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[VIC] New TIRTL speed/redlight cameras in action

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Hotcam, Nov 14, 2009.

  1. I've noticed a few locations where the footpath has been recently altered and a box installed for the TIRTL speed/redlight sensors.

    - Sydney Rd at Ring Rd, heading south, Campbellfield

    - Springvale Rd and Whitehorse Rd, heading West I think, Nunawading

    Like this:


  2. They look like a poor design that could get clogged up with mud or some other material quite easily. :angel:
  3. How is something like that going to capture your rego? Or is there a separate installation for the camera part?

    I dunno. Looks way too accessible for vandalism for that purpose. Data logger?
  4. Tirtl is only going to be used for traffic flow monitoring in Victoria. Approval has been given, however for the use of laser for mobile cameras( can detect multiple infringements at the same time.) They will also have infrared cameras within 6 months- no visible flash
  5. You guys in VIC get screwed over big time with speed cameras. it sucks they dun sign post them like they do in NSW! But us in NSW with an 80km/h speed limit on bike L's sucks ass big time!!!! every state has its good and bad i guess....
  6. Way too easy to vandalise by the look of it
  7. They use those sensors as a secondary speed check for the induction loops that are in the ground. You will find them at every fixed greed camera location.
  8. Ok my Sunday AM rave, do any other riders see it like I do?

    While I don't advocate it I can see the future in the UK and the point is coming where civil disobedience and vandalisation of these revenue inspired appliances will happen as a matter of protest.

    It is time for the average person (ME) and our representative bodies act to promote driver training , better road surfaces, consistent road type speed application and public transport as the solution.

    Why do we continue to put up with this blatant revenue collection while civil servants and others are using the funds to build bureaucracy and install a business structures using a entirely unproportional representation of the road toll as a excuse for their own nefarious purpose?

    Politicians need to develop better public transport options (such as a PRT ULTra system) where the transport system is error free, cheap, instant, and seperated from grade (therefore collisions) Technology is now being used in a completely focused and lazy way by authorities to penalise and tax when the real but important difficult leadership management questions are avoided by these side debates on how to better an inherently flawed system.

    We have the problem here in in QLD where the State Government is promoting (read someone has donated big time) a "light rail" system for the Gold Coast. Can you imagine a tram system and the number of motorists that will be killed and maimed by on grade option this over the coming years? the problems documented by years of experience in Europe and other places, it records deaths per mile of this system! The next step will be the limits of speed and area taxing of cars to force people into a 1800's conceived option that will then be made to work by forcing people to use it.

    We need real transport leadership here and not more band aids.

    FF sake why don't we stand up, lets use the fantastic brotherhood which our community has to make our so called political leadership liable for their mismanagement.

    Now what do you think?
  9. Yes there is the usual camera on a pole, but now this instead of a
    seperate radar on a pole for speed. So it looks like a red-light installation
    but does speed too probably? I tend to think Vic is probably right:

  10. very inspiring, but sorry, you missed a bit
    fixed. Nothing ever gets done because everyone lets someone else do it.
  11. Yes Lilley, I'm seriously considering a life in politics and have talked to the leader of the opposition in regards to the GCC.

    (Change management - requested, documented, considered, approved, actioned and completed)