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[VIC] Not working today, riding instead

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by bonjoji, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. Well I have today and tomorrow off from work.

    I met up with a new friend from another bike forum in the city after lunch for a chat. Half an hour commute via the Eastern freeway to West Melbourne was not bad, had to do a bit of lane filtering at Springvale road in Nunawading due to the congestion made by some cages that got entangled with each other. Eastern freeway was "clear" on both direction. Reached West Melbourne and spent half an hour with my friend discussing life, bikes, work, bikes, Melbourne, and more bikes.

    The sun was shining and it was unusually warm winter afternoon, my friend still has work to do so we said our parting words and off I went. Heading back eastward via the Eastern freeway I made a left to Thompson road exit, then followed the sign to Warrandyte. Did a couple of up and down laps from Warrandyte to Kangaroo ground then headed straight to Yarra Glen via Christmas Hills. Had a short rest at Yarra Glen, it was around half past three already so I saddled up and headed to Healesville. Reached Healesville and started my climb up to the Black Spur, not much cars so my run was pretty sweet, a bit of twist of my right wrist, a bit of lean here and there and my GPX was singing on those sweeping turns. I wonder why it is always faster the second time around you hit a bit of road, ah yes its probably the familiarity factor unlike the first time where I had no idea of what to expect after a bend. The problem this time was I caught a couple of cages just before the top, it turned out to be really fogged up at the top so I decided to stop and pause at the top near the road sign to let the cages disappear. At this time a red bike on the way back to Healesville passed by and we did the customary nod, then off I went, a few more bends then alas there was no more traffic lights at the down hill to Narbethong, sweet.

    I stopped for a little while at the servo to put on my extra silk glove liner as the cold was beginning to crept in to my fingers. I headed back up to the Black Spur, all the way to Healesville then home via Lilydale.

    I had a great day with a bit of sunshine and warm weather, what a way to spend a day off from work. Cheers.
  2. I wonder who that was. :wink: I love holidays, no work, just bikes. :grin:
  3. I had a feeling it was an ER-5 and the one and only ER-5 in Melbourne :LOL:.
    Holidays are sure fun, have to skip riding tomorrow though :(, have to spend some quality time with the kids ... now this is more fun. :wink:
  4. Actually there's a few I think. There's another red one I see often on my way to work at Lwr Heidelburg Rd. But I can safely say the only red one with netrider plates and bling radiator gaurd. :LOL: