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[Vic] New Hume Fwy Speed Cameras (Updated 08-05-2006)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pvda, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. Noticed a new set of cameras on the Hume going to and back from Winton at the weekend.

    You may've noticed the single camera at the Whittlesea Rd bridge near Wallan which has been there for ages, well there are now 4 cameras (2 each way shooting front & rear) aprox 1km north of the Wallan-Whittlesea Rd overpass. Don't think they're working as yet as I couldn't see the lines in the road yet but be aware.

    That now makes 3 cameras on the Hume from the Ring Rd to Wandong with more to follow no doubt as the state governemt needs more of our money to pay for their junkets.

    (Updated info on new post further down thread)
  2. It's about time that moochin' Hume Hwy gave some money back to the wise and divine government that funded it - papa needs a brand new convention centre.
  3. You mean a soccer/rugby stadium, don't you, Dan?

    How obscene is that? Funding sporting projects, which should be funded from private/public investors, not from taxpayer funds. God knows we can use more stadiums or sporting events when health care, education and other essential services are crying out for more funding.
  4. Could not have said it better myself
    I wonder if they are as accurate as the ones that tell you your speed cause I went througn one once it said the truck was doing 94 the arrow board 96 and the trailer was apparntly doing 102 naughty trailer trying to overtake me :LOL: :LOL:
  5. And its not all about revenue? Cameras on the best freeway in the country. Over 300km of unbroken duel carriageway. The only accidents along that stretch are from drivers going to sleep and we're all expected to stick within 3km of the speed limit.
  6. They're not particularly accurate. Certainly those that I've checked haven't been. If my GPS is as accurate a speed measuring device as you can get, it differed from these indicators by varying amounts.
  7. I wouldn't assume your GPS is that accurate for speed measurement. With good signal, GPS systems provide a 3D probable area of about 5m wide(since '99 when Bill Clinton turned off Selective Availability). If your GPS updates every second and the error between seconds moves from one side of the 3D probable area to the other, it can induce a significant error. It is likely to be pretty close most of the time but not all of the time. If the GPS antenna is shielded by the car roof or by a structural member, then the error can increase.
  8. However, if speed is constant, GPS will be extremely accurate.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. I had that once towing a 6x4 trailer up the Hume, I was clocked by the Beveridge speed checker doing $112 and the 6x4 was doing $114 so I was expecting it to pull out and pass me :p
  10. i wouldnt expect GPS to account for elevation changes either
  11. Each time that I've checked it, I've had the cruise control on sitting on a constant speed. The GPS is usually jammed between the dash and the windscreen so it has a clear range of visibility to the satellites.

    Having said that, 3 weeks ago I was driving through a new estate. There have been complaints about the local young bucks using a particular section of street as their own version of the Kew Boulevarde. So aside from a cop presence, they've set up a trailer with a speed indication thing on it. I went home and got my GPS. I waited for the traffic to clear before setting off. Set the cruise at exactly 50 km/h on the car's speedo. GPS was reading a constant 49 km/h. The speed indicator displayed 49 km/h as I approached it.

    The GPS is an Garmin Etrex Legend C. Accuracy is usually around the 2 metre mark, according to the unit once it's aquired the satellites.
  12. If accuracy is 2m, then the positioning can be out by up to 4m between two samples.

    If the sample rate is once/second, then this automatically means a margin of error of 4m/s, or around + or - 15km/hr margin of error.

    Still a pretty large margin of error for purposes of speed detection, even for a "super-accurate to within 2m GPS receiver".
  13. Yesterday I went through the Beveridge speed checker. I was slowly overtaking a 4WD beside me. I was clocked at 106, him at 109, even though I was probably going 3kph faster than he.
  14. That's very disturbing... :shock:
  16. more about these speed carmera's...
    are they elapsed time trigger camera's (point to point)??
    I got an email listing all the new and proposed speed camera's in Vic and there were meant to be 11 new camera's earmarked for the Hume Hwy to Albury :shock:

  17. What's the likelihood of this being the case?

    I am not familiar with how the technology works. Are you? If so, could you explain how you come to this conclusion?

    If a vehicle is sitting on a constant speed, and indicates say, 100 km/h, what is the probability of the GPS reading 100 km/h if we assume that the car's speedo is accurate?

    I paced out a known distance with the GPS. One of its features is to be able to map an area and give a total sq. metre figure, say for measuring a paddock or house block or whatever. My property is 110 metres deep. And when I walked it, the GPS at the end measured 110 metres.

    Would GPS accuracy be affected by speed? ie: walking pace v going at highway speeds?
  18. They had one of those trailer mounted things just inside Gate 10 at the F1 GP this year and I was clocked walking in on the road (at 6:30am) at 6km/h in a 10 zone by it, in fact I picked up the pace and was then clocked at 11 so I was speeding and on foot at the time :p
  20. By pick up the pace I meant only a couple of VERY quick steps (run) mind you I didn't do it for long as I'm not that fit and a well loaded backpack slows you down a bit as well :roll: