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[vic & nsw] Thermals @ Aldi $20

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Tim^, May 25, 2007.

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  2. Cool, thanks :grin:
  3. Too good :)

    just in time for the Eden trip..... and it comes in lavender to match my jacket :wink:
  4. Caz you're not going to start wearing your undies on the outside are ya? :p Becoming some sort of lavender super hero. hehe

    syzygy how did you get a direct link to that page like that? My browser still only shows http://www.aldi.com.au when I look at links from the Aldi catalog? :? just wondering.
  5. I've never been in an Aldi store and didn't even know they stocked this kind of stuff. There's one opening in Warragul, so I'll become all Aldi-fied then maybe :wink:

    Jace, the same thing happens to me :? but if you right click on the page you want to link to and select properties, it gives you the URL. It's a different URL to the one syzygy posted though, so meh... not sure. Oh and don't right click on the images or when you go into properties you'll just get a jpg link.

  6. Thanks Fuzzy, its those dam pages with frames they trick me everytime :LOL:
  7. Guess I gotta start checking out Aldi occasionally - looks like they often have some good deals!

    Got my new thermals over easter at the Kathmandu easter sale, they were selling 3 for the price of one then, which was a pretty sweet deal :grin: ended up just under $20 per item.
  8. That would be right its always the way.
    When theres something i need the bank balance is to low for purchase :(
  9. Know what you mean HellBeast. It's always the wrong end of pay week around here :roll:

    Might start a thermals fund for next year :wink:

    You're welcome, Jace :grin:
  10. Wife just got home and informed me that Harris Scarfe have a sale on now until next Wednesday form as low as $10.95

    Not sure about for the ladies but she thinks they sell them also
  11. anything is possible after a bundy or two :wink:

    I will be going to Aldi on thursday....
    anyone that wants me to grab them a set whilst I am there, just let me know and we will work it out.
    Aldi stuff usually sells out very quickly.
    (last year when they had the motorcycle gear on special it sold out on the first day at most stores)
  12. also in SYD Stores to this thurs might get some :grin:
  13. don't know if people have seen the catalogue but they also have got neck warmers for $3 i think and for those planning a snow trip this season u can get fitted out for under 100 bucks for jacket and pants
  14. I bought 2 neck warmers, best $6 I have ever spent!

    ALso got 2 sets of Thermals. 1 for the girlfirned and 1 for myself.

    Currently wearing mine, they are great!

    Got in there first thing this morning, people everywhere! It was nuts.

    I think they have got to stop having sales on Thursdays..whilst all the pensioners and dole bludgers are spending their welfare payments...crazy times!
  15. I'm wary of the thermals sales.

    Rays Outdoors were selling Wild Country ones for $15 each (down from $25), but they don't hold their shape, so weren't as snug and warm as the more expensive ones. A case of you get what you pay for.

    Also, they weren't long enough to cover our round juicy bums all bent over on the bikes :eek:

    Will have a look at the other sales though - Loz and I live in those things during winter!
  16. I picked up a pair of thermals (they look excellent...time will tell, though)

    2x neck warmers
    2x head bands

    Money well spent!

    I HATE queuing for a shop to open though. People are crazy... :shock:

    Thankfully, they were mostly after ski gear! :grin:
  17. No adult-sized thermals left in the Melb city store. :(
  18. Just picked up a medium size set from Aldi at the Pines in Doncaster, was still quite a few left in all sizes.
  19. None in the city, might try moorabin on the way home.
  20. Just found the neck warmers at Warringah today, nothing else left.