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[VIC] New rider :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by foxtwo, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. Some of the Victorian riders may have seen my name pass by already, but here is my introduction anyway...

    I'm foxtwo, or simply Fox. I've been interested in bikes all my life, but I can't say I know a lot about them (in fact, most people know more about them :p).

    I only recently got my learners (30 Nov 2010) and got my bike the day after. I've clocked up about 930 K's in 6 days worth of riding. I've been up to Arthurs Seat with my friends dad, been to Warburton on a Sunday ride, and now I've also done a ride this past Tuesday around the city.

    I ride a 2010 Hyosung GT650SL, and she is a beauty. There are some minor issues which will be addressed during her first service (today).

    I've been practicing on the road, and have done some riding in the rain. I'm comfortable on freeways, and I'm starting to get better and better at leaning through corners etc...

    Next up is the Saturday practice session, where I'd like to learn some new skills / build upon my existing ones.

    I've already met a few people from Netrider, and I must say everyone has been really great!

    If you want to know more, just ask (in fact, if there's anything I've left out/should say, let me know :)).


  2. G'day foxtwo and welcome (officially) to Netrider buddy (y)
    Plenty of learner/training sessions scheduled during the week and with mentoring from the very experienced guys'n'gals who run the training sessions (not only for L platers !) you'll be cornering like Rossi in no time ;)
    Check out the forums contained herein regarding Cornering - some fantastic input there by Netrider's best !
    Enjoy mate.
  3. Hi mate welcome

    See you around the hills sometime . Will drop you a pm next time a go
    What colour is the bike ?
    Ride safe
  4. Thanks heaps :)

    Bike colour is silver/grey (called "titanium").
  5. G'day and welcome.
    I'll be teaching at Monash in Berwick most Mon & Tues nights, which often means a quick blast down the M1 to get to the Diner on a Tuesday night on time if I can.

    See you around.
  6. Welcome, G'day, and best wishes for a safe and prosperous riding lifetime!!! Catch you on some of the runs soon I hope!
  7. welcome mate
  8. (hehe, nice avatar Goz (y))
  9. Welcome on board fox and nice wheels. See you round.
  10. Ok so got her back from the service and I can actually change into neutral at traffic lights now (I felt a bit... embarrassed... during the Tuesday night ride just holding the clutch :p).

    Hopefully I can do some basic servicing myself without voiding warranty... I'll talk to PS about that though because I really don't want to fork out this kind of money for every service :( I'd save a bit just doing the oil by myself.

    Thanks everyone for the welcome. Hope to meet you all as I go to these rides, just make sure you watch out for me ;)

    If you're there next week Dazzler we could meet at Monash I guess? Drop me a PM if you want :) The same goes for you, mainstage, maybe we could start a little convoy from Berwick to the Diner... hehe
  11. from one new netrider to another. nod nod nod nod nod nod nod nod nod nod nod nod nod nod nod nod nod nod nod nod
  12. Welcome mate

    I bought mynew gs500f last Dec at PS, first service $350 and thought most new cars I've ever bought, first service was gratis.
    Second service just under $300.... Thought, WTF for 2.5 liters oil and a $10 oil filter.
    They said valve clearences are checked on every service but had a good look at engine and really doubted it was done...
    I'd say valve clearences every service would be like going to the doctors every week just in case you may get sick!
    Called in for the third service and was told it was going to cost over $350.... thought bullsh&t.
    Since then, done my own oil and filter changes myself at well, a fraction of the cost and have done them every 3-4000K.
    Actually I've always heard subtle changes in the engine from new sound after about 3-4000K which goes away after an oil change.
    Bike runs awsome and no issues.....

    Ride safe and enjoy your new life you've changed forever.
  13. Well I think they've been great. The only issue was me having to go back a few times (but that was just because of the product, not the service or PS).

    I have always had quick e-mail replies from Chris (at the Dandenong store).

    Anyway, I did think the first service was VERY expensive... but I lived with it (seeing as you HAVE to get it done at the Authorised Dealer - otherwise you void your warranty). I will see if I can shop around for other places - maybe a bit closer to home. I don't think I can do any of the servicing (like oil change, filter changes, etc..) myself because that will void the warranty?

    So overall I've had a good experience, except the service was too expensive. I do believe they are sourcing me another panel from Korea - gratis - because I discovered a scratch near the keyhole to get to my boot... if they make me pay for that I won't be happy!
  14. As long as the servicing is done correctly and in the right time frame, manufacturers will have to honor the warrenty.

    This needing to go back to the same dealer is one of the biggest cons around not only in bikes, but many other products.
  15. Very true, the sellers put the fear of God in you making it look like if you were to do it yourself or take it elsewhere for a service the warranty will void which is bonkers.
  16. So how would you go about getting the service record stamped, etc.. if you do it yourself?

    To me this means that:
    - Proof of service is required.
    - Service DOES NOT have to be performed by an authorised dealer.
    - I can carry out the service providing it is not "sub-standard" (whatever that means).

    Or am I completely wrong here? Can I do the service by myself and record it in the service handbook? If so, how would you go about that?

    Also, it says in there that the first 1000KM service should be carried out by an authorised dealer. First service is the most important so that's why I went to them.
  17. Welcome :) :)
  18. Don't quote me on it but if I can remember correctly you service it yourself as per the service manual and then take your log book to the service centre and tell them you followed the manual and did it by the book and they should? stamp it for you. Someone will correct if I am wrong.
  19. Ha don't you love carefully worded documents where thay state their own name making you think you have to use them but read correctly clearly states that the work only has to be done in accordance to the manufacturer's guidlines...

    Do it yourself, stamp or sign it yourself with the date, then attach your oil, filter reciepts to the book as proof.
    If something goes wrong with your bike, only way they can not honor the warranty is if they can see and prove defect was caused by incorrect maintenance or physical means as in some sort of a crash....