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[VIC...obviously] Melbourne to Geelong commuting?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Morbo28, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. Hi peeps,

    I have been commuting from Hampton (Bayside) up the Nepean Hwy to St Kilda Rd just nth of St Kilda. I've been doin it since Oct.

    I am looking to do some contract work 3 days a week in Geelong indefinitely. We will be moving up near St Kilda (ie we will be nearer the Westgate Freeway soon).

    So does anyone commute from Melb to Geelong and back?
    What are your thoughts about it? I gotta whole bunch of q's for you :)

    I am hoping that coz it's against traffic along the freeway that it should be okay traffic wise?
    How about sitting on the Freeway for an hour or whatever it takes? Is it boring to the extent that caging it is a better idea?
    Have u trained it? (that could be a goer so i can catch up on reports on the train...)
    My two stroke doesn't really seem that suited to that type of riding...loves city and twisty better.

    Also...for my upgrade next May I am tossing up between:
    CBR600F (cheapest - sports + little bit of touring)
    Daytona 675 (dream sports bike)
    Street Triple (made me consider a naked :shock: )

    Do you think one of these would be better than the others for this type of riding? Previously I haven't had to consider boring freeway segments as part of my riding, so i fear this will mean for eg the Daytona - my top choice - will now be less than practical.

    Okay, that'll do. Looking fwd to your experienced input THANKS! :grin:
  2. It is a very boring ride along the freeway.
    Your tyres will be squared off due to lack of corners.
    going against the traffic you'd really be better off in a small 4 cylinder cage
  3. hmmmm... my fears are not misplaced. I will be living near a train station so maybe at least that way I can get some wprk done...

    the other option is MrsMorbo getting her bike license since she works just down the road and i take the car...

    since my arms broken the bike is out for a bit anyway.

    I'll take all ur opinions...
  4. I caged that road for two years. Don't ride- it'll kill any pleasure in riding you ever had. Plus, the depreciation due to high k's (and tyre wear) will probably make it uneconomical. Train it if you can easily get from station to office.
  5. More than likely, it will be cheaper for you to drive.

    St. Kilda to the freeway is stuff all so the overwhelming majority of the trip will be open road at 100kph. This means that even in a V6 Comodore, you won't use much fuel anyway. Cars use a lot of fuel in stop.start trafic, but on the open road they're pretty good.

    The lack of corners will mean that your tyres will get squared off (worn in centre) making them useless for cornering very quickley. Added to depreciation through racking up high km on a small bike, this makes the plan fairly expensive.

    On top of that, it's the world most boring road. It has absolutely nothing to offer in terms of staying awake. In fact, the reason for the high death toll on the road is widely suspected to be largely due to suicide through boredom. I've thought about it myself on some trips. At least in a car, you can set the cruise control, crank up the mp3 player and read a magazine like everyone else. :)
  6. Thanks for the opinions people...it's funny, posting a question on a bike forum and the three responses are: don't ride the bike! :LOL: :LOL:

    But it really does echo my thoughts, so I am glad some others feel the same way. Man I love riding the bike, so it's a shame. But hey - it's only 3 days a week down there - that leaves four other days per week to ride :wink:

    Thanks again.

    (I'm still keen to hear from others if you have advice either way :) )
  7. As someone said if you can get from station in geelong to workplace easily then train... i agree 100% with this as it really is a boring road ive driven it several times and the only enjoyable time was when i wasnt driving... i honestly had thoughts of what would happen if i failed to stick to the slight curvature of the road and drove into a pole, i pondered whether the short period of adrenaline fueled stimulation ultimately ending in death would not actually be so bad compared to the remaining 40 mins.
    end rant...
    but yeah Vline tickets are cheap and the vline isn't such a bad run either...
  8. Melbourne to Geelong

    Morbo 28

    As a current Geelong resident I drive to Melbourne and return most days as I have to use the car for work. I look longingly at all the riders wishing I was riding instead of being caged.

    So..... ride a couple of times and see what you think.

    It is a boring road and there are a few speed cameras but if you love riding!!! It is just as boring in the car or the train.

    As far as cost it is all relative nothing is for free so it is more about convenience because your time is money too.

    Stay safe.

  9. Another post-geelong rider/driver here...

    Go the train. The traffic is nasty when you hit Corio plus its a boring drive. You'll be surprised how many speeding fines u get just by 'staying with the traffic'.

    On the train you can crank up the lap top, catch up on some zzz's and its even cheaper these days!

    Its exactly 1hr from Geelong station to Spencer street.
    The only frustration i had was that sometimes v-line would cancel trains and i'd be stranded in the city for a few hours.

    Good luck!
  10. Cruise control?
    Easy, fit a throttle lock.

    Easy, get some earmolds with speakers. Saves you going insane. I listened to music all night on the icicle ride.

    As loulou said, once in the cage you will wish you were riding. Besides. If you finish early, the GOR is within pissing distance. ;)
  11. The Geelong road was deliberately designed by evil Cage gods to melt the soul of motorcycle riders. Riding it regularly for the purpose of commuting will lead to bad karma and make you wizened and bitter.

    If you use it to ride to the GOR then that is a different matter, the GOR has a healing soothing effect that mitigates the Geelong rd's corruption. :)
  12. I did a good 30,000km on a similar commute (Newport -> Geelong).

    M1 freeway to Geelong is the most boring road in the known universe. Dead flat, dead straight, perfect surface, a billion lanes in each direction, no scenery and an insanely low speed limit for such perfect conditions.

    (And it's packed with overexcitable police who speed after motorcyclists from a distance of 500 metres away to issue a ticket for having the balls to do 110kph on a totally empty, flat, straight 4 lane freeway) :roll:

    You're right - there's next to no traffic at all going Melb->Geelong. A little traffic heading out of Geelong in the afternoons, but that clears up once you get out of the town.
  13. Agree with the train suggestion depending on how far from the station you will be at the Geelong end.

    Ride to Spencer (southern cross) Street Station and then jump on one of the many trains heading back towards Geelong (remember a Geelong train ticket wont get you to St Kilda by tram).

    As for the Corio traffic, as you are going against the flow it's not a problem. I work out of our Belmont office once or twice a month but from where I live it's easier for me to cut across to the Bacchus Marsh Rd to get to Geelong rather than the freeway but when I do use the freeway I have the cruise control set and try and not fall asleep :roll:
  14. There is no such thing as a boring ride. I enjoy my 45min Parra --> CBD commute almost as much as weekend twisties.

    Trains fail. Public transport is fail. Why force yourself into close concentration with hundreds of utter fcukwits (or so it sometimes seems), many of whom will be sick, when you can jump on the bike and take the journey at your own pace?
  15. You obviously haven't done Melbourne -> Geelong, day-in-day-out for 10 months then. ;)
  16. Melbourne to Geelong is BORING Period.

    Vline trains are not the same as the public transport trains that are the commuter trains. Geelong is a completely different city not a suburb of Mlebourne
    When you actually have a clue try posting something that may actually be relevant to the STATE we are referring to rather than your own experience in parramatta which last time I looked was a suburb of Sydney.
  17. Ooooer someone's on their rags.

    I am quite aware Geelong isn't Melbourne thank you very much :) I am also quite aware NSW isn't Victoria.

    *edit* The worst day on a bike, short of an off, is better than the best day on Public Failsport or travel in a cage.

    As for any ride being boring... you're not one of those fair weather weekend riders are you?

  18. You still have no clue VLINE isn't part of the public transport system.
    Stop comparing your brand to ours.
    Melbourne to Geelong is BORING and on a 125 smoker will fcuk the engine as well as square off the tyres as has been mentioned.
    Keep making erroneous assumptions you are quite a scream.
    And I ride to work every day in all sorts of weather so you better bolt faster :p :cool:
  19. It's a train right? You pay to go on it? With lots of other people? Just because it's not owned by the state govt doesn't make it any better than regular trains. And before you ask, yes I _do_ know the difference between intra-city and suburban train services in terms of carriage fitout etc. Almost the same shit, longer distance.

    Pfft. You keep missing the point. Boring relative to the spur perhaps but still more preferable than public transport.

    It's a road bike right? Meant to be ridden? You're not telling me that highway riding breaks 2strokes are you?

    Google maps puts it at about 80Km and roughly one hour. That's fcuk-all. The only question would be whether the 125 buzzes the whole time at highway speed (I've not ridding one) and whether the rider can tolerate it if it does. Which is entirely specific to the bike and rider.

    Oh I do enjoy the to and fro, though I fear we may be straying into 'arguing on the internets' territory.
  20. :LOL: You do realise Parramatta is a City and not a suburb of Sydney right? I mean if we're going to be pedantic...

    Ok now we're definitely into 'arguing on the internets' territory.