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[VIC]Olinda/Spurs/Kinglake/St Andrews Tue 30th Dec + PICS

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Morbo28, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. Hi All,

    Well, it's going ahead! :grin:

    See this clicky.
    Here's a pic of the 280K route:
    Since we will be doing it anti-clockwise we would be going against any traffic on it's way up to Eildon etc areas after Christmas.

    Breaks - there will be some.
    - Short regroup (maybe long enough for coffee if keen) at the Sassafras cafe
    - Longer lunch at Warburton at that beautiful spot next to the river
    - Short regroup in Marysville
    - Bit of a feed/drink at Beechworth Bakery in Healesville if keen.
    - Short regroup at Kinglake.

    Date and Times

    Tuesday 30th

    Meet at BP at St Kilda at 8:30/8:45 fuelled up and good to go at 9:00am. We can pick people up along the way out East if needed.

    We should be back at around/before 4pm including break times.

    Skill Level

    Totally fresh Leamers - probably not. Learners who can corner confidently without running wide - yes. And all the way through to experienced/fast people. Keep in mind though that given time of year/police etc, we will travel at pretty sensible speeds. Having said that, I am happy to not lead if faster people want to :grin:

    Let us know if you are keen. I'll update this first post if any changes are made / extra pickups added .

    So far it's likely we'll have:

    Slow Coach
    deadman (meeting at Woori Yallock)
    Urban (meeting at Sassafras)
    ZX9A6 (Bruce - meeting at Sassafras)

  2. In for now - Where exactly is this BP at St Kilda??
  3. Sounds good. I'll prob depart from the ride at Kinglake and head back home from there.
  4. It's right near where you live according to your details :grin:

    It's next to the marina on Beach Rd (or Beaconsfield Pde or Jacka Blvd or Marine Pde or whatever the hell it is called at that particular section). The Netrider Tues Learner and Thurs Mystery Ride also start from there.

    Here it is on the map
  5. Ride on the 30th

    What time do you estimate your arrival at Woori Yallock or Warburton.
  6. Re: Ride on the 30th

    Hey Brian,
    I would say roughly 11:30 we would be in that area. We could send you a text or something when we leave Sassafras if that helps :)

  7. I am not keen on Beenak road, So I will wait for you at Woori Yallock.
    Text me when you leave Sassafras,
    I did both spurs last Tuesday and the road is excellent. all the way.
  8. Done - I've saved your ph number so you can edit it out of your post if you want.

    I'll call or msg when we leave Sassafras. :grin:

  9. Thanks Simon. should be a good ride.
  10. I will come along, looks like a good ride.

  11. I'll be there too...! See you all there...!
  12. Wouldn't mind tagging along for this one. What time do you think you'll be at Sassafras?
  13. Hi Urban,

    We should be at Sassafras at about 10-ish I would think.

    Might see you there. :grin:

  14. I'm interested in doing this ride should meet up with you at Sassafras at around 10 am even if it's raining (bike needs a good wash).

    Cheers Bruce
  15. i think i may come out and play too
  16. I wont be coming if it rains :oops: I've been looking forward to this ride since the Christmas ride :( Fuc#en hate rain.

  17. The rain is good, living up here you tend to hate the dry that's when the tourist's come out to play (bring on the rain I say).

    Cheers Bruce
  18. Me too, I'll be sitting at the top of Mountain Hwy round 10.00am.
  19. lol, riding in the rain stresses me out, on top of that i don't have adequate wet weather gear, in total making for a mentally and physically unpleasant experience. I'll be keeping an eye on the BoM page though.
  20. Yep it'll go ahead even if raining. Once the group is all together at Sassafras / Woori Yallock we can make a determination then if people suggest a route change/shorten.

    But I figure it'll be okay unless it's torrential.