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[VIC] New Years Eve party at HQ, Mon Dec 31st

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Dec 15, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Deb aka Flipper

    4th Annual New Years Eve party at HQ

    Date : Monday 31st December
    Time: 7pm - late
    BYO - Drinks
    nibbles, party hats, blowers party stuff (optional)

    Hopefully the weather will be fine. We may have it on the roof like years NYE we have had in pre...

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  2. Hopefully the weather will be fine. We may have it on the roof like years NYE we have had in previous years, otherwise the backyard.

    Plenty of beds so 1st in best dressed, otherwise plenty of floor space.

    Any questions or if you need the address, shoot me a PM

    Everyone welcome, it would be great to see a few newbies there too.

    And I promise there will be no banshee biatch there this year (she's not invited)
    :wink: :LOL:
  3. not worth going there then :cool:
  4. Shelley and I would love to be there so we will. Also, can I bags a bed for me and my hot girlfriend? Ta. :)
  5. Just to ensure that the night is a pleasant one, I won't be there :p
  6. 1st in best dressed guys. You my friends don't just have a bed for the night, you have a ROOOOOOMMMMM!!!! :p
  7. Sweet! :grin: You are very kind to me. I know it's just cause Shelley rocks but all the same... thanks. :)
  8. what have you done wrong, seany?
    clearly trying to win back brownie points for some reason, with all those compliments flying about :p
  9. Could Kittycando and I have a spot too please Flip, we had such a great time last time we were there.
    Is there going to be any other kids?
  10. No problem Kat. Not too sure about other kids being here tho. My kids won't be here but others may be bringing their kids :)
  11. I have decided I will bring some vodka jellies.....mmm yum :D, since I have vodka coming out of my ears at the moment (2 litres of it!). So it will definately be worth while for people to come to try my vodka jellies :grin: :p
  12. mmmmmmm......... jellyyyyyyyyyy shooooottttttttttsssssssssss :p
  13. We are definitely going to be having jelly shots coming out of our ears. Sharni (she was here last year) is also bringing some along. Yay for jelly shots!!!!! :dance: :roses:
    Codebluechick and I are making some kind of punch...or was that a punch bowl of Fruit tingle? I can't rememeber......
    Anyway, it's shaping up to be another great party. It would be great to see some newbies come along too :grin:
    Maybe we need to get hold of a pool cause the weather looks like it's gonna be a hot one. A bit like 2 years ago when we had the pool at the NYE party and Tiny broke his toe trying to throw Shambles in the pool :rofl:
    Monday Fine. Min 18 Max 38
    Tuesday Cool change developing. Min 23 Max 37
  14. Hmmm I have vague memories of that night - it got a little cold. :LOL: :oops:
  15. That pool was definitely a welcome sight after riding down in the heat. At least I've got an excuse to use the A/C car this year ;).

    Count me in for this one, as usual I'll take a bed/couch if there's one available but any spot of clear floor will do just fine.
  16. Forecast for Monday
    A mostly sunny day. Light to moderate northerly winds.

    Precis: Mostly sunny.
    City: Min 19 Max 41

    Tuesday Cool change developing. Min 25 Max 37

    Got the pool sorted so that should add to the antics and keep everyone cool, so bring some shorts or bathers.
    People are going to be rocking up from 4pm so if you are bored at home, feel free to head over earlier than the stated time.
    Quite a few people have replied off the forums so it's looking like another great NYE.
    Lots of Vodka jelly shots and party punch!!!
    Cyas all tomorrow night :grin:
  17. pool

    Attention Attention Netriders! Flipper has a pool! REPEAT Flipper HAS A POOL!
  18. A pool it is but a big pool it is not. It's similar to the one we had 2 years ago...


    For anyone who would like to reminisce...
    2005/06 NYE pics
    2006/07 NYE pics
  19. :dance: :dance: :beer: Yay for Rhea aka Chubz!!!
    She just called in with a frozen cocktail blender for us to use tomorrow night. We have a small amount of spirits here but if you have a favourite frozen cocktail, bring along the ingredients :grin:
  20. has hit 40.1 in keysborough ....i think it might get past the 42 today
    im Sue for those that dont know lol
    now i wonder if we do a rain dance will we get any [-o<