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[VIC] New laws, no overtaking on single unbroken!!!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/technology/story/0,28348,25988984-5014239,00.html

    From November, motorcyclists will be banned from carrying pillion passengers aged under eight.

    It will also be illegal to overtake or carry out U-turns across single unbroken dividing lines.

    That'll ruin the Spur :LOL:
  2. So rather than teach people how and where to safely perform a U-turn, they're just going to ban it.

    Man, f*** this country sometimes.
  3. Re: [VIC] You guys DO know about this, don't you?

    More than just the spur. There are many hundreds of kilometres of unbroken single line in Victoria, including probably every two-lane mountain road. Much of it is perfectly safe to overtake, but until now it has fallen to the individual to exercise judgement. No more.

    The age of the caravan procession is upon us...

    Edit: Embarrassing misread. I assumed 'overtake' where it said' U-turn'. Carry on, all competent humans. :oops:
  4. So they're banning kids under 8 on pillion seats.

    I'd like to see what fatality/injury statistics they are using to try and justify that!
  5. Hmm.

    With the single line rule how do you then change lanes once you exit the Bolte Bridge and wish to continue on out into the Eastern Suburbs via the tunnels? If I recall all along there there are unbroken lines.

    The pdf doesn't cover this.

    As for the pdf explanatory notes the "why we are doing this" doesn't say why, except to chant a mantra about "Arrive Alive" and "saving lives".

    What a load of horse hockey it all is. Anyway, the Spur simply means that more people will be booked for illegal overtaking when up until that November point it was both safe and legal to do so.

    You can bet your left ball that the TMU Tossers will be out in force over the first weekend that these laws come into effect. Undoubtedly it'll ramp up their booking rates so for the rest of the month they can cruise without having to worry about job reviews if the quotas aren't met.

    It would be more sensible to ensure that those who are holding up traffic where otherwise it should freely flow be given a hurry up by the plod or booked as the case may be.
  6. I don't think they've thought the no overtake on single line - like someone said there are 100's of km of solid line roads out there. Idiots.

    Anyway, having said that, I don't give a shit about double solid lines either - I overtake when it is safe to do so! :p
  7. ladies and gentlemen, start your engines, get your paint scrapers ready, time to break up the lines.... :roll:

    this is the biggest crock of sh!t i have seen in a long time, both laws...
  8. Yeah, just read that today myself.

    I dunno about the overtaking maneuver, but personally, I like the idea of limiting U-turns -- motorcyclists are probably the ones who'll benefit the most from such a change.

    Of the many places & countries I've driven, Victoria by far has the most liberal rule on U-turns. Though I don't agree on complete banning of U-turns (ala Alberta, Canada), I don't see any problems in limiting U-turns to just at intersections (ala California) -- you can still turn around at the next block, while limiting accident risk to equivalent to that of a right-hand turn. (instead of accident risks coming from both front AND back, as the way it stands now)
  9. Hornet can i ask you to change to topic title to actively reflect the relevant law? i sure didnt know about this, and im sure alot of others dont either, and i'm pretty sure motorcyclists out of any road group will be most affected by this. an accurate title will no doubt get more peoples' attention, and hopefully stop more people getting done for this when it comes into force.
  10. Done, but I was being a bit rhetorical because I thought you guys WOULD already know about it :oops:...
  11. OK I am pithed off. Lets lynch a pollie.

    Note carefully the smiley... not inciting violence... see the smiley.....
  12. It is time Tim Pallas, and all those advising him are removed from their positions. Idiots. I am pretty convinced that he must have a KPI to reduce the road toll to zero, or something near it, and will keep legislating until he gets his bonus, no matter what the consequences are.

    For those not from Victoria, for the last few years the authorities have been painting solid white lines down the middle of nearly every road outside the cities that isn't dead straight and flat. There aren't 100's of kilometres of roads with a single sold line anymore, there are 1000's and 1000's! They seem to have been trying to discourage people from overtaking, while all the time allowing them to overtake when safe.

    Now it will be illegal on all those roads to overtake, and there will be 40 Km/h processions everywhere. I am so glad that I have an air horn on the bike, because it will be used a lot on the Black Spur when some idiot refuses to move over into a slow vehicle lane, as they invariably do.

    I wonder if this means they will be booking people for driving more than 20 Km/h below the speed limit more often, since we can no longer overtake?

    Also note in the "Drivers and Riders" pdf that:
    "At an intersection, a driver must stop at the first stop line and must not enter the area for cyclists when the traffic light is red."
    "The term ‘driver’ includes motorcyclists."

    Given that when filtering through traffic it is almost essential to move to the space in front of the cars, over the existing line but behind the pedestrian crossing line, this new law is going to make filtering even harder.

    Much of the other stuff seems sensible, even the tram ones. Well, except maybe for the one about moving parked vehicles "off the length of road, or out of the area." That could see an awful lot of office workers movings lots of cars a long way and doing a lot of walking back to the office, multiple time a day. After all, there is simply insufficient parking in most areas of Melbourne.

    Also very funny that how they defined Scooters, totally forgetting the Scooter class of powered two wheeled vehicles.
  13. And herein lies the irony (if that's the correct word to use here). On the news a few mins ago Pallas was saying that the new laws will reflect what happens around the country.

    However, unless the U-turn rule has been changed as well then it's at odds with NSW (for one) which bans U-turns unless a sign allows them. Here in Vic they're allowed unless a sign bans them.

    Maybe we're better off following the NSW lead. That way no special rules for roads with unbroken lines are required. It would also hopefully stop dickwads who do make dangerous U-turns. Maybe.

    You gotta wonder what sort of geniuses that they employ in the govt. departments that decide these things, and the "advisors" who, well, advise the relevant ministers when they sign off on such rubbish.
  14. gahh you beat me to it. put a fund together and buy copious amounts of black paint or a quick patching mix off joel. start turning on those unbroken lines into broken lines.

    also, what's the deal on three point turns in Vic. Are they still fair game?
  15. no titus it does say overtaking on single solid lines aswell as u-turns.

    Just more rules that make the roads that much more difficult to get around causing already frustrated motorists more frustration and ending up in higher revenue as everyone just ends up doing whatever the hell they like.

    Are they going to install more designated overtaking areas or u-turn safe areas to counter act these new laws?
  16. Ok so the trick is indicate overtake on the right hand side but dont cross the line :wink:
  17. laps of the cbd!

    very slow laps!
  18. They are changes to the Australian Road Rules - as follows (ATC's comments by the way - definitely not mine!)

    Changes to the Australian Road Rules
    25 January 2009

    On 25 January 2009, changes were made to the Australian Road Rules which were agreed on by all states and territories across Australia.

    The National Transport Commission undertook a national public consultation process regarding the changes.

    The majority of changes are slight variations to current road rules so as to clarify the meaning to all drivers. Most amendments do not entail a change in general driver behaviour.

    Other amendments of note are as follows:

    Fog lights

    Drivers can only use front fog lights in hazardous weather conditions. This brings the rule into line with the existing situation for rear fog lights. Use of fog lights in other conditions can dazzle oncoming drivers. Previously front fog lights that dazzled approaching drivers were dealt with as an offence under a different rule.

    Riding on motorbikes

    The passenger in a sidecar is to be seated safely. It is an offence for both rider and passenger if the passenger is not seated safely. Previously there was no requirement that the passenger be seated in the side car.

    A rider is prohibited from carrying a passenger under 8 years old except in a sidecar. Previously the rule relied upon the passenger being able to reach footrests. This caused confusion for some riders. The amendment makes the rule more certain.

    Carrying people on a bicycle

    This amends the existing rule that prohibits a person carrying more people on the bicycle than the bicycle is designed for. The change requires persons to be in seats or positions designed for travelling on a bicycle.

    It is an offence for both the rider and the passenger if the passenger is not sitting in the position designed for the passenger. Previously there was no offence for the passenger not sitting in a seat.

    Travelling with animals on a motorcycle

    This rule has been amended to prohibit a motorcycle rider from travelling with an animal carried on the petrol tank of the bike (excluding farm animals carried for less than 500 metres).

    Travelling with passenger or animal on lap

    This rule creates an offence for a driver to have a passenger or animal on their lap when driving.

    Arrester bed (used to stop or slow specifically heavy vehicles experiencing mechanical or brake failure).

    A driver must not drive in an arrester bed unless the driver must do so in the interests of safety. Arrester beds will be designated by signs.

    U-turns across single dividing lines

    This amendment clarifies the duty of drivers not to make a u-turn across a single continuous centre line.

    Stop on painted island

    A driver must not stop on a painted island. This amendment is in the parking provisions. It prevents parking on a painted island. It does not prevent a driver from stopping on a painted island when entering or leaving a road. A driver may have to stop on a painted island to give way to approaching traffic.

    Leading an animal while driving a vehicle

    This rule previously prohibited a driver or rider from leading an animal while driving. The rule has been extended to cover the passenger as it is just as dangerous for the passenger to be leading the animal.

  19. so on roads like the kinglake rd and mountain highway the cars now can't overtake the cyclists and we are stuck behind the lot of them? Oh joy, 10kph trips.