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[VIC] Ogio Tanker Tank Bag

Discussion in 'Archived' started by adge82, Jan 13, 2010.

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  1. OK, i dont really wanna sell this but i have to.
    Partly because i need the cash and partly because my tank is so pretty that im never ever putting a tank bag on it and risking scuffing it.

    So... Its pretty much the best universal tank bag i have ever seen. Its shaped nicely, has all the usual crap like rain cover, headphone hole, pockets all over the shop, map window etc. Quality is exactly what you would expect from Ogio, fantastic.

    It also has a shoulder strap and zips off the base. I always left the base attached to my ZXR when i used it.
    Magnetic and has a strap as well, also has D hoops for connecting in other inventive ways.

    I got it off eBay a while ago for 229.00 plus a bit of shipping (from the US, not sure whether it was AU or US $$$ - cant remember).

    Selling for.... er... i dunno, anything over a hundred.

    Pics below.

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  2. Sold - - - - - -
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