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[VIC] Noojee - Weekday Ride, Thu Mar 23rd

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Black Betty

    Meet Mt Evelyn Servo (top of York Rd) 9.45am

    Noojee via Mt Donna Buang

    10am depart Mt Evelyn, Silvan, Yellingbo, Worri Yallock, Warburton, Mt Donna Buang (quick stop) back to Warburton for coffee

    11.30am depart Warburton, via Tarrango ...

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  2. Is only been a week & I can't wait to do this run again .....

    Riders Attending:
    Black Betty

    Special Guest @ Lunch:
    Cruising Gal
  3. If I don't get called in to work, I would love to meet you for lunch at Noojee and actually get to meet some fellow netriders!

    Fingers crossed my day will be my own :?
  4. Leaving Laverton at about 8.15

    westgate, bolt brig, past zoo, out f19 free way

    any body heading from this way

    coming home route from Woori Yallock
    to ring road

  5. hope to see you there!
  6. Guestimate to be at the Red Parrot by 1pm :)
  7. I'm special :shock: :grin: :LOL:

    Sorry for multiple posts, I asked for mods to remove them...I hate dial-up (also don't get to see a lot of the multi-media stuff either) and it was taking 5 minutes to load a page :tantrum:

    Have managed to farm the kids out (no, they're not goats) and will look to get there about 12.30 onwards.

    Have a fun a safe ride and I will meet you all there :dance:
  8. Thanks for joining us for lunch Cruisingal - was good to meet you & the other 2 ladies that turned up in Noojee too :) we outnumbered the boys for a while there :p

    Good ride guys - not too sure about dancing thro' the gravel around a bend tho' :eek: Till next time ......
  9. Picures are now up in Multimedia

    Had fun to-day

    good day to be out riding

    only problem was on way home from kinglake
    gravel on bend now have big mark on left boot
    where had to pick bike up ( did not fall off)
    Chairman had some fun there too!

    Chairman what color eye's to-morrow
  10. Was that the same gravel that was being put down on the last ride or is there a new hazard to be wary of on that road?
  11. Thanks Donna, Mark and Tony for a lovely meet-and-greet.

    When we got home, Ashley commented on what a great day it was and that we have to do it again :grin:. The only problem was he was starting to nod off half way home :roll:. It was nice having some one-on-one time with him though.

    Next time I might meet you at Warburton and ride back to Noojee with you. More fun riding with others than on my own (not counting my passenger of course!).

    I hope you had a blast getting home and arrived safely.

    Thanks once again,
    Lianne (and Ashley)
  12. .....er no - that was gravel on each of road next to cliff face where I shouldn't have been :oops:
  13. Better to dance on it than over the edge. :wink: Glad it worked out well for you, but next time get a trail bike if you're into that sort of thing. :grin:
  14. Did the dumb thing - realised I was too fast into downhill right hander & looked up at the fast encroaching cliff rather than focus where I needed to go.
    Just glad I manged to gently slow the bike whilst it was skipping thro gravel & still lean enough to get around corner - not planning on making a habit of it :roll:
  15. Target fixation gets everyone sometime. Sounds like you pulled out of it well enough. :)

    I had the complete opposite on Chum Creek road this evening. I was suddenly and totaly blinded by the setting sun on a right hander (it had been well blocked by trees) leaving me with no ability to fixate on a target or where I wanted to go. :shock: Had to guess the lean and hope for the best. I came out of the bend very wide but luckily not in the gravel. :grin:
  16. It makes a nice change, doesn't it? When I first started riding I was usually the only girl.

    It's great to see that so many more women have caught on and realised how much fun can be had riding and not just in the pillion seat.

  17. Black Betty makes mental note Promise to tell Chairman next time rather than just accept the fact :grin:
  18. Alright - you got me.

    My 5yo daughter is starting to experiment with make-up. Being a good dad, I said yes when she wanted to put some on me. In the rush to get out the door, I forgot to take it off and it was midday before I remembered. By that stage I'd had odd looks at two servos and a coffee shop.

    Thanks to everyone who saw it and said nothing :p And blue suits my eyes, so I'll stay with that.