the election.
  11. I was really hoping to vote to get Brumby the **** out but unfortunately the 'cure' is worse than the 'disease', specifically the whole 'hoon' car crushing idea.

    Just can't win. ****ed either way.
  12. I'm in the situation where I am in a potentially swinging seat. Now I don't think any of the three major contenders will support my wishes, so the best thing for me to do is make my vote as valuable as possible, even if it has to be the next time around.
    I will simply aim to make the result as close as possible. An unstable government will suit my purposes better.
  13. According to http://www.vec.vic.gov.au/Current/state2010nominationsAltonaDistrict.html - I have 5 candidates in my district.

    Labor, Libs, Fam first, Greens and an Independent. I've looked up the independent and he's getting my vote! He's an engineer, a pilot and with a name like Brijender, I mused that he would probably run a 7-11 and guess what, he's a franchisee. lol.

    Gooooo Brijender! Ok, he got zero point something percent in the recent by election... he doesn't have a hope, but I want to register a protest... With Fam first going last, how do I sort out who goes second? Man I soooo miss the Langer method of voting. It was CRIMINAL what they did to him.
  14. It's not as simple as voting out one bad government and having our problems solved. It needs to be a sustained attack over several terms. The victorian people should keep voting out each government until we get a good one. Vote Brumby out this time and if the new lot aren't up to scratch them give them the boot at the next election and so on. It may take many terms of office before they realise we've had enough but if they want to avoid the embarrassment of being single term failures then they'll have to get the message eventually. We need the entire population on side for this so spread the word.
  15. So by that reasoning if the entire population didn't vote for any of the oxygen thieving useless bastards, do you think they would get the message that they collectively are not worth spitting on or would their self-serving arrogance get the better of them.....
  16. It will get the better of them I reckon. They'll never give it up voluntarily so play them off against each other.
  17. Regardless of how it affected their egos, we can be sure to expect the fine for not voting. My system could take decades longer to achive the same but it saves us from paying any more pointless fines.
  18. Voting once every 3-4 years is not a solution in it's own right. Throwing out a government only replaces it with a different Government. If the new Government's belief is that motorcycles are dangerous, speed kills and kittens need to be protected nothing will change.

    We are much better off engaging the pollies and would be pollies who seek our votes and showing the facts that if they genuinely want to reduce the road toll, they need to think of something else other than speed cameras etc.

    And because that is a lot harder work than whingeing lots and voting once most of us don't do it. Most of us are content to sit around expecting someone like the MRA to act on our behalf and then biatch about it when they don't do what we want.
  19. Nailed it :nail:

    Think of Vicroads and the TAC as cashed up powerful political lobby groups who are running big multi million dollar businesses with their own agendas, and have the resources and power to pressure governments into creating legislation to suit their purposes.

    It wont matter which party is in power because the lobby groups will remain the same.

    Throw in Vicpol as a cash cow for the government of the day, and you can see that if you cut the head off the serpent three will grow back.