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[VIC/NSW] Inagural Netrider Alpine Tour, March 11th - 13th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Mouth, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. Labour Day Public Holiday Weekend, Fri March 11th - Mon March 13th. (Just 8 weeks away)

    Leave early Sat morning, stay on Mt. Hotham for Sat and Sun nights, ride home.

    I will set the meet point and route from Melb to Hotham for Sat (via Gippsland) and the return trip on Monday (via Mansfield) (full route tba). For Sydney riders coming, someone can offer to lead and set the route for that contingent. Sunday will be for riding around the fantastic roads of the alpine area, bushwalking, reading a book, or whatever else each individual feels like doing ( I'll be riding :grin: )

    Accommodation will be in a very nice Ski Lodge on Mt. Hotham (have stayed there before with a group) that holds ~25 people. Bedding is bunk and double beds in approx 8 rooms. 2 full kitchens, lounge, dining/breakfast table, etc. Pub/bar is easy walking distance (~300 metres). If we have lots more than ~25 people interested, then I will look into organising/arranging ( or delegate to someone else :) ) additional ski lodge accommodation very close by at same or similiar pricing.

    Price is just $54pp ($55 for credit card) for the two nights (plus your food, fuel, etc.). I will need to make the booking/payment as a whole in advance to secure it, so committment and full payment to me by each person will be needed in advance.

    I will keep a running list in this post of those interested in coming, and then in ~1 weeks time firm up the accommodation (if there is enough interest), and email/PM those interested for payment. Since I don't want this to be harder than it should be (and I have to book and fully pay the accommodation in advance), it will be strictly "money talks, bullshit walks" when it comes time to pay -> first ~25 people to pay secure's their bed. And you'll have to have payment to me within 3 days of me letting you know, so as I can make the booking.

    Also on this weekend, is the annual motorbike Great Alpine Tour with social activities and exhibitions in the nearby (~10km away) Dinner Plains village.

    The ride to/from Mt. Hotham on Sat and Mon will be roughly 450km each way, and take all day. Your bike will need to be in good maintenance (no stuffed chain/sprockets, near bald tyres, etc.) and yourself capable of spending all day in the saddle. It will be a class 4:experienced ride (see events calendar for description), so if your on a 250 you'll need to have lots of km's under your belt and able to hold a swift pace through the twisties and straights.

    Any other questions, or stuff I've missed - now's your time to ask :)
    (feel free to PM/email questions if you prefer)

    So who's in?

    Those interested:
    Sir Skuffy
    Clifford Jones
  2. Sounds great,

    Work rosters haven't been issued for March yet (Comm Games agro), but count me in at this stage. I should have more info from work in the next week or two...

    Mick G
  3. As per your email a few weeks ago Jason, You can count Marty & I on as well :grin:

  4. ohhhh another chance to play on the road around Mt Hotham :grin: :grin: :grin:

    Yep count me in!
  5. Yup :) :) x2
    Where there's twisties to be had...
    This year's gonna cost a fortune in tyres and services :grin: :grin:
    Good to see Fast-Mick again !
  6. Re: [VIC/NSW] Inagural Netrider Alpine Tour, March 11th - 13

    Can you define EARLY

    I finish work at 10am.

    I doubt I could take that Saturday off as I need 3 days off for the F1
  7. Ah, might get the chance to Meet the Mighty Mouth and his Merry Motorcyclists.

    A mate of mine has a holiday house at Dinner Plain and I've secured it for a few of the lads. Looks like being a good weekend. A few of the lads may dirt bike it up from Dargo on the Saturday...
  8. Re: [VIC/NSW] Inagural Netrider Alpine Tour, March 11th - 13

    :cool: :grin: :grin: :grin:
    yep, i'll put my hand up for this one!

    :?: can i pay now?,
    just in case i slip into temporary coma or am briefly abducted by aliens!
  9. Re: [VIC/NSW] Inagural Netrider Alpine Tour, March 11th - 13

    Sorry, it's a long days riding so it would be about an 8am leave from around the outer eastern suburbs. You could always meet us there.
  10. Count me in. Oh, stop deleting my posts
  11. Bugger, bugger, bugger.........can't afford it.......damn damn damn.......bugger it count me in.....2 minute noodles for me!!!!!
  12. I tried. Really I tried. But i cant get away for the whole weekend. Is there any chance i could meet up with you guys on Sunday sometime mid morning if I come up? Can i contact someone when I get there?
  13. Most welcome, except you'll have to find your own accommodation. Where we are staying won't accept one night'ers on a long weekend. I'll have my mobile on - PM me if you decide to come and want details.
  14. Will this clash with the wedding or is that on another weekend?
  15. Omeo - Anglers Rest road was clean for a change when we were up there at Xmas. V. tasty as always.
  16. Hi

    A definite maybe. I'll need to get someone to look after me dogs, but can you pop me name in?


    EDIT: Dogs are sorted, so now definite. Book me in!
  17. Put my name down for this one. Will sort out the finances when I get back in the country in around 8 days time if thats OK
  18. Mel and I are taking three weeks off over that time so we might stop by on the way up to Bateman's Bay :).
  19. We looks like my friends have done it to me again and decided to get married on the same date as a planned tour. Bloody inconsiderate if you ask me but they don't appear keen to change it :roll:

    Alas, I'm out of this ride and now have to look for a wedding present. :cry:
  20. Hi Jason, any news on this ride?