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(Vic) Not a stunt day - Sun Jan 21st

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Johnny O, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. Hi all :)

    A few riders were talking last night at the Mystery Ride about having a bit of a 'get-together' at a very quiet location in Laverton (Victoria), maybe take some pics of each others bikes (whether being ridden or not). If you want some pics of you riding, bring a camera, I'm sure there'll be someone there to take them for you.

    The date proposed last night seemed a little soon for most so a date was suggested of Sunday January 14.

    The exact location of the gathering is to be disclosed the day before so I am led to believe, I am sure we can find out via sms or PM's.

  2. I might be camping at Lakes that weekend but if not, it sounds terrific. :grin: Nothing like getting some mates together on a quiet industrial estate for a ride. Where else can you safely practice sitting on the seat and keeping both wheels on the ground? :grin:
  3. Sounds like a bit of fun.
    I'll happily bring along the camera and do a bit of shooting for who ever is there. As for the two-wheels-on-ground thing... i'll see how it goes. :grin:
  4. Mr O,

    Like i said last night, i am there with Bells on!!!! :twisted:
    (Or should i say, wheels on :p )

    Looking forward to a fantastic day!!!! :woot: :tantrum: :dance: :bannanabutt: :music:
  5. Yep will be a good opportunity for that. I might have to fit some oggy nobs just in case I haven't quite got my technique down. :wink:
  6. I may "Not" be there with a camera.
  7. Sounds like a plan.

    I'll come spectate :)
  8. As it's an unofficial ride, I'll come as the unofficial photographer and footage taker.

  9. Well you won't catch me doing any stunts :LOL:
  10. I think i will be there :)
  11. I will definitely 'not' be there at this non-existent day, and i certainly won't have my camera with me. It's already in the diary just to make sure I 'don't' come along.... :---) :p
  12. Good idea, you don't want to forget and possibly be exposed to something.
  13. Es, you are just the right size to fit on a bike for two-up stunts, maybe you shouldn't be there?!!!
  14. Well I won't be there either :wink: :wink: so I won't be seeing you all at this non existent not a stunt day :wink: :wink:

    My mums bday on the 14th... have to work out a way to NOT spend all day with you guys NOT stunting and keep her happy :-k

    oh yeh, seeing how I won't be there :wink: :wink: I won't be bringing my camera :wink: :wink:
  15. My suggestion is, DONT come & DONT bring her for her birthday :wink: :wink:
  16. :LOL: that's a great idea... I won't come and won't bring her as her (or part of) her present :LOL:

    She's good with a camera so she won't be taking heaps of photos :wink:
  17. Add me to the "NOT" going to the "Not a Stunt day" and also since I am "NOT" going to be there, I probably "WON"T" have the camera!!! :LOL: :cool: :twisted:
  18. Awesome.....i also wont be there, and wont be doin burnouts. :)
  19. Then i WONT bring a birthday present.
    :LOL: :LOL:
  20. What!? riding on two wheels with a camera... :p Yeh im down homies. :p :cool: