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[VIC] New Learner Rules & Bikes

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by bryce_k, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. Hi all, I’m new here and this is my first post. I recently got my leaner’s permit (after years of off road riding) and am keen to purchase a bike for weekend road fun and the occasional commute etc. I've always like the look of the sports bike to that of cruisers and dirt bikes. So my first thought was CBR250. But a friend of mine has an Aprilla RS250 RR and a Kawasaki ZXr250 which haven't been ridden in over 3 years and are just sitting in a garage (scared off bikes following an accident). I could buy either of these bikes at a very cheap price would probably get the RS250 for less than 4.5K (under 30,000km) and the ZXR250 for even less. The thing that puts me off these bikes is with the new learner power to weight ratio laws, both of these bikes are black listed and therefore learners licensed after june/july will not be able to legally ride these bikes. This concerns me because when the time comes to upgrade my 250 (which im sure will happen) I’m scared I might find myself with a bike that no one wants, because learners can't ride it and people who can will be more interested in 400cc or 600cc etc. bikes.

    Currently the going price for an RS250 seems to be around 6K-8K anyone got any ideas on what they think will happen to these prices when the new laws are brought in? I’m thinking the price for these bikes will drop a heap as the demand for them (in vic and nsw) will all but disappear.

    Another quick one if you had to chose between an RS250RR, ZXr250 or CBR250RR what would you choose and why. Or if you could recommend a similar style bike.

    Do many fully licensed riders ride RS250's?


    look forward to your reply’s.

  2. The best way to tell is to watch ebay and see what these bikes are selling for in places with LAMs already running - and make sure the states are far enough away so you know its not guys in Vic bidding on them.

    As far as which bike to choose goes, you need to pick it yourself. Personally I went for the cheapest reliable 250 (in my case, a GPX) I could find at the time...
  3. the zxr250 is lams approved in the states with lams, you won't have a problem selling it, also the RS250 would still sell you just need to aim it at the rightmarket, people wanting to get into track and race days
  4. Plus if you pick up the RS that cheap you may well be insulated against most of the price drop - and you'd have an awesome bike to ride in the mean time.
  5. Oh and if you don't get the ZXR250 can you let me know....I'm looking for a first bike :grin:
  6. ZXr250 or CBR250RR are lams approved.. afaik
    i find you pay a lil more the cbr250rr because of the name....
    id get the zxr250... :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: (biased)

    oh and id stay away form the 2-stroke.... but if your up for the extra costs and maintenance then i totally hit that...
  7. Yes, all 250cc 4-stroke bikes are LAMS approved.
  8. thanks for the advice guys. Im going to have a good look at both bikes tomorrow, which is a bit hard because i cant start them lol but i trust the guy and he assures me they were both running fine when he parked them.

    What additional maintanence costs are there with a 2 stroke? All i know about the RS250 is the pistons need to be changed evey 15000 km or so. Anything else i should be careful off in this regard? Also is it a pain having a 2 stroke since you have use 2 stroke fuel which i guess means mixing additives with fuel at the petrol station?

  9. 2-strokes are certainly more maintenence, and the new laws won't allow the 250cc 2-stroke bikes anyway. Now the only bike I've ridden is the CBR250RR. It's certainly a lot better than the CBR250R (the single R) - it only has a single disc brake, re-sale is much harder. The RR on the other hand is very easy to sell since it's quite popular and that's pretty much not going to change.

    Now I've got an obvious bias here because I'm selling mine! Here's the link on netrider:

    If you have any queries about the CBR250RR - feel free to send me a PM - no commitment to buy the bike obviously, if you want to come past and look at it - even for comparative purposes, feel free. I'd much rather sell the bike cheaper to someone from Netrider and make sure they have a good bike. Please don't take this for a sales call! I can tell you my experiences on the CBR250RR have never been dull or disappointing! It's a very easy bike to ride, incredibly reliable - never had problems at any running temperature/condition. I'll leave it there - give me a bell if you have any Qs. I'll be happy to help out and get you riding!

    Stick with this site, the people and knowledge here is pretty amazing.