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[VIC] O/night ride to Tarra Valley caravan park, Sat Nov 25

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Woodsy, Oct 20, 2006.

  1. Ok, steming from this thread

    Caz V1 and i have been talking about an overnighter to

    Dates will be 25th - 26th November, i'll bring the ute to friday coffee on the 24th so people can off load a bit of gear from there bikes.

    Cost will be about $40ish pending numbers including BBQ tea and cooked breky, and money left over will be invested on Booze.
    Bedding and towls available on site for extra $10

    We have booked 2 cabins ( 8 singles beds and 2 doubles) and there is plenty of camp spots as well.

    Can we please have a show of hands.
  2. And the list

    Caz V1
    Bec (my daughter, designated ute driver)
    Stewy ?
  3. Ok, I buzz the double bed in one cabin :twisted:

    And the list is.....
    Rod (ride leader & head chef ) no need for deposit, his parents own the Caravan Park
    Bron ( maybe, staying in the house )

    Woodsy *deposit paid*
    Bec +1 (will tent it, if no beds available) *deposit paid*
    Caz V1 *deposit paid*
    Motoplast-aka Tex & Bundy(the pooch) *deposit organised*
    Maddog *deposit paid*
    Alli V2 *Paid in full*
    Tiga *deposit paid*
    Speed *deposit paid*
    Jafu *deposit paid* (camping)
    Leaha +2 *CONFIRMED* Deposit organised*
    K8 *paid in full*
    Gix750 *paid in full*
    Sir Skuffy
    Crazy Dave + tag alongs(will camp if no beds)
    jd- camping *deposit paid*
    Rosie V7 (will camp if no beds)*paid in full*
    Andy Mad Hatter ( will camp if no beds) *deposit paid*
    Mickyb (camping)
    VIC (maybe) the life of the party

    Cejay and Cruisingal, day trippers
  4. This is a fantastic place to stay folks, the scenery is brilliant, and the wildlife is plentiful.
    The owners of the caravan park Dave and Margaret provide a big BBQ shed for us, complete with a huge welcome fire. They also provide undercover parking for the bikes :grin:
    We will be driving in to town(Yarram) to buy the supplies once we get there, or may even buy them on the friday before we leave, any special request re diet etc can be catered for, just let us know :cool:
    This will be a friendly cruise, not a fang, so Learners are most welcome :)
    NOTE: it is also the VIC state election on that day, so you will need to put in a postal vote, or we may even stop off along the way and vote absentee somewhere!
    I hope to see lots of your names on the list, it will be a great weekend :p
  5. just a question woodsy, but why would you need soo much stuff if you are only going overnight :s

    will confirm a bit closer to the date, as it gets quite busy for me, at the end of nov. start of dec. if there are still any spots left
  6. the ute is for supplies and booze and bedding/tent if needed, and also as a back up vehicle if we run into any unforseen trouble. It also provides a back stop for the learners :).... , or you can opt to pay an extra $10 and towel and bedding can be provided.
  7. just save peoplpe rideing with bedding and stuff on there bike
  8. Pick me, pick me!!!


    Looks like a beautiful area. What roads will you take?
  9. Oky doky done.

    not sure what roads yet, i'll have a play on line tonight and see, any sugestions welcome.
  10. one other thing (not trying to to cause trouble) but why not instead of taking the ute into town, make people meet you at the ride point, then just through the gear in there.... saves you a long trip in. But hey i don't care either way :p
  11. Ya better add Alli V2 to the list before the beds are taken, I dont think she will want to camp, its on her birthday too :p
  12. They can do that too :wink: but the ute will be in Drouin, so we are making it easy for those in melbourne :)

    Besides, it will be good to finally have Woodsy show up at a friday night coffee :LOL:
  13. if i go, can i annoy Caz? Awww, c'mon let me, let me...

    thinking bout it, the chance to tease V1 and V2 is an opp not to be missed.

    i'm there!
  14. Ok, so the list so far is

    Caz V1 (+1 maybe :wink: )
    Alli V2
    Stewy (maybe)

    Ive just rang and discovered they also have an onsite van, so I have booked that too, the more the merrier :p
    it sleeps 4, one fold down double bed and two singles/bunk
  15. Now, how does that saying go....

    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you :twisted:
  16. oh, okay then, I'll go too. Save me a bed, any bed, I'll probably fall on the floor anyway. And if I pull out at the last minue due to unforseen circumstanses its not my fault. Never is. :cool:
    Its good the ute is goin.......ya know, hair dryer, going out outfit, make-up, spare shoes, other clothes just in case, doona, fav pillow, teddy bear :roll: :grin:
  17. Sweet your on the list Speed :cool:

    Ok, so the list so far is

    Caz V1 (+1 maybe )
    Alli V2
    Stewy (maybe)

    Cruisingal to tag along for the ride only :grin:

    I'll be taking deposits of $20 PM me for bank account details folks :)

    Deposits to be paid before Friday Nov 10th.
  18. Okay, I won't be able to come overnight ( :eek: ), but may make a couple of day trips and visit instead :)
  19. sweet, see you on the day :grin:
  20. Great choice of a place to stay! They are a Pink Ribbon sponsor and very motorbike friendly!