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[Vic] Non-Standard Plate Holder Legal?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Justus, Aug 29, 2007.


    Anyone know if these are allowed or not?

    I've seen em on custom choppers here coupla times.

  2. I can see at least 2 issues with this:
    (1) a cop might reasonably complain that it is not clearly visible from the required position at the rear (either due to the curve, or due to being on one side it may not be visible from the other side). I can't be bothered looking up the angle that you must be able to see the plate from, I think its probably like 45deg to either side? Look it up...
    (2) I didn't see a white light clearly illuminating the whole plate. That's a Big No-no.
    (3) I am Not Sure but have heard a rumour that you aren't allowed to bend a numberplate???
    (4) May be considered as a sharp edge that would cause a hazard to the rider or a pedestrian in a collision/crash?
    (5) I assume this means you're considering getting rid of the big mudflap /mudguard on the back of the bike?? You are required to maintain a ful-width mudflap to a height 45degrees from the rear axle..

    Disclaimer: I'm not a lawyer or an Vicroads person etc. This advice may be worth exactly what you paid for it, ie $0.00
  3. I think they have to be at a certain height MG.. But then i have seen worse displayed plates than what that would be..
  4. MG, I know we would not be able to road worthy this mount.
    You have to be able to see the number plate from both sides of the wheel at a certain angle, (so the cameras can get you), you are not allowed to deface a number plate (this includes bending) and there is no light on it.
    Sorry dude, I think it looks cool
    :( :grin: