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[VIC] New police radars

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by veryuglyboxer, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. Just when you thought there was enough speed cameras and radar, along comes a new device....

    From the Herald Sun

    I wonder how they will know accurately which vehicle it is from 1 KM away??

    Victoria - the Nanny State
  2. what more is there left to say......the scary part about all this is the amount of unlicensed drivers on the road getting about now
  3. Oh joy :( ...
  4. The "Stalker" they are talking about is an in car Moving Mode Radar. Most TMU cars have had a Moving Mode Radar fitted for ever and they can detect from 1km away . The Stalker just has newer technology ie smaller components etc. The only differtance between the older Moving Mode Radars and the Stalker is that the Stalker can detect in the same direction as well.

    As for unlicensed drivers when the thread about the number plate reconition (which also detects unlicensed, suspended, disqualified drivers) was about there was a heap of whinging about it from here. So you can't please all the people all the time.
  5. nope i am just stating that sooner or later people will start revolting against the system.....you can only push someone so far before they crack
  6. your kidding right? frogs will sit in water which is slowly being heated until it boils, thinking "If it suddenly gets hotter i'l jump out". Slowly increase the heat they will sit there and boil alive. People are the same, if brumby suddenly ordered camera's in every house for "people's saftey" there would be a protest. But if you slowly get there inch by inch, people will sit there and take it. Some people are already willing to have the car continuously satellite tracked to slow people down in order to reduce the road toll. Nah, most people don't have a limit, they will never crack.

    Having a look at the comments, the results were kinda interesting - the vast majority were against the speed camera's. in the first 40 comments there were only two for them. From 40 to 50 there were another two, and then they started coming bit faster. between 40 and 80 there were about 8-10 or so for the speed cameras. I honestly can't tell if this girl is trolling or not
    This comment was particularly enlightening
  7. (invests in blackmarket radar detector business)
  8. What I think they are referring to is this product from the Texas company Applied Concepts. It has some weaknesses, it can only track 4 targets at once when stationary and two targets when moving. It is an improvement in technology over the current deployed technology but only marginally no matter what the American salesmen say.

    Perhaps it is time for an arms race, radar jamming and Radar seeking missiles spring to mind. ;)
  9. This "arms race" is already underway .... detectors -> radar detector-detectors --> "stealth" detectors which outsmart the detector-detectors .... all quite amusing
  10. Has anyone ever fitted one of those Bell XR radar detectors on a bike? I'd be very interested...
  11. Yeah i'm very interested to know too!!!! Someone must be rockin around with one somewhere that has some feedback on them for us?!
  12. I read some where that 86.000 Victorians lost their licence last year.
    Nice tidy some of dollars when you add up the fines collected with said licence suspensions.
  13. how well do the radar scanners work on the lazer systems? hmm, i wonder...
  14. Victoria - The Fine $tate
  15. This is friggin awesome news...

    New long distance radars, New .02 for alcohol readings, AND the new solid white line rule - and all coinciding with Victoria's lowest road toll, PROOF that clearly indicates that some time soon absolutely NO-ONE will, or can die, in a road accident.

    If I can just hang on another few years, I'm SAVED!...