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[VIC] NR Xmas BBQ Sun 20th December 2009

Discussion in 'VIC' started by robsalvv, Dec 15, 2009.

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  1. Sun Dec 20th, 2009
    [VIC] Members Christmas BBQ

    Ho Ho...yeah whatever.
    It's that time again. Which menas it's time for another Netrider Christmas BBQ. This BBQ is ONLY for members that hold a membership card.

    This years event is being held at Werribee South Beach. Near the Werribee South Caravan Park

    The little loop you can see on the map is the carpark for the beach. As you head down the drive, the BBQ is at the rear of the kids play equipment on your left hand side.

    Starts at 11am and goes through until everyone gets bored and leaves ;)

    Please RSVP below.

    Calendar entry: https://netrider.net.au/calendar/index.php?action=details&id=2168
    Original EOI discussion thread: https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=108371
  2. Oh btw, I can only RSVP if Emma and Cassandra can come (not card carrying members), can we pay some $$ for Emma to come/eat? If not, can't come sorry :)
  3. Count Me In!
    If There Is Free Food Im There.:spam::grin:
  4. LizzyM and I will be there.
  5. You know what, I'm going to cancel it for this year due to the lack of interest.
  6. Damn, it woulda been a good day for it

    Forecast for Sunday

    Partly cloudy. Winds south to southwesterly averaging up to 20 km/h.City
    Partly cloudy. Max 24
  7. You know, for a change, maybe next year plan ahead? How about 1 or 2 months notice not last minute. Same applies to the MotoGP dinner. Maybe there'll be more interest that way.
  8. yeah every other year the xmas bbq was planned early and got a decent turn out....from memory though the motogp dinner was planned more then a few weeks out, i think it was up for a few months, so it wasn't that the dinner was last minute.....and i remember chatting to vic who was like why bother, you post it early and everyone forgets post it late and it's too short of notice ](*,)

    oh well try again next year
  9. Yeah you're right.
    Things should have been organised earlier and I apologise for not organising both of them earlier.

    Fact is I live a very busy life and sometimes things slip my mind. I'm not getting any support from anyone else to help organise these events so it's all left to me to do so.

    I have asked in the past for someone to put their hand up and become the "event co-ordinator" but guess what, no one did.

    We'll see what excuses people come up with this time round.

    2010 MotoGP Dinner

    2010 Christmas BBQ Lunch
  10. G'day everyone,...




    I was so looking forward to this,...

    Dr Who?
  11. If a handful of people want to still come (we bring our own foods/drinks?) OR we can buy if people get organised enough to actually let me know what they want or whatever,

    we'll still turn up if some people WILL turn up. Unofficial NR BBQ ;)
  12. lol hey Vic tentatively pencil me in for the 2012 one lol
  13. No worries :)
  14. You know, I often wonder why I even bother
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