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[Vic] Omeo Hwy C543

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by fleabag, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. G'day,
    I hear this road is or has been sealed between Omeo & Tallagatta. Anyone been along this stretch who can confirm please. Was thinking of travelling along here to the Snowy ride this year so thanks in advance for any replies.


  2. We can hope, it would be a good option. Last time I did the road it was unsealed for about 40k but that was a couple of years ago. Let us know if you find out.
  3. I was there at easter, 20k or so tops of decently intense dirt road with twisties, was planned to be sealed before the ski season according to local servo owner in omeo, but was also planned to be sealed before we got there, and wasnt, they also had not started at all on a significant portion of the road, so i doubt they are done.

    But me and my group all on sports bikes, (rvf400, my vfr400, rsv4 factory, cbr600) all got through it without incident but it is fairly intense at times, lots of rocks and ruts, but the road is worth it so i say go for it.
  4. Just spoke to Vicroads, 12km still unsealed in the Mitta Mitta to Glen Valley area which is some of the steepest section still remain unsealed. Working on it but work has slowed during Winter, they believe it should be finished by Summer.

    I agree with Unconnected, do it, 12km is nothing and it is a great run.
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  5. Thanks guys. I'm up for it but my brother may chicken out with his ST1300. :)
  6. Hi there , realise this is some weeks after this discussion but here goes - I came thru that way early January 2012 and at that stage there were still 2 sections of dirt . The 1st one starting not long after Mitta Mitta and lasted for 10km . Then returns to bitumen and there's a great run as you climb the mountain. I can't remember how long that goes for but did eventually return to dirt and this lasted for 20km before returning to bitumen although was quite narrow . I was going north - south . I've actually been trying to research this on the net myself lately and as CJVFR posted , from what I can tell there is only about 13km remaining from Glen Valley to Mitta Mitta. As CJVFR has said also , this is planned to be finished after end of winter season and beginning of 2014. I did it on my '02 ZX9 which was moderately loaded up , unless you're going thru after heavy rain or recent snow fall you shouldn't have a problem. Just take it quietly on the dirt , making sure to get your speed right down before you get to each corner . Hope this helps . . . .
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  7. still 13km of dirt to go. Will not be sealed this year though.

    Sealed from Anglers Rest to Omeo, so an alternative route is to loop up over Falls Creek, then down to Mt Beauty. This is an excellent run, sealed the entire way.
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  8. Just came across from Mt Beauty to Omeo via Falls and Anglers Rest.

    The road from Falls Creek has suffered some slips in places. Also, for those who haven't been on it before but plan to ride it the road is not marked. So, for us in the rain and fog (well, cloud actually) it made for an interesting ride.

    The road surface is this grayish color and the texture of it makes it look like it has loose gravel over it. But it doesn't.
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  9. ^^ Thanks for the update , possibly heading up that way shortly .
  10. Yes that Dam at Falls Creek was the source of most of the road bed for the Bogong High Plains Rd and it is a white/grey granite mix that is hard to judge.

    The OP was taking more about the section from Anglers Rest to Mitta Mitta.
    Anybody know if that section has been sealed yet?
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  12. Omeo to Falls Creek was so good I did it twice in the same day,
    Your radiator tinkles when your in the gravel, You cant see it,

    Omeo to Mitta Mitta was 35 Kays of gravel road, Gibbers in places, Last time I rode it and was two up,

    Roadworks up there can be iffy, So therefore the delay, It was supposed to be completed Nov 2013,

    Only 13 Kays of Gravel left, Its still worth the dirt for the rest of that road, Its Magic,
  13. Is my post above invisible or something...
  14. You are a game man Deadman ;) I road it one up but with tents and stuff and it was mushy and soft in the dirt bits. I agree the sealed section is fun though especially the section along the river. :)

    Who said that ;)

    They do open and close it at end of season though so it is worth checking. We went up in November a couple of years ago and there was a snap cold period and they closed it. That's how I found the joys of the Mitta MItta run as an alternate :)

  15. Whats the gravel like on a sportbike?

    It sounds like its similar to the bonang, sections of dirt, but well worth it.

    Looking at those squiggly lines thinking it will be paved soon makes me wet.
  16. Its not like the Bonang, Thats a grouse road, even the gravel,

    Omeo to Mitta Mitta Has loose Gibbers, Egg shaped rocks up to 75 mm in Diameter.

    Very Twisty, Tight Corners, 5 day run Two up,

    Took me ten minutes to load the crap we were carrying,

    I came round one tite corner, It was gone, Picked its self up and continued,

    She said, That was a good save, Haahahaha, It was all Arse, It saved itself, Hahahaha
    Those round rocks are not fun on a Blackbird,
  17. Well, even with this week's shiteful weather it was open.
  18. They only close the roads for the Ski season, When they do close the roads,

    They also whack a Forestry Ranger on the gate to collect the dollars, When the road is closed,

    $35-00 a Car to pass,
  19. Just to update this thread and to inform people of the condition of the Omeo Highway between Omeo and the Murray Valley Highway, it's pretty much done, except for about 2-3km of hard and compacted dirt (prep'ed ready for sealing), and about 10 kays or so of sealed road but still loose stones here and there with no line markings.

    All of this is about 60km north of Omeo (past Angler's Rest and the Falls Creek turn off).

    By this time next year, after it's all sealed and has had some use, it should be OK for normal motorcycling. Certainly was not a problem over the weekend, even for the guys on their BMW R1150RT, Honda ST1300, FJ1300 and me on my trusty Blackbird...
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