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[VIC] New speed cameras on M1

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Fa1c0n, Jun 30, 2013.

  1. Hey guys.
    Riding into the city yestersay from south east suburbs there was road works right where the speed limit goes from 100 to 80.
    They where putting up huge gantrys on the SIDE of the freeway with suspicious looking cameras mounted on it.
    There was at least 1 camera for each lane, mounted on an angle so it was poited at its designated lane...
    same thing on the outbound too.

    They where not normal CCTV cameras, im guesssing speed cameras, even looking like they could be point to point cams.

    anyone know anything?

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  2. Let me guess, pointing at the front of vehicles?

    They're also installing ground loops under a bridge on the eastern which is another tell.
  3. It looked like they had a set pointing at the front and a set at the back. Similar to the point to point set up on the hume, but for all 5 lanes.....
  4. How many people die on the monash because they are exceeding the stated speed limit?
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  5. Don't be surprised if they are installing more cameras as Redflex is losing a lot of money from the USA. It's amazing how the massive ad campaign coincides with Redflex's woes.
  6. without having seen it but although camera is a high probability, it sounds more like a toll gantry , like on eastlink etc
  7. That thought did cross my mind - but they are no over the road, they are on the side of the road pointing to it.
    Further more - its on the section of the monash that is NOT toll.

    Anyone up near Melbourne wanna go have another look for us now and let us know your thoughts?
  8. I saw these going in Thursday night. I'm interested to know what exactly they are too.
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    If your haveing a lazy Sunday go here you can check out the top 20 or 50 cameras or a nice graph of shitylink fines .:(

    Fines by category fines by camera trends in fines .

    Oh the money coming in !the fun just never ends


    Shitylink aren't even in the top twenty of revenue raising cameras .Piss weak .
    East link come in at number five . But the number one revenue raising camera for speed offences for 2011/2012 is

    Western ring road Keillor east northbound . Take a bow .
    End of sarcasm
  10. OK - So, so far we are assuming these ARE speed cameras? But no one knows anything more?

    We don't know if they are point to point... or w/e?
    Someone wanna call vic roads and find out?

    Whatever they are - im 90% sure they are not going to be good.
  11. What it is, is ridiculous
  12. If they are new cameras then they'll be tested for a long time before becoming active. I don't think the ones on peninsula link are issuing fines yet and they've been there for months.

    Does anyone know if the speed cameras on the Monash in Richmond are working. They're on the back of the gantry at the top of the hill about 500m before the Domain tunnel as you approach the city.

    They are never mentioned in the statistics that they publish.
  13. I sure hope the snappers on the Eastern were not operable on Saturday....

    I was running late.......hammer the split........D'oh
  14. There are no fixed cameras on the Eastern
  15. Good point

    They do pick up on the GPS but I did notice they don't appear on the speed camera map !
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    He could mean east link .

    East link keysborough north and south
    East link rowville north and south

    Camera top sites for raising money

    Western Ring Road, Keilor East, Northbound, Keilor Park
    Princes Freeway, Hoppers Crossing, Forsyth Road Bridge,
    Western Ring Road, Keilor East, Northbound, Keilor Park
    West Gate Freeway, Altona North, Melbourne Bound
    Eastlink, Keysborough, Southbound, Dandenong Bypass
    Western Ring Road, Sunshine West, Southbound, Bound
    Skye Road, Frankston - Lane 1, 2, 3
    Princes Freeway, Lara, Avalon Road Bridge, Melbourne
    West Gate Freeway, Altona North, Geelong Bound -
    Eastlink, Rowville, Northbound, Wellington Road Bridge -
    Western Ring Road, Laverton North, Northbound,
    Princes Freeway, Hoppers Crossing, Forsyth Road Bridge,
    Western Ring Road, Sunshine West, Southbound,
    Western Ring Road, Sunshine West, Southbound,
    Eastlink, Rowville, Southbound, Wellington Road Bridge -
    Eastlink, Keysborough, Northbound, Dandenong Bypass
    Eastlink, Rowville, Northbound, Wellington Road Bridge -
  17. Phew

    Nah - I was on the Eastern FWY.......I know Eastlink has permanent cameras.

    Cheers fellas :D
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  18. I was under the impression the camerras on city link where litterally right at the entrance of the tunnel?
  19. ^^ yes I'm under that impression also
    but on the speed camera map thay show none on city link ?
  20. Yet...

    I was travelling home on the Eastern last Friday night around 10pm. Tootling along in the left most lane at 100Klm when I noticed some fast approaching headlights in the right most lane. A Blue Ute flashed by at somewhere between 160-180Klm/h then swerved from the right lane to the left lane across the two middle lanes then back to the right lane to avoid a car in the second middle lane. He was gone so quick I couldn't see past the curve in Kew as to where he ended up.

    I'm sure he felt good about himself.