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[VIC/NSW] Riding powerful bikes interstate

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Nakkas, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. Well when you're travelling interstate, you're always held to the conditions of your licence. That's why when I came to NSW on my L's and P's, I was travelling at 110km/h, when my counterparts were travelling at 80 or 90.

    I have been told that Vic Pol can't write up NSW L or P platers for doing the speed limit in Vic, because they're not violating any Vic legislation by travelling at the Vic limit. Due to there not being any law in Vic about being speed restricted.

    That leads me to my next point.

    The interesting question would be about motorbikes. In Victoria, motorbike restrictions are based on cc's. You can't ride anything bigger than 260cc.

    But NSW restrictions are based on Power to weight and an approved list of bikes.

    If you were riding a powerful bike with a Victorian licence, you're not breaching any NSW laws because you're not held to Power to weight. You're only breaking Vic laws, however there isn't any NSW legislation outlawing riding over 260cc.

    Any idea what would happen? And to Hubie, is it true that you can't write up a NSW L or P plater for doing 110kmh in a 110 zone?
  2. i think it very simple if your licenced in vic and riding a NSW registered lams bike above 260cc in vic you will be breaking the law but in NSW youd be OK.

    if your licenced in NSW on your Ls and riding a nsw registered lams bike in Vic you should be fine.but if you were on an RGV in VIC youd be booked.

    I think
  3. Lol u realy have to define what u mean by power full bike. Over 600 or two stroke or lams powerfull??

    doesnt make much sense atm
  4. the real question is why you're riding the Hume instead of the alpine or princes hwy!!!!
  5. Too many corners! :rofl:

    Think you have to stick to the licence conditions imposed by the issuing state, state, that is, the conditions that apply to -your- licence. Could well be wrong though.
  6. Yeah, you're right.
  7. +1 You are licensed to ride according to the conditions on your license. So if you have conditions (E) you're stuck with 260cc max
  8. Just to complicate this:

    If you are on (E), there is only a $116 and no points fine for it here in Vic. But if you ride out of restrictions in NSW its actually 2 points and ~$170 dollaer fine.

    Which one is proccesed?

    I can't see the NSW police issuing a fine using VIC parameters. Or do they just deffer the fine back through VIC Roads?
  9. VicPol cannot prosecute using NSW legislation. If they really wanted to **** you, they could extradite you to be prosecuted by your home state.

    Of course every beat cop would do this. Riding a powerful bike is deadly. They'll lock you up and throw away the key.
  10. I know that's the case. My question was can NSW Pol fine you for disobeying a licence restriction imposed upon you by Victoria, because no NSW legislation is being violated.

    If I rode an R1 in Vic, it's illegal because I'm riding over 260cc. If I rode it in NSW, it'd be illegal because it's not on the approved list.

    But because I have a Vic licence, I'm not held to an approved list. So by riding an R1 in NSW, I'm violating Vic legislation, not NSW. And NSW Pol can't enforce Vic legislation, only NSW..
  11. thats a good point.
    however i have the feeling nsw police have the power to notify the vicpol to the fact and vicpol may fine u. Howere i know this is a long process and is not done commonly, cause its too much paperwork for the poor underpaids piggies.

    having said that read the sig
  12. Wrong!

    I'll come back and edit it later tonight when I have more time, just about to go help Browny clean his new toy. :grin: Oh, Shounak, I got your PM but can't PM you back, I'm not allowed, so PM your email to me.
  13. Pay the fine in NSW, if you dont, they will send it over to Victoria Police, and you will get the fine from them,
    either way you pay

    Some L plates had restrictions on travelling interstate, not sure now