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[vic] New Capacity power/weight laws?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Roarin, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. Anyone have anything definate on whether we are going to get power/weight laws instead of 250cc limit on learner riders in Vic? I have heard it being talked about for years but still nothing definate. So who has the scoop? Cheers

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  2. Try the front page. It has ben posted there for nearly a month.
  3. Sh!t hot :grin: :grin: Thanks dude. Now I might be able to buy a 250 for a 1/2 decent price instead of what the thieves want for them now. Always had a bit of a soft spot for the CBR RRRRRRR.
  4. the prices hardly changed in NSW and its been lams there for quite a while now
  5. Oh well -it was a nice thought. For a second or two :)
  6. they need to do someting like this with cars!!!! p platers not having a v8???......my uncle has a xr8 and we dragged a suberu( not sure which type) but the two cars were side by side untill we hit about 100kmph. now tell me this..... why only make it v8's,??? shouldnt it go on power?? not how many cylinders!!!
  7. QLD just brought in a rule that limits cars by these things: v8's, turbos/superchargers, over a certain power/weight ratio for new l and p platers.
  8. It should. The WRX is also banned for P-platers in NSW. IIRC Vic used to have a power/weight limit on P-platers, but they changed to the f**king stupid NSW way.
  9. thats because there was still a nearby state with a demand.

    supply and demand, supply and demand.

    in my experience, there HAS been a significant change in 2fiddy prices. i backed it up a couple weeks ago in a thread, with REAL data....'ang on, i'll try find it.
  10. oh riiight! that explains why there are no 250 bikes with L or P plates on them anywhere in nsw! They must have all been sold to the mexicans.
  11. yeah, coz thats what i said, innit bonnox :roll:
    there is a noticeable difference in 2nd hand 2fiddy prices, excluding "boutique racers" such as babyblades, which will always retain some form of riceboy value. i concede that in built up areas, a 2fiddy will still sell ok, but most definitely in outer 'burbs or rural, you wont find many (if any) 2fiddy learner bikes. went to 3 bike shops today, not one second hand 2fiddy for sale excepting 1 virago. that is compared to a gazillion sv650's etc.
    but, y'know, you can take it out of context if you like.
  12. oh, come on! Have you got any stats to show how many bikes registered in one state end up in the other? You'd get a few around albury etc, but by and large there can't be many moving. And it's not like you see a spate of 600cc bikes with L plates and no 250 class bikes. About the only thing that has changed is a few more of those whoflung things (and that can be readily explained by a cheap price for a new bike, regardless of the capacity) and seeing more large capacity trail bikes on the roads. But if you want to take it out of context, go right ahead - please grab some figures to back up the wild claims.

    states that the gt250 and ex250 are still very high in the figures for new sales. Granted we don't know which state they are going to, but at the rate they are appearing around nsw, it is hardly a fair call to say that nsw has sent a shedload of 250's to victoria with the introduction of the LAMS.
  13. source= Bikesales, Bikepoint, Tradinpost, allclassifieds.
    Data Range = 324 bikes, no showroom floor prices used.
    Honda VTR 250
    VTR chosen as it is a VERY popular 250, preferred by learners and inner city commuters alike.

    VIC Average Price = $6992 (ave age 3.67)
    NSW Average Price = $6184 (ave age 3.59)
    ACT Average Price = $5750 (ave age 3.8)
    SA Average Price = $5672 (ave age 3.62)
    QLD Average Price = $5680 (ave age 3.89)

    Average Drop in Value (VIC v All others) = $1170.50 or 16.7%

    Chew on those figures for a lil' while Bonnox ;)
    are stats significant? well thats subjective....

    mind you, my records clerk and i just spent 2 hours of "roadmakin' time" doing that research for you. but i'm the boss, so who cares :LOL:
  14. if you want to normalise those figures by the ages, number of kilometres, damage and the proportion of total sales (new or second hand) that that bike represents I might take you more seriously. You might also normalise the figures by the waiting periods for rider training in order to get a feel for how many learner bikes there might be demand for in a particular area.

    And you should know by now that the asking price and the selling price are most commonly not one and the same. Those statistics may very well just be saying that more people buy new vtr's in vic than anywhere else, so the fleet available for sale is newer and could therefore command a higher price than in other states. It does nothing to prove your point of LAMS needs other states around you to sell 250's to.
  15. ](*,) ](*,) ](*,)
    yep, i am no statistics professor, and therefore im leaving it at that.
    shake hands, agree to have different opinions and "catch ya in the next thread!"
  16. shakes
  17. i only heard that L's in victoria will legally be allowed to ride up to 660cc in july 2008. might put off buying a 250 and jump straight onto a 600 providing power to weight is ok.

    or else i can wait for the price of 250cc bikes to drop. either way its a win, unless the urg to own a bike soonish kicks in.
  18. Yer a bit of a wanker aren't you?
  19. just realistic - unlike people like you who believe that all statistics must be true because you read them on the internet without stopping for a minute to work out whether they actually make sense.
  20. Hmm.... I've considered the arguments and after deep deliberation - Wot Loz said ! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: