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[VIC] New tyres - minus scratched rims - South-East Melb.

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by rdkls, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. Hola
    Wanting new tyres for the VTR250 (bt45s)
    Previous bike I got this done at Freestyle Honda
    Sorry to name and shame - not a major whinge but - they did scratch up my rims pretty good.
    Which I didn't care about too much with that bike, it did have minor scars.
    but my current one is almost mint.
    I'm pretty sure - they used a tyre lever, not a proper machine, but not sure.

    So wanting a place where I can trust they'll be careful with the rims.
    So far, I'm thinking New World Honda in Berwick (big dealership, big workshop)
    or Pablo's in Mulgrave (seem like good experienced guys, had others talk about them)

    Mate had Bob Jane in the city do his and they were perfect.
    (ex-hart instructor, rubbed em down and even cleaned his chain - mate is slack :]

    Anybody care to recommend a place that's done them well?
  2. Can recommend Pablo's - did a puncture repair for me a little while back, and I'll be calling them for a new set of PRIIs soon.

    No damage to rims, and pointed out loose sprocket holder :oops:
  3. i'd be wanting new rims if they did that to mine :evil:
    you're paying for a tyre change, not a rim scratch!!

    that sounds really... odd :p

    Glen at Stevo's Tyres in ringwood chucked my last hoops on, and for a great price too :)
  4. +1 for Pablo's

    Tell Scotty your concerns n I'm sure he'll take all the necessary care as well as provide the usual great price & service..
  5. lol
    i think the rim scratch is normally included in labour
  6. Go and see Glen at Peter Stevens Tyre Centre in Ringwood, great guys down there who do a great job, I'm a picky bastard about scratched rims after having the rims on my Blackbird scratched by another shop...I have never had a problem with these guys

  7. They are good. As are treads and things next door.

    I get mine done at BMW
  8. Before getting the tyres fitted ask about the fitting costs.

    Are you paying to have your chain, brakes, axles and wheels removed? Are you paying for the "tyre fitting"?

    If the tyres are being fitted free and your rims get damaged it's a peanuts and monkeys routine.

    When I worked in the industry, if a customer tried to screw us down on price he was told "all care no responsibility."
    Anyone paying for tyre fitting to rims (and you really SHOULD pay by the way), we always covered for any damage which was admittedly rare.
  9. Yep I've always been quoted on fitting too.
    Agreed, it's not great for anyone not to