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[Vic] New (or renewed) Red Plate Scheme

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mattb, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. Can't find any discussions here on it - has anybody heard anything about the changes to the red plate scheme in Victoria, especially regarding proposed dates? For those who don't know, the current scheme allows you to register a bike over 25 years old for about $100 a year, but you can only ride it on club rides (with which you are a member). The change I've heard of is to the bit about the rides - while you still need to be in a Club associated with the scheme, you will soon be able to go where and with whom you want without being restricted to club runs, but you are limited to 90 days a year use, and must fill in a log book before each journey. Basically bringing us into line with the system in other states.


  2. I haven't heard any recent news on this scheme - the last I heard was that it was coming in soon and there would be an increase in permit cost to cover the extra insurance risk.

    I think it'll be great if/when it comes in - I've got 2 cars and 2 bikes that will be put on the 90 log book system, although one car needs a fair bit of work, and one bike need a bit of time spent putting it all back together!


  3. AFAIK it's been mentioned around the traps but nothing has actually been proposed yet. I wouldn't hold my breath.
  4. According to the car club I'm in, the changes you mentioned are 'in the pipeline', but have been for quite a while now. Everyone would love to see it happen, but there doesn't seem to be enough push to get Vicroads moving on it.
  5. The push probably needs to come from the individual clubs - or at the least from the VMC (peak body for the one make, vintage and classic clubs)

    Someone would probably need to write a formal proposal (with the support of the equivalent car organisation) and formally submit it.
  6. I wonder if the $50 levy will be added to the initial $100 fee?
  7. No levy fee on more than one bike. I'm not sure if it applies on redplate regos if you only have one.
  8. Matt B, looks like it's a 'gonna' as opposed to being 'imminent'. Might take a while. Many clubs are preparating anyway in case i.e. changing ride calendars etc.