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[VIC] New tunnel laws are coming whether we like it or not.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by smee, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. I was at a market research activity tonight and the theme was choosing an ad that we thought would be effective for the new laws regarding no lane changing in Melbourne's tunnels.
    At the moment they are thinking it may come into being in April.
    The whole theme was about consideration for others and to be aware of people changing lanes, as well as those changing lanes to ensure they do so with advanced notice.
    All road users were covered including motorcycles and trucks. The reason being that people must change lanes well ahead of the tunnels before entering because once you are in there then you are stuck in your lane.

    I see huge ramifications, especially entering the Burnley tunnel because the left exit lane is INSIDE the tunnel so when you enter from the westgate freeway you are in the centre lane and according to the proposed ads for the new laws you cannot change lanes inside the tunne so you must stay in the centre lane until exiting and you have less than 100 metres to do it in.
    Stupid laws created by stupid people to save us from ourselves.
    I'm not knocking the marketing people as they are doing their job but I am livid at the decision makers.

    It;s about time Netrider formed a political lobby or at least a commitee to investigate some idiot laws and make recommendations to the appropriate committees.
    We have people intelligent and articulate enough to do so.

  2. Lets block the tunnels and tell shitystink to get fcuked.
  3. It's also Vicroads and eastlink.
  4. F*cken pathetic. I'll help if I can, this is the stoopidest law in ages.
  5. You should have seen the reactions of the other participants.
    From all walks of life and universally disgusted with the proposed laws.
    Ads were efective in conveying the message that you cannot change lanes in tunnels but because the laws are still not final they were short on detail.
  6. The outrage of this f*cking stupid situation to me is that the crash that caused it had NOTHING to do with changing lanes - it was a truckie on his f*cking mobile phone while driving!

    How the f*ck does this help anyone with anything? Mental!
  7. they are putting in the clause that if is an emergency you are able to change lanes as well, so I figure if you change to the left as soon as its safe to do so, and don't change for the rest of the tunnel you should be fine (thats what I reckon)
  8. :LOL: :LOL:
    " I had to change lanes because the guy in front was going so slow I would have hit him otherwise"
  9. the whole thing is done by stealth.
    First lower the speed limits from the bridge to 80 kmh, then bombard us with feelgood ads about courtesy and consideration and keeping an eye out for lane changers and proper lanechanging habits. Then bombard us with sanitised ads regarding safety in the tunnels by saying in an emergency stay in your car if you break down in the tunnel.
    Then they bombard us with feelgood ads about being aware of people signalling their intention to change lanes as they approach tunnels, then a sanitised ad about no lane changing in the tunnels for safety reasons.
    What a crock of shit!
  10. Safety? Safety? Safety my hairless Greek arse!!!!!!!

    I swear the stupidcrats have gone too far.
  11. My Mum was just telling me that in the old days in Sydney, you weren't able to change lanes on the Harbour Bridge and it caused traffic chaos. I can see the same thing happening here.

    F**k I hate this government! :evil:
  12. surely this has to be good for everyone (and especially motorcyclists) regardless of what ever else is attached to it.
  13. Remember that next time you're stuck behind a poorly maintained truck belching diesel fumes that is carrying animal left over bits from the abatoirs on a 35 degree day ok and you're *not* allowed to change lanes to get away from the fumes and stink. :p
  14. As I have said before, all motorist must band together to have some control over the increasing implementation of stupid laws. I see the 'hoon law' has a couple of new additions now, one is crossing double lines. I agree that one should not try and pass in unsafe area's but if a bike can get past without crossing the doubles and your bike is impounded without the right of a court hearing, well.

    We kicked around the acronym SOAR (Safety On Australian Roads), we need a controlling body with balls to take on the government and TAC, we must have equal advertising airtime on television. It will cost money, we should contribute to a fund, I'm prepared to work with like minded people who have some 'legal' experience.

    Man you would have to see the writing on the wall, all these regulations are only going to get worse :cry:
  15. I'm thinking they'd come up with a decent arrangement to get people to change before hitting the tunnel. I shudder to think of the mad rush as the already-pathetic Melbourne drivers swerve all over the shop trying to get the right line into the tunnel.

    That being said, I can kind of understand the sentiments behind it. The solution is much further reaching and deeply ingrained in training than any government or organisation would bother tackling.
  16. arrgghh.....this is really starting to get stupid now

  17. you can't for the burnley eastbound - two lanes going in become the middle and right. The left lane from the city joins once you are already in the tunnel. There is also a left lane exit right at the end of the tunnel, meaning that if you come from the westgate and want to get off at the burnley tunnel end, you can't do it without changing lanes in the tunnel.
  18. What I don't get is how the f*&k is changing lanes in a tunnel supposed to be any more dangerous than changing lanes on any other multi-laned highway. If it's solely to do with the lack of an emergency lane then surely that's citylinks f*&k-up - not much they could do to fix it but admitting it would at least be a nice start. Or is it what I suspect - that most drivers only have the mental capacity of a moth and are distracted by the pretty lights overhead.
  19. Bonox, I know that bit well. I take the Burnley street exit after coming off the westgate. They would have to come up with an alternative arrangement. Surely...?

    Then again, I'm only new to Victoria and I don't know how your government works.
  20. smee hinted that there would be a concession to change within 50/100m of the exit - and because people in general don't seem to be able to think ahead, you'll have people in the right lane trying to cross two to get off because the next exit is a few km away at toorak road.

    The idea will work, but you'll have the trucks labouring up the hill in the middle and right lanes, with a clear left lane because no trucks use the city onload eastbound and everyone who wants to exit stuck behind the trucks until 50 metres before the exit. Then, because of the trucks being slow and the left laners wanting to get out at the speed limit you'll have middle laners at 40/50km/h trying to change lanes to the left where people are doing 80km/h.

    It's going to be fun! :D