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(vic) No Standing On Footpath.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Dougz, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. Apparently, on the corner of Exhibition & Collins st in the city there is a sign saying 'No standing on footpath' with a picture of a motorcycle!! Can someone please confirm this? After all the hullaballoo a couple of months ago has council gone ahead with their plans to ban parking on the footpath on the sly??

    Has anyone seen these? From memory that area is very wide with ample roo to park bikes.

  2. edit the title dougz, all caps :)

  4. Signs like that have been around the city for ages, nothing to fear.
  5. Sorry Joel, Brainfade :facepalm:
  6. Not that I have seen. I park on Collins near the intersection, just out the front of ANZ. I can confirm on Monday but having said that there are three corners I've never seen a bike parked on at that intersection so it could be true.
  7. It's ONLY one side of the road for one block in front of 101 Collins St.

    (And a bit of Flinders Lane where it's too narrow to park bikes anyhow).

    This is because 101 Collins are a major player in the PCA Property
    Council of Australia, an organisation representing major buildings in
    the CBD of Melbourne and elsewhere. This organisation has been
    campaigning on behalf of 101 Collins management, for a long time,
    against footpath parking.

    The loss of the parking on that location is well worth it because it
    stopped the complaints from 101 Collins and the PCA, and stopped
    the council fighting to ban footpath parking everywhere.

    From memory there are links between the council, PCA, and 101 Collins.
    I'm pretty sure that one of the managers of 101 Collins was the president
    or a senior member of PCA, and is now a councillor... I'm sure someone
    can find more info if anyone cares...
  8. And yet... I gather, if you are not parked on private property and are parked on the public footpath, there is nothing they can do, as vicroads overrides the little hitlers. - or is there a gazetted restriction?
  9. The right to park on footpaths in general is a State law, however the locals are allowed to make exceptions where the council thinks it would cause a problem to have a row of bikes parked, but they must be signposted etc.

    Otherwise Melb Council would have merely made a law 'no parking on footpaths anywhere in Melbourne'.

    So they CAN issue you with a perfectly valid fine for 'parking on footpath in a manner likely to be an obstruction' or something similar.