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(Vic)New Laws Regarding Sat Nav Enabled Mobiles

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by grange, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. Strict new road rules relating to the use of mobile phones by drivers are threatening to kill the burgeoning market in apps and services that enable smartphones to be used as satellite navigation systems.

    The legal changes will affect iPhones that use apps made by TomTom, Navigon and Sygic; Nokia phones using its Ovi Maps; Telstra phones using its Whereis Navigator GPS service and any other service or software that enables a mobile phone to be used as an in-car navigation device.

    Victoria will roll out the new rules, which will limit drivers' use of mobile phones and satellite navigation devices, on November 9.

    A spokesperson for VicRoads, the Victorian Government's roads and traffic authority, said that under the laws - as applied in Victoria - it would be illegal for drivers to navigate using a mobile that doubles as a satellite navigation device.

    "A phone will only be allowed to be used for its primary purpose," the spokeswoman said in a telephone interview. "If it's a phone, it's a phone."

    The rules are part of the Australian Road Rule 8th Amendment Package, a set of road and traffic laws that were approved by all state and territory Road Ministers in February.

  2. Code:
    "What we are seeing just reinforces our safety message around
     [the fact that] you must use a mounted device [the car kit] in a 
    car and not interact with the device whilst you are driving,"
    So what's the problem?

    Basically just means that you can't hold the thing which would be kinda stupid anyway.

    If you don't want to buy a cradle I'm sure a heap of blue-tack would work too.

    The start of that article makes it seem like it's an outright ban...
  3. No issue with me.
  4. They can lick me where I pee. If I have it mounted like a normal GPS, there is zero legitimate reason for them to have any say in the matter. I wonder how much of this is lobbying from companies that make the nav hardware.

    Furthermore, who are they to say what the primary purpose is? What if I bought my phone to use as a navigation device and occasionally check emails with?
  5. I'm with Smee. I see no problem.

    It means that you can't drive and hold it at the same time. What's wrong with that?

    Do I sense that someone wants to be seen a s a victim - yet again?
  6. Well guess what, that exactly what you will still be able to do once the new laws come into effect.

    They are banning handheld operation of those sort of devices.

    Oh, I don't think BluTac counts as a proper cradle.

  7. I guess it depends on what the law actually says, that article is rather poorly written. If in fact they're flat out banning the use of mobile phones as GPS devices, even when cradled… yes, umbrage.

    If they're just saying they need to be cradled… fair enough, though I'd say that the stipulation that you have to use a commercial cradle is bullshit. If you're handy enough to fabricate something, I don't see why you shouldn't be allowed to.
  8. How does this effect bikes? I've seen people with those rider friendly (big buttons, waterproof) sat nav thingo's mounted to their bars, do they ever get pulled up?
  9. And you head up the motorcycle lobby group :confused::confused: There is no hope for us.

    What right do the spankers in Spring street have to say that a phone is a phone? try telling that to all of Apple's or Nokia's R&D department.

    The devices are multi use, they are no longer just a phone or just a gps.

    If the device is used in a fashion that may distract a driver then sure, go ahead and book them. If whilst stopped at a set of lights and you want to set it up to navigate to a destination then that should not be illegal.

    Non use of common sense needs to be made illegal.
  10. Oh Vic --- first comment, why do you say that :rolleyes:

    Last comment - relevant if you are referring to the use of phones as a hand held device. Now that is what you meant wasn't it:confused::confused:
  11. The VicRoads were quoted as saying the following.

    "A phone will only be allowed to be used for its primary purpose," the spokeswoman said in a telephone interview. "If it's a phone, it's a phone."

    Since when has commonsense had anything to do with laws. They have explicitly stated that they can't be used - cradle or not...

  12. That's my interpretation, hence my umbrage. I love that word. Umbrage umbrage umbrage.
  13. I bet the people at VicRoads are having a chat to the 'spokeswoman' to correct her mis-understanding.
  14. Once again the Bull$hit stinks.
    Why pass more laws that they simply don’t enforce?
    If they get cops out on the street and start enforcing some of this stuff then maybe I’d actually care, but when all they do is pass draconian laws then not enforce any of the ones that are a little bit hard to enforce (IE you can’t just set up a camera and have a coffee) then I’ll have to agree with grue.
    It is a rare day that I travel on the roads and not see at least one person SMSing, see endless tailgating, and people swapping lanes without indication all over the place.
    Get cops on roads actually enforcing the laws we have then decide weather or not we need new ones.
  15. Oh Look. something that actually makes sense and FL typed it :D:D
  16. Sorry about the length of this, but some clarification needs to be done.
    The Road Rule in question is based on ARR 300, which states:

    300 Use of mobile phones

    (1) The driver of a vehicle (except an emergency vehicle or police vehicle) must not use a mobile phone that the driver is holding in his or her hand while the vehicle is moving, or is stationary but not parked, unless the driver is exempt from this rule under another law of this jurisdiction.

    Offence provision.

    Note Emergency vehicle , park and police vehicle are defined in the dictionary.

    (2) In this rule :
    "mobile phone" does not include a CB radio or any other two- way radio.
    use , in relation to a mobile phone, includes the following:

    (a) holding the phone to, or near, the ear (whether or not engaged in a phone call);

    (b) writing, sending or reading a text message on the phone;

    (c) turning the phone on or off;

    (d) operating any other function of the phone.

    Ok, I have highlighted the critical sections in both (1) and (2).
    As long as the driver is not "holding the phone" they are OK.
    Operating a phone (in any mode, Phone or GPS) in a cradle or approved holding device would be OK as it is not "holding" the phone.
  17. Sorry FL I actually agree with this one.
    (I do agree that they need to enforce it properly).
  18. Someone made the comment about the "approved cradle" rule and why couldn't they make their own. It's a fair comment but what guarantee is there that the home made job won't be as good as an "approved" unit? One thing needs to be considered here. A phone or a GPS weighs a few hundred grams. In a crash it could become a deadly missile within the car.

    Or, it could fall off while driving and maybe cause a problem then.

    And of course, if the insurers get wind of this, there could be problems there too. Remember, insurers will do whatever it takes to get out of paying out a claim.
  19. Tramp, Reading what you have posted from the legislation identifies that there doesn’t need to be any change.
    That in fact as long as the device is cradled (no matter what you are doing with it) it is not considered an issue.
    Personally I believe texting in any form should be stated as illegal.
    If it is just about performing function on the device then I agree with the sentiment, but as you have indicated there doesn’t need to be a legislative change to enact it.
    If they are stating that the functions should not be legal then it’s bollocks., What is the difference of me having a Bluetooth headset with my phone/pda/gps sending me info, as apposed to a dedicated gps doing exactly the same thing?
  20. I used Blu-Tack for a couple months with my GPS. It worked fine. It fell off once, and somehow fell into my passenger door pocket with 5kms left in the trip. Was ok though, I just followed the turn by turn instructions it was yelling at me from down there. :rofl:

    As for it becoming a missile in a crash, I don't think most OEM cradles would be secure in a big crash either. The most secure cradle I've seen is a home made one, it attached to the dash with a screw, not just a suction cup.

    There we go, no real problem.