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[VIC] No compliance plate? How to reg?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by removed-6, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. Anyone know the process for getting a bike reg's again after it has had the compliance plate removed? (in Vic)

  2. Could be a tough one Mark,

    Wouldn't it need to be complianced again before it can be re-reg'd? Unless you can track down documentation via VIN or Chassis number.

    How come it was removed? Non-repairable write off?

    My Spada however doesn't even have one..no probs with VicRoads though...something about the age of the bike...rhubarb rhubarb.
  3. What sort of bike?
  4. What does it matter?

    If a bike is stolen and recovered without it's compliasnce plate, what do I have to do?
  5. You would need some documentation to prove that the bike had in fact been stolen and recovered and that you are the legitimate owner. Otherwise anyone could rock up and register any bike they had stolen into someone elses name.

    A mate once had his victorian registered car stolen in Adelaide while on a weekend trip. It was recovered several months later with the VIN number ground off the chassis. He was able to get the car re-registered by VicRoads with the help of the police. I believe a new VIN number may have been issued.
  6. It matters because some companies and importers are easier to deal with if you need further information. For instance, Honda and BMW are generally helpful - others may not be. Sling me a PM with details and I'll see if there's anything I can do at that end.
  7. As long as the VIN No. & Eng No's are intact, RWC is not a problem.
    Registration should not be a hassle, you'll need an RWC, proof of ownership etc.
    If it's a stolen/recovered vehicle, the Police usually supply documentation clearing it of any issues. << You'll need this
    As long as it aint a write-off ( in which case it's VIV time ) :roll:
    Bottom Line .. lack of Compliance plate should not prevent re-registration.
    Hope this helps mate
  8. I'm just looking at a couple of the bikes that were at the auctions last week and had no cp, and wondering if i could get them re-reg'd, and how much hassle it would be. Given they will be legaly acquired and all, sounds like not too much problem really as long as it is all legit.
  9. Further to what Tony E said about companies being able to help in these matters.
    BMW Germany sent me a letter in the mail because my bike wasn't logged as having had a recall fix to a fuel hose.
    They traced it back all the way from Germany and I was the second owner.
    If you contact the manufacturer and tell them the situation they may be able to supply you with the relevant details.
  10. If they are legitimate sales at auction, wouldn't the auctioneers be requied to provide documentation showing the ownership trail? Particularly in this day and age, with rebirthing of stolen vehicles and so on.

    Then an auto-engineer theoretically could recompliance it I assume. Is that what a VIV is Vinnie?
  11. Yep Rod, however if the vehicle ( talking cars here but should hold true to bikes), had prev registration, and in standard form, then an engineer is not required as the vehicle already complies with ADR.
    "A VIV certificate is a document issued by a VicRoads VIV inspector after he has inspected the vehicle to ensure that the identity of a repairable write-off is that of the previously damaged vehicle, and not that of a rebirthed stolen vehicle, and that the vehicle has been repaired to manufacturer’s standards."
    This is the official line, what they don't tell you however is that during the inspection, any suspect repairs are also reason for rejection. ( In a perfect world, there would not be any due to the vehicle being RWC tested and, in most cases, a VSR report is issued. ( Vehicle Structural Repair Report ) << issued by an Insurance Company approved Repairer.
  12. It matters sh!tloads cause a fair chunk of motorbikes in Australia are grey imports. Compliance plates are not needed for bikes made before 1989 so that's why the Spada wouldn't have had one Drew.

    Call the rego office rather than speculate. I would be very suprised if it was registerable without a compliance plate.
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  14. I bought a bike from NSW.
    When I got it I found it was a grey import and no Compliance Plate.

    Vic Roads were going to refuse to register the bike except for offroad.

    However I told them that I had the rego papers from NSW. Once they saw it had been registered elsewhere in Aus they accepted it. They issued a new number which was the officers initials and date. It is now registered (about to run out as I no longer need the bike, 1984 Yammy 400) in Vic.

    Try that if it fits your situation.