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(VIC) Northern suburbs ride 24th december

Discussion in 'VIC' started by slowmark, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. Next friday 24th December.
    meet at 8am for coffee and head off at 9am.
    meet at my cafe: Piccolo Meccanico
    57 Chute Street
    Diamond Creek
    (right across the road from the shell).

    This is just a social ride, basically just a loose group of riders who want one more ride before we hall spend time with out families for chrissy. We'll head up healesville way. We'll be back by about 12ish. Everyone welcome, as there'll probably be everything from scooters to traillies to harleys and sportsbikes.
    Please feel free to come down!

  2. Sounds awesome !!
  3. It doesn't look like I am going to make it Mark I have been rostered on to work that day. Have fun I will be thinking of you guys out enjoying yourself while I toil away. :(
  4. Your shout for coffee, lol
  5. Xxx coffee all round !
  6. Mmm, Triple X rated coffee now hey? Might have to make this one.
  7. Hmm, tempted to change a coupld of things for this ride next week.
  8. Not a great deal of traffic on this thread. Anyone still going out for the ride?
  9. I'm going for sure.
  10. I'll be there.
  11. I'm hoping to be there for coffee. No promises on the ride, depends on how much stuff I get done at home tonight :)
  12. I will be there !!
  13. For those who don't know marks coffee is awesome !!!

    Ask for Something "special"

  14. I'm going....
  15. Is that the little last coffee house , next to the dog grooming or bath shop, right on the corner?? I may get there for a coffee and see how we go, ive got to do all my shooping tomorrow..be nice to see some people whom never met, cheers..
  16. Yes next to dog groomer and tattoo shop where the florist used to be.

    The coffee change your mind ? Lol
  17. So I wasn't seeing double..8-[...
  18. 2 lumps please.
  19. 2 Humps for me.
  20. Just got back in.

    Nice ride guys!

    Oh - and great coffee too!