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VIC/NSW/ACT - 4 Musketeers - November 3 to 5 - Tintaldra/Bom

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Mitch

    Well, it is that time of year again. The 4 Musketeers ride is on the the 3rd year now.

    Melbourne - Tintaldra - Bombala - Home. So, we would LOVE some of the NSW people to meet us also.

    So, the plan (as always) is as follows:
    Day 1 - Depart: Satu...

    ... more

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  2. Wooooohoooooo - thanks Admin for putting this in.

    Its the yearly Melbourne Cup 3 day ride - Melbourne - Tintaldra - Bombala - Home. This is the third year of this event and one that will really go off with a bang.

    Well people - it is on again. This is the third year of the event and there will be prizes, T-shirts and maybe even caps for this annual ride.

    The roads we will be running will be a blast with something for everyone - well, except for the MXers of the group... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Day 1 - Blackspur, whitfield, Towonga Gap, etc
    Day 2 - Alpine, Brown-mountain, etc
    Day 3 - Hmmmmm, we'll see

    Night 1 - Tintaldra
    17 at the hotel and another 10 at the Caravan park which they also part manage. They are next door to one another so no-one will be left out in the cold. They prepare dinner (last year was an Indian festival - we can request dinner or order off of the menu), keep the place open till late and we will have virtually sole access to the pub for the entire night.

    Night 2 - Bombala
    The imperial can host about 24 people. There is other accommodation in the area in-case we go above that number. The hotel LOVES bike riders and will keep the place open as long as we keep spending.... :LOL:

    I would like to lock the group down to 24 people at this stage so as to minimise the head-aches with accommodation and riding some pretty AWESOME roads with a large group of people. BUT, if there are more than 20, we will work something out.

    Here are the attendees and those that have confirmed:
    Attendees so far;
    Tribos - confirmed
    carver - confirmed
    Me - confirmed
    Matt232 - confirmed
    Minna + 1- confirmed
    Ricecooker - confirmed
    ToeCutter - confirmed Bombala only
    _joel_ - ooooo, moderator coming - confirmed
    donski1 - confirmed
    Roarin + Faye You are ALWAYS welcome - confirmed
    Caz - confirmed
    Motormouse - confirmed
    ughboots - confirmed
    Mstevo - confirmed
    Blodders - confirmed
    kwaker750 - confirmed
    elcolombiano - confirmed
    GarethKInvestigates! - confirmed
    Bladewar - confirmed
    gsxbusa - confirmed
    pomyboy - confirmed

    OK, we have 23 confirmed people confirmed attending

    Current max number has been reached. So, for the time being, I will be compiling a "waiting list" so please advise if you are still interested as there usually are cancellations

    For those wainting to attend, I will need to lock in numbers by 1st September. So, we all have plenty of notice to work around and arrange leave for the Monday so no excuses except for the obligitory ones :LOL: :LOL:

    NSW/ACT Riders - Ricecooker will handle this contingent at this stage.

    Things to Bring
    Bedding, linen and towels are provided
    Bring Cash for Tintaldra
    Otherwise, that is it.....

    Meeting Points
    There will be 2 meeting points setup due to the area people live in:
    Meeting Point 1
    8:00am Shell at WestGate, outgoing side. Departure at 8:15am
    Meeting Point 2
    Caltex in Healsville. Meeting at 10:00am and Departure 10:30am

    For the people coming with me from Melbourne, here is a tentative route plan;

    Day 1
    - Melb (and select meeting points) - KingLake :cool:
    - KingLake - Healsville via ChumCreek Rd :twisted:
    - Blackspur - Alexandra :)
    - Alexandra - Mansfield :)
    - Whitfield - Bright :twisted:
    - Towonga Gap - Tallangatta :cool: :twisted:
    - Granya Gap - Granya :twisted:
    - Granya - Tintaldra :grin:

    Day 2
    - Tintaldra - Jindabyne :cool: :twisted:
    - Jindabyne - Berridale - Cooma :)
    - Cooma - Bega - via Brown Mountain :twisted: :twisted:
    - Bega - Merimbula :)
    - Merimbula - Pambula :)
    - Mount Darragh Rd - Wyndham :twisted:
    - Wyndham - Cathcart :twisted: :twisted:
    - Cathcart - Bombala :)

    Day 3 - TBD

    This is a long ride, but it IS NOT technical. 250's are welcome as are learners. We have the Corner marker system and will follow this and be sure not to leave any riders behind. Maps will be handed out and "short cut" options will be available to those that do not wish to take the twisties.

    Now, if you have ridden the Black Spur and the Reefton Spur, then you wont have problems with this ride.
  3. :woot: Some fantastic rds there Skuffy!

    Texta me in! ;) :LOL:
  4. well after this weekend the idea of riding though the high country is apealing.
    might have exams around then so i will do my best to find out when they are.
    but pencil me in
  5. Please put me down for Bombala Sunday night

    Cheers Alex
  6. im in :)

    edit- at bombala of course, probably be working down there in Nov anyway ;)
  7. Put me down !

    Hopefully Toecutter and I will be Dual-Sport buddies from Sydney ! ;)
  8. Will have to check works holiday plans for the monday but sounds like a hoot.

    Anyone got room for a pillion? i'ts getting to the stage that i'm not allowed out unless pillion seats are made available too! :evil:
  9. :rofl:
    i promise to spend my time deleting full beers at the pub ;)
  10. How cosmic, just PM'd you :p

    Be going to Nowra then a couple hundred kms of dirt. Hope to see a few of the Dual Sports from Sydney join us.
  11. thanks for the offer of a seat,

    Might have to pass her around a bit then :LOL: i'm still on restrictions.

  12. Hmmmm, well, then leave the ball-and-shackle at home.... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. could do... might pay for it when i get back though. :LOL:
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  16. take spare, the other option is to go through numeralla on to cooma and fill up at polo flat. an extra 40 or so k's but will ensure you get there :cool:
  17. Thanks Joel

    I can easily take ten litres
  18. Me too

    Me too please - sounds awesome (and warm-er at least than Eden).
    I promise to bring my red boots...
  19. I am not trying to put anyone off this ride or annoy mitch (and hope he doesn't mind me pointing this out)

    but this is listed as a "advanced ride" i see alot of learners/new riders putting their hands up for this..... i just wonder if you have all read the Ride Classifications, if you are excepting a nice cruisy run like on the eden trip with a TEC etc....i wonder if this is really the ride for you

    cheers stewy :)
  20. Good point

    Good point probably Stewy, thanks for pointing that out. I hadn't read through that properly. I'd just been chatting with Sarz who alerted me to that fact as well.
    Yeah, you're right, I'd better give this one a miss then