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[Vic] nu noob on the block

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by AzzA68, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. G'day to all,

    Post number 001, of more to come, from the newest old noob on Netrider.

    Hailing from Central Vic I come from a two rider household sporting a stable of 4 bikes, all on the road, coz you just can't have enough of them... can ya.

    It's expensive enough to own that many bikes, without paying someone else to work on them, so I do as much of my own maintenance and modification as I can. Hopefully I can pass on some of that experience to other riders, and glean some more myself, through the forums here.

    Enough dribble already, see you in the threads,
  2. Hi and welcome AzzA, more than one toy to play with, enjoy. I too, do most of my own servicing/work on the bike, why pay someone when you can do it yourself??

    Hope to see you around some time.
  3. Welcome Azza,
    My motto is 'the person has gone and done all that training and doesn't mind getting there hands dirty' all to em. I love my bike but not breaking a nail for it....lol
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  4. Hi AzzA and welcome to NR
  5. Thanks folks,

    on more than frustrating occasion I have picked up a bike/car from a service centre and then had to fix what they couldn't or didn't. Picking up a bike from the dealer where I bought it, after having a pair of tyres fitted, and discovering the front brake callipers dragging on the disks was the last straw. So I even fit tyres now too.

    I get to waste my money elsewhere with satisfaction now. :D

    Thanks to all for the welcome,
  6. Hi Azza and welcome to NR.

    What bikes you sporting in that stable of yours? :)
  7. Hi azza, welcome to NR, out central is roughly where?
  8. @Danco,
    I see you had a VTR250, I once had a VT250F2F Integra (a very early, full faired, version of the VTR line, it really showed the opulence of the 80's with the all extras like hydraulic clutch, anti-dive brakes, adjustable suspension front and rear) it was a brilliant little bike and would only lose the big boys on the straights, only to be right up their clackers on the next corner... I still miss the way it handled and how light it was.

    Current stable is:
    CBF250 '06, please buy me (for sale)
    NT700V '09, Mrs AzzA's magic carpet (replaced the CBF)
    TDM900 '09, my mile muncher
    VT1100C2 '95, my hobby bike and town scooter.

    To support that number of bikes; I maintain them myself; we only eat on days with a "T" in them; we gave up all vices including tea, coffee, and teddybear biscuits; we also indentured our children into servitude; and sleep with loaded semi-automatics under our heads (no pillows; they cost too damn much).

    Bendigo area.
    There's just enough roads with just enough corners to stay just about interested.:-({|=
  9. Welcome aboard Azza.
  10. Welcome to NR. (y)