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[VIC] Operation Crack Down On Dumbass Pedestrians in effect Wed/THu

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by grue, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. Police will this week conduct Operation Don’t Do Your Dash, an intensive road safety operation targeted at pedestrians to reinforce the importance of pedestrian safety.

    Police are urging people to be more careful when crossing the road, and will be targeting pedestrians along some of Melbourne’s busiest intersections as part of the two-day operation.
    Aiming to reduce the number of pedestrian collisions, police will issue $60 on-the-spot fines to anyone failing to obey traffic lights or use the designated pedestrian crossings during the two day blitz.
    Alarmingly, in 2009 there were 243 pedestrian collisions in the Melbourne CBD, including two deaths and 75 serious injuries.
    The statistics show that pedestrian accidents involve all age groups and can occur at any time of the day.
    Last week a pedestrian ran against a red pedestrian light on Flinders Street and into the path of an oncoming tram.
    The 28 year-old Albion woman was dragged eight metres by the tram and was conveyed to the Alfred Hospital in a critical condition, sustaining head injuries.
    Acting Sergeant Tim Robinson said that the number of pedestrians who fail to take caution and obey traffic signals when crossing roads is far too high.
    “The number of pedestrian collisions is a major concern for us, and we will continue to conduct these road safety operations until pedestrians get the message,” said Sgt Robinson.
    “Statistics show that every 36 hours, a person will be hit and injured by a car while crossing the road.
    “The biggest tragedy of these collisions is that the majority of them could have been avoided as they occur simply due to pedestrians not obeying pedestrian traffic signals.
    “Pedestrians are one of the three main vulnerable road users and our aim is to prevent pedestrian collisions by making pedestrians aware of the risks.
    “Pedestrians need to take extra care when crossing the road and be aware that this is a real issue; it is their safety at stake.”
    Operation Don’t Do Your Dash will run on Wednesday and Thursday this week. Major intersections to be targeted will be around Elizabeth Street, Collins Street, Spencer Street, Swanson Street, Flinders Street, Bourke Street, Exhibition Street and William Street.

    They're aiming at these geniuses, but there was a motocop who seemed to be keeping an eye out for filtering this morning.
  2. Thanks for the heads up!
  3. It's funny because I've been wishing they'd do this for a while… pisses me off when my light goes green but some cockbite is still in the middle of the crosswalk because he started walking while it was red. They normally get a rev and a "GET THE **** OUT OF THE WAY". :-s
  4. So, safe to assume that there is no longer any crime in your state that isn't road-related?
  5. Yeah, murder, ræp, and property crime are all gone :-s
  6. Unfortunately stupidity isn't a crime...
  7. i think we we in Sydney need this on one certain intersection that i have to negotiate each morning. Left-hand turn into wattle street at Broadway.

    So many times if i am at the part of a stream of cars turning left, the pedestrians there, where there is no pedestrian crossings decide that they can ride out in front of the bike.

    Yesterday had to stop there last second, as pedestrians decided to cross when I was turning, right up close behind the cars in front. Seems they class a motorbike as a gap in traffic ;-) So was then surrounded by people and stuck in no-mans land.

    Then when it seemed all clear, I started moving and one ran from my blind spot to the left and across in front of me, missed her by a couple of inches.

    It really has soooo many pedestrians it does need a crossing there to stop all the confusion between traffic and people. I am starting to go up to the lights to turn left now so that I miss the chaos in this left turn lane.

  8. Oh that slip street! It's always been a bit of a manical run when crossing there, and always a roll of the dice when turning left there. Partly because vehicles seem to be invisible to pedestrians and partly because there is bus lane for vehicles to have to negotiate. Neither of which seem to help the situation or muppets avoiding being cleaned up.

    I haven't walked along there in about 6 years and it was annoying/bad then, I think i'll pass on going through there now-days.