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[VIC] Noojee and beyond ride Sun 23/11/2008 , Sun Nov 23r

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Bamm-Bamm

    Hi everybody,

    If the weather is a bit kinder to us for the weekend then I am planning to go down to noojee and beyond for a bit of a ride on Sunday.

    Meet point will be Mobil servo in Rowville on the corner of Stud and Wellington roads at 9am for...

    ... more

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  2. This one will clash with the prom ride. Which I am joining sorry!

  3. Would be interested... but I've heard that someone on the ride has a superduke and superduke owners are known to not wash and eat the fungus between their toes.
  4. :grin: :grin: :grin:

    ...and they are our good habits :LOL:
  5. I've got a party on, but if I've not drunken too much the night before, I shall be seeing you :)
  6. hmm... forecast is for 100mm of rain over this weekend

    I might have to knock this ride on the head...depending on what the weather is like if its still going ahead I will post here early Sunday morning :)
  7. Cool, will check back on Sunday morning if i don't have a hangover from the night before.
  8. Eeek,

    I was going to say I wouldn't mind coming along...if you don't mind a peg-scraper on the ride...but unfortunately I'm a fair weather rider...

    Having looked at the weather forecast for today...it doesn't seem to quite tally up!!

    Weather forecaster and economists are the only ones that can seem to get things so wrong and still have a job!

    //edit 22nd 2200hrs...Bamm Bamm, I will pass I think...this rain doesn't seem to want to pass...

    Have fun guys if you are still going 8)
  9. Alright its early Sunday morning.. Are we riding or not :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    So Ive only just got home.. Ok, I will go to bed and check again when I wake up..

    Come on Keef, your not scared of a little bit of water are you? :wink:
    Ok, going to bed now.
  10. erm...yep I'm scared of water, hail and 50kmh winds :grin:

    Going to give it a miss due to weather but will re-post this ride again soon!
  11. Shit Bamm bamm. Realm has boobs and is still willing to go you pussy :LOL:
  12. You dont know what you missed Keith.. It was fantastic out there.

    I ended up heading out with the neighbour for a bit.. Roads were 90% dry, no rain to be seen and next to no traffic.

    Next time listen to me, not the weather people. They never get it rite any other time, so why would today be any different :wink: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Hahaha .. at least your honest with yourself :)

    This Sunday? :wink:

  14. hmmm it would seem a mod has modified my post...I wonder who that could be :LOL:

    Mouth have you got a leave pass this weekend?