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[Vic] Off-road riding

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by termis, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. So what's the law for riding out in the bush, in regards to licensing?

    Do you need still need a proper license issued by VicRoads? I was told this, but then, what about kids on little 50cc dirt bikes and whatnot?
  2. Ride a monkey bike with no license, get booked x 2.

    Ride any bike without a license, get booked x 1.

    Ride a monkey bike with a license, get booked x 1.

    It's no different to any other public road. License and rego required.

    If by "in the bush" you mean hooning around on the little single track areas, doesn't matter what your license and rego status is, they can book you for being off a formed road if they want.
  3. +1 except it is often not inforced
  4. With respect, you're not in Victoria so how would you know?

    It IS enforced down here, but not as much as catching license and rego.
  5. VicPol have flagged that they are intending to crack down hard on all forms of illegal motorcycling (starting the operation this weekend, in fact). Don't say you weren't warned.

    That means, for dirt bashers, that they say they will be after you if you ride anywhere other than a gazetted road, with appropriate licence and registration. Got kids with bikes? You need private property.

    Or lots o' dosh (which may be what it's about).
  6. Let's get one fact straight - in Vic about 1/3 of all motorcycle fatailities/injuries involve a rider without a motorcycle licence.

    This is why the Police in Vic are targetting this issue. If we removed the roads of these people - then it would reflect better on those of us who have made the effort to get the correct licence.

    There are far too many Off Road deaths for my liking IMHO.

    BTW - you can probably blame me for their targeting if you like, because this is an issue I have raised with them during MRA(Vic) meetings/discussions with Vic Police. So - if you don't have a licence and get caught - sorry but but you get no sympathy from me....

    Take it easy this weekend guys - I don't want to hear about anyone dying this long weekend. Don't overcook your corners is a good start.
  7. you can only ride on marked roads/tracks.

    all normal road rules appy
  8. That's a bit tough on 16 and 17 year olds who want to ride state forest tracks but are too young for a motorcycle licence despite being old enough to legally operate a 1.8 tonne 260 hp Ford Falcon at 110 kph on public roads. If you can do the latter supervised by your parent or older sibling, you should in the very least be able to do the former.

    The laws as to motorcycle licensing as they stand basically discriminate against those who don't own vast tracks of private country property, and in doing so deprive young aspiring motorcyclists of some valuable motorcycling experience before they hit the road. Follow the law and you'll be on busy public roads all by yourself with 3.5 hours motorcycling experience. Still trying to master clutch control.

    Furthermore, the police should prioritise preventing people from harming other people (drink driving, excessive speeding on busy urban roads, alcohol and knife violence, theft, criminal damage) and not interfering with the civil right of well informed people to consensually engage in activities that may result in harm to themselves (like living).
  9. I'm with John. Unlicenced riders get very little sympathy. If you enjoy dirt bikes join a motorcross club. There are plenty around and kids from the age of 3 or so can ride in a safe, controlled environment.
  10. Also if you own a 4-wheeler and don't have your own land to ride that then your stuffed. I have a quad and I can't ride it anywhere because all of the motor bike tracks/clubs I have checked out, don't allow quads on the track.
  11. In Vic its a simple matter of being licensed (or permitted) and having rec reg as a minimum to ride on any crown land.
    You must stick to formed tracks and not go beyond any gate or barrier or sign prohibiting entry (even if the sign has been vandalised or removed)
    It is the riders responsibility to know where he/she can ride.

    So if you want to buy little Johnny a dirt bike make sure you have somewhere legal to ride or don't blame us public land managers when you get pinged.

    Think you can get away? Bring it on..... :roll:
  12. There are a couple of places within Wellington shire where you can ride quads legally. Ask your local council.
  13. Interesting point, I always wanted a quad.
    Can you register a quad in any state? even if its just rec reg?
  14. I think you're out of luck in Vic at least.
    VicRoads LINK
  15. For the past year I have been lucky enough to have access to a block of land to ride the quad (with owner's permission) until the building of factories started. I had a good run, a year of riding whenever I wanted just down the road from my house, on a huge-ass property, complete with big hills and mud holes :grin: . Quads are fun. :grin: :grin: