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[Vic]No motorcycle parking

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Zealt, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. I have noticed more and more places are putting up signs saying no motorcycle parking, latest place that i park at Knox City had just put some up, total bummer, although seems like a few people are completely oblivious or just don't care and still park there.

  2. Re: No motorcycle parking

    have'nt seen or probably just have'nt noticed these signs.

    i'd still park there though.

    if you park in a car spot some idiot will just drive straight into your bike guaranteed.

    you may be able to bend the sign inward so as it can't be read... that way you"ll be able to claim you did'nt know you could'nt park there later.

    legally you are allowed to park there though... probably just more private company policy anti-motorcycle descrimination
  3. Re: No motorcycle parking

    Occasionally, I would go to Northland and park on the footpath near the entrance. There are now signs saying you can't.

    You didn't say exactly where the signs are but I assume you are referring to no footpath parking. If the signs are on the footpath, then I suspect they are on private property and I suspect the law in relation to your rights vs the owner's is complex. Perhaps the thread should be moved to Legal to clarify.

    However if such company's are removing footpath parking then maybe we as a group (e.g. letters to the company and representation via groups such as MRA) should be seeking specific motorcycle parking areas so as to prevent the sort of damage that might occur from competing for car spaces ans cars not seeing us till they run over the bike.
  4. Re: No motorcycle parking

    Where abouts in knox. I've been always parking in a little walkthrough area near supa cheap auto. there are always bikes there. was there a couple of days ago and didn't notice any new signs....
    I don't think knox has any specific motocycle parking anyway..
  5. Re: No motorcycle parking

    If it's on their property, it's their rules unfortunately.
  6. Re: No motorcycle parking

    Yeah I saw a group of motorbikes with tickets under Eureka tower. The footpath is nice and wide and goes under the building line. The occupant put up no parking signs but bikers still parked under there (keeps your seat dry in bad weather after all). Sure enough, by lunch, every bike had a ticket stuck to it.
  7. Re: No motorcycle parking

    ^^ I don't think it's legal to park a motocycle under 'cover' anyway in Victoria *period*?


    Just done some research, so far couldn't find anything stating not parking under cover, I swear that was defined somewhere a few years ago that I read, could have changed? Here's a guide for people wanting to read up http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/NR/rdonlyres/B206BFE3-EFE9-4726-B665-FBC0843E7525/0/TR2001102.pdf

  8. Re: No motorcycle parking

    That's exactly where the new sign is. If you look at the window of whatever that shop is, it's in the top right corner. It was such a perfect out of the way, under cover spot too.
  9. Re: No motorcycle parking

    Yeah recently Melbourne University has removed a motorbike parking area as well. Used to park there all the time and then figured the cold weather must have meant less bikes were riding in, until I got a fine...

    They were nice about it and turned it into a warning when I wrote in though.

    Don't know why they got rid of it, it's not under cover, no cars can park there, the bikes all lined up and were out of the way.
  10. Re: No motorcycle parking

    What a load of Pr$cks...
    I mean really, there's plenty of space and wouldn't have caused no problems with anyone. There's at least two more entrances there with ample space to like the post office entry.
    Probably one of the only centres of significant size that doesn't have any allocated motorcycle parking. And if they do, it's well hidden!
  11. Re: No motorcycle parking

    samo, are you talking about the area between the spot and the ICT building? 'cause i got a warning there a few weeks back as well...

    If you want free under cover parking, you can park in the underground carpark
  12. Re: No motorcycle parking

    Nah it's on main campus, between Redmond Barry and Baldwin Spencer. Too far to walk from the carpark :p.
  13. Re: No motorcycle parking

    undii, i believe the official term is the "building line"... since the cover is usually part of the building line, the building manager has the right to fine you...

    private property = private rule.... public footpath = park as u wish, just dont block the whole footpath
  14. Re: No motorcycle parking

    From what I recall the stuff I read was that it was actually parking under 'a roof' but I could be wrong (daily oxycontin, tramal + lyrica prolly has a bit to blame for that :p) or it is past tense. I used to actually not park in shopping centres sections which were under cover/a roof because of what I had read relating to it not being legal to park. Anyway, I think I'll just follow what I read today with the first url I linked until I get told otherwise :)
  15. Re: No motorcycle parking

    Is it worth mounting a coordinated campaign to the shopping centres? My 2 locals (Doncaster and Greensborough) are both pretty easy to park a bike at, but I reckon it is in the shopping centre's interests to make parking a bike there easier not harder.

    I'd be happy to send some rude letters if it will help.
  16. Re: No motorcycle parking

    Erhm what the **** is a private company issuing 'fines'?

    Unless they are from the council AND they are from a council registered with the SDRO and authorised to issue fines, IGNORE the so called 'fine'.

    They have to bring it to court to get money out of it and do so as a liquidated damages claim. At which point you can employ many nasty delaying tactics then finally come to negotiate with them to pay for half their claim, all the while they have already incurred $1000 in legal costs which you won't have to pay if you agree to mediation...**** em' off!
  17. Re: No motorcycle parking

    It's my understanding that only the government can fine. However I am no lawyer and have to say there is always a sh1tload more legal opinions on Netrider than there are lawyers.
  18. Re: No motorcycle parking

    I park at Knox, both in front of the bottleshop / ramp underground and next to the public library and have not spotted any signs warning otherwise.
  19. Re: No motorcycle parking

    If it's a private company issuing fines then fight it as they have no legal right to issue them.


    There's a heap of stuff on the net about these cowboy companies.

    If it's council then unless there is a loophole your wallet will be lighter.
  20. Re: No motorcycle parking

    A copy of the footpath parking guidelines can be downloaded here.

    Note this extends to public footpaths. Parking on Private Property is up to the owner involved. I'd be interested to hear the legal advice on fines in this area.

    I've been to the Knox City precinct and noted that the areas they've put no motorcycle parking up is where they converted a throughway into a food court area outside the cinema. You could argue the fairness of this but I'm of the opinion that there are plenty of other areas around there you can still park and cluttering this space with bikes would be detrimental to what they're trying to achieve so I don't have a problem with it.