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[VIC] - New Penalties for Serious Traffic Offences

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Thera, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. Just heard this on the ole wireless, so I dug up the media release

    At least they haven't touched the lower end infringements.
  2. Penalties for other safety offences, such as not wearing a helmet while riding a motorbike or bicycle, failing to obey traffic lights or passing a stationary tram have also been increased.

    That pisses me off so much. I won't ride a motorcycle without full gear, but I don't ride a bicycle with a helmet for 99.99% of cases. It's my life, and it should be my choice. If I want to risk splattering my grey matter on the sidewalk, nobody else should have a say in it because nobody else is endangered by it.

    Same for seat belt laws.
  3. Has anyone ever pointed out to you how inconsistent your views are?
    It's one thing for you to claim one point view or the other if you believe it. It's another entirely to pick and choose which one suits you at any given time.

    Anyway, OT, when the government budgets for a decrease in penalty revenue because they actually believe their policy is going to have the claimed affect, then I will take them seriously. Until then, it's all BS.
  4. Unfortunately, Grue, insurers think otherwise. Your grey matter being splattered everywhere means that at least for Victorians, the Transport Accident Commission will be picking up the tab for your continued treatment, rehab and whatever other care that you'd need following an aquired brain injury.

    It's not as if you're inconvenienced to the point where it's not worthwhile slapping a lid on before going for a ride, is it? Or do you object simply because you think that it's OK but dislike being told what to do?
  5. Riding a bicycle without a helmet is a serious offence? pff.
  6. translation: we need more $$$, let's increase fines under the guise of 'improving' road safety... blatant money grab and everyone eats it up. where will it end? how far will they push it till there's a revolt?
  7. actually he is fairly consistent with this statement.
    and i havent seen anything he's written anywhere that contradicts it.

    Doesnt mean I agree with him, and tbh to a large degree I dont, but he is consistent.
  8. OK, maybe I don't have enough evidence for what I said. If he wears ATGATT because he believes in the concept of injury prevention, then he is indeed inconsistent. If however, he wear motorcycle gear 'cause he thinks it's (say) cool and sexy, then maybe I'm wrong. Sorry Grue.
  9. re titus: I'l let him argue his own defence ;)

    equivalent NSW offence

    More than 30 km/h but not more than 45 km/h
    points: 5
    Fine: $647
    3 month disqualification
    thats a $250 difference. Who's greedy now?

    More than 45 km/h
    points: 6
    fine: $1,744, court maximum $2,200, difference -$140
    6 month disqualification

    hmm. I think the the difference is made up in the earnestness of the quest to turn all speeders into baby killers. NSW is much more lax.
  10. Much as I often disagree with lilley (And Grue for that matter). Grue is pretty consistent, it doesn't matter how good an idea it is and whether he agrees with it or not, no one is allowed to tell him to do it...

    Americans are like that..
  11. its coz i ride a hyosung isnt it

    Yeh? well, well...

    I walked into that one.
  12. It used to be the case that NSW had stricter speeding offenses and penalties than Vitoria but the situation appears to have reversed [-X
  13. Safety my arse!

    My signature is all the more relevant.

    You can download reports from TAC about the number of camera hours versus detections and the vaaaaaaast majority are in the one demerit point. It's commonly held that most collisions are below the speed limit too... *shakes head*
  14. Grue, part of the rationale for people wearing seatbelts in cars is that in the event of a collision you can bounce around the cabin and injure other persons in the vehicle. But if you are alone, I agree, it should be your own choice, providing you self-insure.
  15. +1. I think thats the biggest difference between you guys down their and us up here. there is no privatisation of law enforcement. only fixed speed camera's pick up the one pointers up here, that or a cop having a really bad day. the majority of fines in NSW would be 3 pointers. normally police do know how to exercise discretion, and thankfully speed camera operation has not been privatised or stupidly over-excessive. Lets hope it never will.
  16. titus, he wears ATGATT because he's decided to do so (for whatever reason) but he doesn't like the idea of the big brother to decide for him what to do, where to go, what to wear...

  17. If you're saying I'm inconsistent because I wear gear on a motorbike and not a bicycle, that's because of the speed difference. :) If I crash a pushbike at 30km/h and manage to kill myself, the world is probably better off without me :)
  18. That sums it up.

    For what it's worth, the reasoning behind it is because my dad laid down a bike at around 70mph with no gear on, and I've seen the side effects of that, so I ride fully geared. Plus, with gear on in a nasty crash it's entirely likely I'm going to end up one of two ways:

    1. Minor injuries, full recovery.
    2. Dead.

    I don't want a middle ground.

    With no gear in a minor crash, the chances of permanent disability are significantly higher.
  19. Valid point, re: other occupants. Hadn't thought about it that way.
  20. What it boils down to is that the government thinks money is more important than individual liberty. I have a problem with that.

    When it comes to the lid on a pushbike, I just ignore that law unless I'm going through the CBD. If I'm going to be going to the CBD, I clip my skydive helmet on to my bag and put it on when I get to the arts centre. However, I need to find out what the new fine for being helmetless is, since I wasn't aware it was raised.