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VIC: Newly licenced riders may be eligible for FREE on-road training with HART

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by curlsaugogo, May 23, 2010.

  1. HART are developing an on-road training program in conjunction with Monash University. They are seeking 'guinea pig' students while they train their trainers.

    Of course, they are already skilled instructors, so there is a lot to be gained for the Noobies even though the program is still in 'beta'. I participated in a day ride and got LOTS of one-on-one attention and opportunities for questions :blah:

    If you have recently passed your P's, you might want to give HART a call and see if you meet their criteria to be a research participant.

    And actually its better than free - participants get a $90 voucher for giving their time to the project.

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  3. Guys, this has nothing to do with speed cameras.

    I got lots of good info from HART on pre-ride mechanical checks, roadcraft, hazard perception, how to manage your own psychology and fatigue....don't deny the Noobs that.

  4. BULLSHIT, the fact Monash are evaluating the data means that they will skew it against us.
    Noobs do not need to be manipulated by their naivety when it comes to MONASH getting their filthy fingers in the pie.
    what's your take on Monash? Where do you fit in? Are you employed by Monash or are you a naive believer that Monash has our best interests at heart?
  5. Me? I've nothing to do with Monash.

    I can only assume they have their own interests at heart, and I can't see why in this particular case they would any motivation to skew data against the interests of motorcyclists.

    I'm a noob, and I'm interested in noobs getting the best training they can get.
  6. Monash has involvement so that means they will skew whatever figures they get to achieve their own purpose whatever that is and believe me it aint in our favour.
    Ever hear how vampires get their way?
    they use charm and powerful persuasions to make you think they care for you, then their real motives come out.
    Don't be conned believing that it may be good for noobs, in the long run it will work against you when the cops book you for doing 50 in a 30 zone when it was once 60 all because monash found that despite hart training riders were still at high risk so it was wise to lower the speed limits further and enforce them ruthlessly.
  7. exactly, your a noob, take some words of wisdom from the experienced blokes
  8. So you guys obviously believe that Monash puts out biased research (name say, three reports/studies that adversely affected motorcyclists in an obviously biased manner and I'll start taking that point seriously).

    But on the other hand, would you also think HART (and thus Honda, the world's biggest motorcycle manufacturer) would willingly do something to put additional negative image to motorcycling? Something doesn't fit there.
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  10. I've read the threads smee, but it's pretty hard to get a good pic of what's going on through all the ranting and name calling.

    And just cos I can't corner twisties at twice the recommended speed does not mean that I don't know anything about how the worlds of business and research work.

    Hart are great trainers, there's no question bout that. More to the point, Monash got the data-crunching grant from VMAC in open tender - that means IF there is any bias it will be in VMAC's favour.

    You don't think VMAC has motocyclists interests at heart?

    Cmon fellas. Low-grade paranoia leading to over-inclusive conspiracy theories?.... intellectually this is never a very becoming look IMHO.

    This training project is a seriously big, and i think seriously positive initiative of international standing. Have a look into it before slagging please.
  11. MUARC has earned the distrust we show it. They are like the doctors who were paid by the smoking companies to say that smoking doesn't kill you.

    Wire rope barriers down the middle of the road, ever dropping speed limits, raising motorcycle taxes to discourage uptake... all MUARC.

    If MUARC are working for VMAC, that does throw an interesting light on things... VMAC might have our best interests at heart - intuition says that developing an on road training course should help noobs drop out of the early rider stats - but you can be sure that someone in MUARC will have a way to twist the collected data to suit their negative spin.
  12. You are very naive if you believe MUARC will have our best interests at heart.
    The fact that VMAC who really claim to have our best interests yet are just another puppet of the government with their hands tied together saying "yes sir no sir 3 bags full sir".
    Only a few of the vmac reps actually ride.
    How many vmac reps actually are part of the motorcycling community?

    Go ahead believe that muarc have your best interests at heart and be another "vampire" victim since you have been seduced by their spin.
  13. Rob, from the little I know about MUARC, i would agree that in the past they seem to have, at the very least, been careless with the needs of motorcyclists. Which is probably unsuprising (minority group).

    But this is a big grant for them, and it is ALL ABOUT the riders. Hopefully it will help raise their awareness of our issues generally.
  14. ...blatantly anti motorcyclist is probably closer to the truth.

    I hope you're right...
  15. That is probably true, but as a byproduct. When TAC asked MUARC to review motorcycle licensing requirements, Narelle Haworth responded with a study that advised them to reduce their financial exposure by reducing motorcyclist numbers - in effect making the licensing regime so unattractive and expensive that it would turn people away from riding.

    It's was a crude but potentially effective instrument that answered the client's (TAC's) needs. In the case of the VMAC funded study it will come down to what MUARC conceive the needs of interested parties to be (and who those interested parties are, of course).

    But regardless of the MUARC connection, surely we can't argue that more (and free!) training is a bad thing? I think we need to show a little faith that good quality training will actually produce good results.
  16. That sounds like MUARC240.

  17. I'm certainly not arguing that the training is a bad thing...
  18. Their research on the matter has been done.
  19. Who supplies the grant?
    If the outcome is not favourable to the grant suppliers do you think they will receive another "favourable grant?"
    The agenda of the grant suppliers are more interested in the bottom line and that is the cash cow.
  20. where did you find this?