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[VIC]Night Drags Calder Park[Friday Nights]+ladies night

Discussion in 'VIC' started by strech, Mar 5, 2007.

    Always plenty of others to race. Loads of fun.
    You will need:
    bike of any capacity
    boots or runners
    motorcycle license
    jeans are fine
    (If you run a bike that is capable of doing under a 10 second pass then you would require leathers)
    Entry Prices:
    Street Entry Fee: $65.00 incl. GST (Includes driver accident crew and officials insurance)
    Spectator Entry Fee: $25.00 incl. GST
    Children 13 years & under FREE!

    One (1) free spectator entry for ladies accompanying a paying competitor every first Friday of the month!
    Gates Open: 5:00pm
    Racing: 6:00pm through to 10:00-11:00pm (entries & weather permitting)
    Burnout Entries Close: 8:30pm
    Race Entries Close: 9:00pm
    Gates Close: 11:00pm
    (the earlier your there the more runs you will get)
    A show of hands would be good.
    reply here or pm me if your in.
  2. Ill be in next week to watch... ill drag when i have a fast bike lol

    Trust you strech to post something like this up! :LOL: :LOL:
    The rate you're going, you'll need new tyres every week :shock: :p :LOL:
  3. Hey you could go up against Jen....she is busting to race you. :cool:
    ( cant believe how much interest this has created )
    over 100 veiws in half a night..... last time i looked.
  4. Hmmm bet the beast goes alright to Strech. What times did ya post ??
  5. Best time was 11.2@128 mph.but my reaction times sucked...all around .9 of a second.(except one which was .6 of a second) the lights didnt help as they were set up for pro comp....very fast. there was about 15 bikes there.( and all really friendly and helpful guys) from triumphs to gsxrs, busas to a ducati. had 10 runs and won 8 of them. ( lost to busa's) me and the duke were side by side all the way till about 3/4 track then id just pull away... the trumpy had no hope tho.was a bit of fun considering they were all laying down flat on their tank and i was sitting up. also the weight factor. im guessing they would weigh about 160kg.....i was over 400kg.
    no replacment for cubic inches.
    got me thinking about nos now.
    hhmmm better get a rear tire sponser.
  6. NOS hey ?? You should look into the dry NOS kits.. Have been looking at them for the 14.. :twisted: Interesting reading, but dont think i have the balls to fit it.. :LOL: What times did the busas run ??
  7. True....................................in a straight line! :twisted: :p

    I may come along to watch a Friday night :grin:
  8. Hey blue, you should take the 14 to the strip to see what it can do :wink:
    I'm thinking about giving it a go on the 12 maybe in a couple weeks time. Hoping to get it tuned this week.
  9. Problem being its still running in. Dont want to kill it just yet.. :shock: Will see once i have run it in and i have my pipes. Only concern is i reckon my reaction time will be so bad that ill look like im going backwards.. :LOL:
  10. You're not riding it enough :LOL:
    I'm guessing my RT will be pretty useless. I just want to see how quick I can get it down the strip. Drag racing takes a bit of getting used to with a bike.
    As long as I don't get beaten by 600s I'll be happy :)
  11. I would love to get down there and have some fun, but I'm not doing it alone! Jamie! Get your ass out there with me and let's spend 45 seconds making idiots of ourselves! :grin: I'll only do it if you do.. I'm not getting out there on a 250 alone! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. From what I saw last time I was there.. Your cordura jacket should be fine Seany :)
  13. Thanks Jen. Maybe next week. :)
  14. Im definately up for this! Why dont we organize a friday night were we can all meet somewhere and head in together?
  15. I'll gladly wait out the front for ya's.. :LOL: Since it's only 5 mins from my place.. no point riding around the countryside.. Unless I'm warming up against Jamie! :) :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. Heh, I'll give this a shot again!

    Last time I went I arrived to late to compete, as I'd been working until 8pm.

    Still, got to see Stretch do one run, and generally catch up with people, so it wasn't a total loss. :)
  17. ok cool...lets have some numbers then. will see you all this friday night coming (23rd) dont worry about your reaction times guys..they will get better every run you have. also dont worry about how slow or fast you think you are as there will always be someone slower than you and there will always be someone faster. its not about winning or loosing at all its about going as hard as you feel comfortable in a safe enviroment and having fun. so come and go as fast as you like.. the track will text me if it is cancelled due to weather conditions about 430pm so we dont waste our time turning up to a cancelled event
  18. Sounds good to me!

    Um, Stretch... are you ok to SMS me sometime during the day to remind me... JUST to make sure I don't get distracted at work? (It's my last day of work on the 23rd with my present contract, so I'll have a lot on my mind. :( )
  19. can't make this Fri :(