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[VIC] Northland Meet for Ride for the Hills - Feb 14 2010

Discussion in 'VIC' started by guye777, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. (This is the official thread for the above NR calendar event - click here to see it.) The actual RFTH calendar event is here.

    For those wanting to meet before the RFTH (www.rideforthehills.org.au), one feeder location is at McDonalds in Northland Homemaker Centre in Murray Rd, Preston.

    I will be there from about 7AM, and Maccas will be open and staffed up for breaky. We will depart at 7:30AM sharp to ensure we get to St Kilda by 8:00AM.

    The route to St Kilda will be simple. (Click here for Google Map)

    Please post a response if you want to let me know you will be there - just so I have an idea of numbers and can also let Maccas know to staff up or down.

    Look forward to seeing you all there!

    PS: Make sure you get onto the website to pre-register for the RFTH because a) it is a good cause and the money is not wasted if you end up not going, b) queueing to pay on the day is a pan, and c) you get a chance to win good prizes! Go to the RFTH website www.rideforthehills.org.au.

    PPS: My direct email for this event is: guy.rfth2010 AT elliottonline . com . au
  2. I'm in.

    Don't eat McDonalds to much but that early I will need to, and coffee.
  3. I should be in again this year, hope to have a pillion along also.
  4. Cheers guys. So the list begins...

    • guy + pillion
    • ross + pillion
    • oztom
    • rod + pillion
    • neil + pillion

    Total so far: 9 peeps!
  5. All going well should be there with my son

  6. Great cause. Would love to come for the ride.
    Don't have my roster for Feb yet, fingers crossed
  7. should be able to make it, dont know yet
  8. Got my roster for then... CRAP - working that day.
    Will see if I can change that...
  9. Will try and get there for 0700hrs
    me + bike
  10. If anyone is coming from northern Victoria, how bout meet up somewhere on the way?
  11. Sounds good. Count me in
  12. I'll be arranging a feeder ride in from somewhere in the Macedon area, which may suit the Bendigo/NW riders better. I'll start another thread when the location is confirmed (y)
  13. Good! Go away! Feeder thief!!! :wink:
  14. Can't edit my attendance post anymore, so here is the updated version FYI...

    guy + pillion
    ross + pillion
    rod + pillion
    neil + pillion
    bdzy88 - ?
    andrea and friends ?

    Total so far: lots of people!
  15. + me

    ...10 chars
  16. Thanks yksnirk. Thanks Gabriel.
  17. count me in
  18. ok ok I'm in....................... although it is against my religion to be up that early in the morning especially when I have to work that night!!!
  19. Well done Alli! Shall I text you a wake up message? 8-[
  20. Actually disregard that last post of mine, I'm withdrawing it lol I'm meeting up with some late comers at the same point but at 9.15am. Wasn't too keen on getting to the ride meet so early and have to stand around and wait 3 or 4 hours for them to take off, I don't mind being at the back of the pack this year. Will see you guys there though once we arrive :cool: