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[VIC] New Plod Uniforms - NYPD Style..

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by joetdm, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. Hmm, could have fooled me, from the spurs thought it would have been camouflage design....

    Oops sorry officer, you didn't look like a cop so...........


  2. Interesting! MFB recently switched to dark uniforms too. Apparently there was research done by some social psychology wankers in the US that found that people placed greater confidence in uniformed officials dressed in dark uniforms than light-coloured uniforms. It seems that the HR fucktards in the various organisations here have looked at the results and sort to implement them in their own organisations.

    Personally, I think it'll make the plods look like the fascist shock troops they are.
  3. I really like the new look :)

    I used to work at a servo, and had police coming in almost daily for fuel and food. They'd often get sauce stains on their shirts and what not - these new ones won't show stains ;) I think that's what it's all about.

    They don't mention anything about stains, but it's cool, I know that's the real reason for the new look :p
  4. It is always a mistake for any country pretending democracy and freedom to allow its police officers to dress like fascists.
  5. Navy blue is such a practical colour in the heat of summer.
  6. You didn't sell jam ball doughnuts by any chance? :p
  7. Icing sugar, on the other hand...
  8. Hullooooo: make them longer ](*,)

    Bloody horrid looking change: many of the UK Police Forces have changed to this style, it looks scruffy and with a reduction in pride of dress standards comes a reduction in personal standards in a disciplined force. Wonderland looked and dressed like a yob, and acted like one. Another nail in the coffin of a decent and worthwhile police force.

    Now, why is this released with the first media coverage of ADC Lucinda Nolan, just as she throws her name in the pot for the replacement of Simple Simon.

  9. pies and tomato sauce :p
  10. They actually went to what I would consider lighter uniforms, they used to be mostly dark blue tees and shirts but are now a grey. Also turnout gear went from black tunic to bone colour.

    Why don't the coppers piss those shitty hats off? Great for ceremonies but I can't imagine wearing one all day.
  11. I agree about the turn out gear, but the uniform looks pretty dark to me:


    Speaking of piss and policeman's hats, a pregnant women really allowed to relieve themselves in a Pommie bobby's helmet, or is that just taking the piss?
  12. I stand corrected, for some reason I pictured more grey than just down the sides, so they went from dark blue to dark blue with some grey.

    Ha ha, I think that is one of those ancient laws that still hangs around?
  13. They may have been trailing some other tops as well, however all the recruits at Burnley were wearing the dark shirts with the grey sides when I was out there a 6 weeks ago. I was surprised to see half of them wearing shorts, which I'd never seen before. Apparently the new turnout gear is supposed to be stand alone, so there probably no reason why not go shorts.

    Some of the senior ranks seem not to have abandoned the white uniform shirt yet, but am not sure if they are keeping them or if they've given them some time to phase out what they had in their wardrobe.

    And may it never be rescinded!
  14. Like shooting Welshmen with crossbows?
  15. Only within the city walls of Chester between sunset and sunrise. I recommend an area with good streetlighting to make aiming easier :D.
  16. Don't know about the uniform but I am hugely impressed with there low slung gunfighter style pistol holsters,according to Wiki they can request them if they have back problems caused by wearing the pistol up high on the waist,thats defiantly the reason,sure it is.
  17. That's why more police members are carrying their load on their chest. All that crap on your waist for an 8 hour shift can become pretty painful. Not great for getting in and out of a car either. And it's pretty hard to draw the firearm while wearing a vest. Also, having your firearm closer to your hand can't hurt.

    Uniforms, pffft. Look like New Yoikers. They wear hi-vis a lot of the time anyway.
  18. I'm sure its got nothing to do with comfort... its all about looking cooler than the next guy...


    You wait, sooner or later the jack boots are comin too!
  19. It's called "desensitisation".
    As soon as we're all used to the paramilitary-styled rigs rather than the parade dress and CWDs, they'll change it up again...:
  20. It's largely called OH&S and comfort.