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[VIC] New member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by jessbolden, Jun 11, 2015.

  1. Hi all,

    Thought I'd post to say hi and thank all of you for your posts as they helped me dramatically when purchasing my first bike, a cbr250r, and the gear that I chose to get with it.

    I currently rep:
    RST leather 2 piece suit with full armour
    SHOEI tz-x Matte black
    Alpinestar Stella smx 5's
    Dririder speed 2 gloves

    Pretty happy with how it all feels and definitely didn't mind forking out the money to get the SHOEI as I have such a tiny head and it fit perfectly.

    I hope to contribute as much as possible in my free time and post some photos up as soon as my profile has clearance!

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  2. welcome aboard jessboldenjessbolden congrats on the bike & gear :]
  3. Welcome Jess,
    Are you stuck with the dreaded vest or have you graduated ?
  4. The vest is something I'm trying to overcome, and I certainly have not graduated yet haha! I'm definitely wondering if I can get away with the reflective strips people seem to be wearing instead of the horribly coloured vests going around? Keen on some legislation bending in regards to that topic!
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  5. Hello and welcome to NR jessboldenjessbolden :) Beautiful ride, nice set of gear, you are all ready to go! Stay safe and have fun on two wheels
  6. Welcome to NR, enjoy your stay.
  7. G'day and welcome, jessboldenjessbolden. You've got an excellent kit, including motorcycle, to start with!
  8. Welcome to NR ...
  9. Howdy & Welcome to NR!