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[VIC only pls] How to re-register a repairable WRITE-OFF bike? opinions please

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by BKN, May 27, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    been curious as ive seen afew repairable write offs for sale. Ive tried researching but havent found much information on the forums.

    Whats the deal with repairable write off bikes? is it alot harder to do than cars? I was told basically you need to repair it so its roadworthy, and also to standard manufacturers specs. And also a fee of $440 for a VIV test which you will lose if you fail the test, and apparently failing the test is a common thing.

    I was also told if theres a scratch on the frame, its a fail, is this true?

    Just after opinions, especially from people who have been through it before. Read not long ago on here about someone with a white/red R1 project being repaired, please input! :]

    Just seeing if its worth doing or not and also a bit curious.

    Cheers and thanks in advance guys
  2. I deal with a company that repairs motorcycles and quite often prepare them for VIV. From what I'm told, they are super strict if the whole job is not 100% right it'll get rejected until it's sorted.
    Parts used must have invoices, if they are used parts the invoices must show the VIN of the wrecked bike and it must be repaired back to the way it rolled off the production line such as no mods or colour changes.
    It's not an easy or cheap process if you have to pay someone else to do all the work for you. I bought a factory matte black fender for my bike, the guy selling it had just repaired and VIV'd an 848 and said he'd never do it again.
    Just do your research before jumping in.
  3. I went through it helping a mate, it's a huge pain the ass. I would only buy a repairable write-off if I intended to use it only for track purposes.
  4. Like a car, I wouldn't TOUCH it if you want to use it on the street.
  5. Thanks guys, helpful opinions. Seems like its not worth it, thats why they go for so cheap.
  6. They go for so cheap because second hand bikes are already decently cheap and you then have to pay to repair it on top of that. I'd happily ride a write off on the road, all it takes to make a bike a write off these days is a dented tank, snapped clip-on, toasted forks and a cracked fairing.

  7. hahahahahahaa you're hilarious.
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  8. Anyway the rules on that shit are so many miles past retarded they fit right in with everything else the state government thinks is clever.