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[VIC NSW] Interstate L Plater

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Chollima, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. This may be an obvious question, but as I'm a pom I get a little confused on State law interactions:
    I'm on an L plate registered in Victoria (GS500) and am planning to ride from Melbourne to Sydney and back in the next few weeks. From what I understand, NSW L riders must not legally go above 80 km/h. My question is: as my registration is Victorian do I also have to keep to 80 km/h once I cross into NSW?

    I'm guessing that I do, but can't find any concrete reliable information. I may not go if so 'cause it'll take me ages if I have to dawdle at 80 on a 110 km/h motorway. It'll be like the British side of the Channel Tunnel.

  2. Chollima,

    Tried doing a search for you but couldn't find a link, so I am hoping others here may be able to help there.
    Being a VIC Licensed L Plater, as you know, you're not limited to 80km/hr as is the NSW L limit. In NSW, an L Plater MUST display the L plate, as is usual, however, there they have an 80 circled sign included on the plate.
    One would assume that having rego from another state, AND no 80 sign on your plate that you wouldn't need to abide by this lower speed limit...I could be wrong....anyone ?
    In the meantime, I'll try and do more comprehensive searches for you. Don't take my thoughts above as gospel..well not just yet anyway (nor anytime, for that matter :LOL: )
    Cheers mate.
  3. When in rome.
  4. Likewise on the inability to give an authoritative answer but I'd err on the "when in Rome" side of things and treat the local laws with the same respect that one would when traveling overseas.
    I'd suggest that should you choose to just go for and ride at the posted limit the most likely answer to your protestations of "but I'm a Victorian" would be "this isn't Victoria, ignorance is no excuse under the law and here's your speeding ticket, have a nice holiday".
    On the upside at 80kmh you'll get to see more of the country side than I did when I made the trip in the cage.
  5. My wife is a Vic L plater for a cage and we live in Sydney. Drive to Wodonga to see family all the time and many many times she has been driving with plates displayed and cops behind us and not once has she been pulled over for doing 110 (this is in very resent times).

    Uncle is ex VIC traffic ops and asked him as well (please note he retired about 1 1/2 yrs ago) he stated that you are Lic in Vic therefore you will be safe at 110 however things could have changed. Call the Albury police station and simply ask.
  6. this was a few years ago but done a few trips to sydney and back as an L plater (CB250 and then VTR250) and sat on 110 the whole way. figured if i got pulled up they'd see the victorian rego anyway(ignorance is bliss)
  7. Yes it is........but not a defence!
  8. When in Rome my ass. :roll:

    Nickers is right. As the OP is a registered VICTORIAN learner he is entitled to ride to the conditions on his VICTORIAN license. He is not limited to 80 at all!

    This has been covered before anyway.
  9. Why not just shoot an email off to the RTA. I'm willing to bet that you will have to stick to 80, it may not be a resriction in your state, but it IS a limit within NSW. Only way to know for sure is to contact them.
  10. Really? I'll bet you my TAC safety Levy of $56 that he doesn't have to.
  11. I just found the link but cannot cut and paste from this fcuking airport lounge computer :roll:

    It basically said that you need to follow the road rules as they apply to you in your HOME state, not the state you are driving in. eg: If you are a L-Plater in Vic and can drive at the posted limit of 100kph, then you can drive at the same posted limit in NSW and do NOT have to do the 80kph learner limit.

    So will that be $56? ;) :p I'll post the actual link when I get back to Aus tomorrow.
  12. I have to admit to a desire to read your link as I'm beginning to get increasingly contemplative on this issue to the extent that I have asked the question of the RTA. By the looks of it I'll have to wait until Monday when I get home from work to see if there's an answer from them.
    Regardless of the end result and the distribution of bragging rights I'd like to think we're contributing to the greater knowledge (and to someone being able to get one up on the police :LOL: ).
  13. If Dougz is correct, does anyone have a VIC plate for sale. [-X
  14. I have a legally (mostly) obtained, untraceable Vic bike plate but my sence of morality tells me to hang on to it in case I need it for myself. :LOL:

    Nonetheless, If you adhere to speed limits in Vic you won't get pulled over and thus no-one will sight you licence and you won't get fined anyway. Just don't get caught exceeding vic limits by any of our millions of tax cameras.
  15. Thanks for all your input everyone. I rung up vicroads and after being put on hold for ages for them to confirm the facts, they told me I would need to go at 80 as I would be subject to the restrictions of both Victoria and NSW. :shock: This is clearly complete bollocks. So much for official sources. :LOL:

    Still can't get any official confirmation, but I am beginning to think the situation is as follows:

    You must ride according to the traffic laws of the state you are in.
    You must ride according to the restrictions on your issued licence only.
    L plate restrictions are licence restrictions, so as I have a victorian licence I can legally go at 110. Probably. :?

    I don't think the vic plates make any difference here; it appears as if the state of issue of your licence is the important bit.
  16. sorry bud, the law in NSW is 80km/h

    you have to abide by our laws.

    end of story.
  17. I didn't think of this before but I also have a full United Kingdom and Singaporean car licences, and no Aussie copper would know if they covered motorbikes or not. So if I get pulled over maybe I should show one of those! :LOL: Or perhaps I'll give the constable all three as a tactic to create mass confusion.
  18. This is straight from the RTA website in the section of 'Information for vistor's)

    Driving in New South Wales
    Visitors driving in New South Wales must observe the licence requirements for visitors. You must carry your licence with you when you are driving. There is an on-the-spot fine for not having your licence with you. Additionally, if your licence is not in English, you must carry an English translation when driving in Australia.

    If you are uncertain of any requirement or have other road safety inquiries, telephone the Roads and Traffic Authority, NSW on 132 213.

    Speed limits
    Drive at or below the posted speed limit. Slow down more in wet weather. The Police regularly conduct speed checks using speed cameras, radar and lasers along all types of roads.

    The default speed limit in a local or suburban area in New South Wales is 50 km/h. A speed limit of 40 km/h applies around schools in the mornings and afternoons during school terms. The maximum speed on highways in New South Wales is 100 km/h. The maximum speed limit on motorways and freeways is 110 km/h.

    Heavy penalties apply to drivers exceeding the speed limits. This can include the Police immediately suspending at the roadside, your right to drive in New South Wales.

    So it would seem that as Dougz and I have pointed out you are good to ride at the posted speed limit as if in VIC. This is of course you are on a NSW Licence for some reason.
  19. No, that's 100% incorrect. The learner restrictions are in place on the license, not posted on the road. They restrict the holder of that license to that speed.

    As the holder of a VIC learners permit would not have these restrictions as a condition oftheir license, they cannot be bound by them.

    YOu should actually find out the facts before running your mouth like a fool.
  20. This may possibly be the case, HOWEVER, semantics.

    My brother was up from Adelaide on his red P's not long ago (in the car) and he did get pulled up for not following the 90kmph restrictions.

    I think, what it comes down to is not what is technically correct but what is more likley to happen. How many coppers do you think are going to know the nuances of interstate road a licensing laws. While if you get fined and the law is TEHCNICALLY on your side you have a good chance of getting off, it all comes down to weather you want to take that chance.

    My advice would be to play it safe where possible. On freeways stay left and just don't overtake people. You stand a good chance of not getting noticed this way... and just keep and eye out for the plod and adjust speed accordingly.

    Have a great trip!