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[VIC/NSW] Question about licencing between VIC and NSW

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by pro-pilot, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. Here is an interesting question which might require some research to establish.

    Originally from UK with a full drivers / Riders licence.

    I live and work in Vic but also have a place in NSW. Applied for my car licence when moving long time ago and did so, but did not get the rider endorsement on it.

    Since being back into riding last year, whent to do my licence test (Rider) here in VIC they applied a restriction to 260cc (which they don't do in NSW if your over 30, and am 36 here).

    So when back in the UK earlier this year (after getting the rider licence here) I renewed my UK Licence with full status.

    Came back and tried to get the E restriction removed with my "full open licence" but to no avail, as I have already been processed.

    So currently have to use the UK one when hooting about.

    The Question.

    If I go to the RTA and transfer my licence to NSW, does having a full RE VIC status, and being over 30 in NSW, allow me to get the full licence all round within NSW. Or would I have to sit for a licence test there.

    See if you can work this one out. No one at RTA could effectively answer my question.
  2. the rta requirement for >30 is having held a car license for 5 year is it? Time you have held a leaner rider license doesn't matter, but you do need to do the tests - you can do them on consecutive days though.

    if you meet that and have done the leaners and provisional tests, you go straight to an open riders license according to my reading of the rules - and you have nothing else to go on if the mugs at the farm wouldn't give you an answer!
  3. Hmmm, tricky one indeed.

    How long did you hold your full licence in the UK for? There might be a neato way to dodge the system. And it involves not mentioning your Victorian licence ;)

    You can get an exemption from having to get an learners licence (of C or R class) if "because of age, experience, occupation or special circumstances, the person is fit to be granted the licence or variation sought". Go into the RTA, say you want such an exemption, show them your UK licence, convince them that you deserve the exemption because you have been driving in the UK for yada years, etc, etc (actually, they probably have a form for applying for a licence for holders of current foreign licences).

    If you get an exemption for the learners licence, and you have held your foreign licence for at least 12 months, you get an instant full licence. This still applies if they force you to have a learner licence as well, in which case, as soon as you pass the MOST, instant full licence again (you don't have to worry about the over 30, etc stuff).
    Then again, if they have a form for people holding a foreign licence, they probably won’t try to make you do the provisional thing, and just hand over the full licence.

    The RTA staff can be hard to get information out of, I would hazard a guess that unless you talk to someone who has dealt with people who hold a foreign licence before, they are not likely to know what to do. But I think it will be easier to try to get recognition for your UK licence before trying to convert over your Victorian licence (as you probably won’t be able to dodge the restrictions if you do).
  4. Simple show your UK full riders/car license to RTA in NSW and get a full unrestricted NSW license. Do not mention the VIC license...
  5. Sounds like the go.

    Held the UK licence for about 10 years. Only issue with the fore-amentioned point is that they ask if you currently hold an Aus. licence when you transfer to NSW. So have to declare the VIC one.

    The interesting part is about the RE status on VIC, with being over 30 in NSW. In theory should just drop off, but depends on how the process works. Just could not get a straight answer.

    Doesn't matter, I can ride around with the UK one, also got a IDP to go with it.
  6. Simple solution.
    If you still hold your UK licence, write to VicRoads and ask that your Vic licence be cancelled so that when you apply to NSW you will be telling the truth.