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[Vic] New bicycle penalties from today

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by TonyE, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. I'm putting it here rather than in Politics etc. since there is no motorcycle content.

    Jail threat for dangerous cyclists
    Clay Lucas
    June 18, 2009 - 12:37PM
    Cyclists found to have killed or seriously injured a pedestrian will face penalties of up to five years in jail or a $68,000 fine, after tough new laws came into effect today.

    "Cyclists need to recognise that, if they do occasion damage, they have responsibilities. They do need to stop,'' said Roads Minister Tim Pallas said, launching the new laws this morning at a Bourke Street bicycle shop.

    The new penalties, he said, would help police tackle reckless riding by cyclists, and reduce the likelihood of pedestrians, other cyclists or drivers suffering serious injury.

    "We're driving home to cyclists the need for them to obey road laws or be punished,'' he said.

    Cyclists would now be on a similar footing to motorists if they are charged with serious traffic offences, he said.

    "Cycling is becoming a legitimate form of transport,'' Mr Pallas said.

    "But (with the recognition) that this is an important means of transport comes increased responsibility. This Government will come down hard on bad behaviour because there is a real consequence.''

    Over the last decade, two pedestrians have been killed by cyclists.

    James Gould, 77, was killed in Mentone in 2006 by a cyclist on the controversial Hell Ride.

    Another pedestrian died in 2000 when she was hit by a cyclist running a red light.

    The Brumby Government was spurred into action after cyclist William Raisin-Shaw was fined just $400 for colliding with Mr Gould.

    The new maximum penalties under the laws, which come into force today, include:

    * $284 or seven days' prison if property is damaged by a cyclist and the rider does not immediately stopp and offer assistance

    * $13,610 or prison for 12 months, or both, for dangerous riding

    * $681 for careless riding

    * $68,052 or five years in prison if a person is killed or seriously injured by a cyclist and the rider does not immediately stop and offer assistance

    Under previous bicycle laws, cyclists could only be fined up to $567 for riding in a dangerous, careless or reckless manner.

    All penalties are effective today, except those for the new careless riding law, which will come into force later this year.
  2. Hoo-bloody-ray. At last.

    Only one week ago some F$%^ cyco smacked into my five-year-old while hammering along the footpath. The p$%^ didn't stop, either. Thankfully it wasn't any more than a small bruise, but today that would have earned him/her up to 12 months. If he was caught. Yes, I am resentful.

    (I say this as a fairly regular unpowered two-wheeler).
  3. I am interested in how they are going to police it....i would assume it will only be what a officer see's :?
  4. They had the spokesperson on from Bicycle vic on the radio this morning, and he said it wont affect very many cyclists maybe 16 as they are all very law abiding :shock:

    It will be interesting how they are going to identify people if they do not stop.
  5. I dont get it. They aren't speeding, so they are clearly not killing children. So why do they think these new laws need to be put in place?

    while that is still two to many, when compared to 50 or so killed by cars in victoria each year, the pushbike riders a certainly pose as a menace to society.

    However, if this is true:
    then ive got no problem with it.
  6. Good !! About time.
    Cyclists are road users just like m/cycles, cars, trucks etc....it's about time they have (by law) the same responsibilities.
  7. The cops are probably jerking themselves off with excitement as to who can be first to write a $68,000 fine. Though it won't be long before some smart arse writes a $13,000 fine for "dangerous riding", whatever that is deemed to be. Oh the government must be pleased with another revenue raising opportunity.
  8. It's now the same penalties as for other road users which is fair enough. There's no extra penalty for being on a bicycle. :LOL:

    And if you do kill someone with a bicycle then they are just as dead as if you hit them with a truck. Why should the penalties be different?

    The cops can't write the $13,000 fines - these are the sort of stuff you end up in court for.
  9. Why don't Vic Police get taszers? That way they could hide in the bushes and tazer cyclists 28 times every time the ride past?
  10. It's strange but a part of my brain is agreeing with that concept..
  11. About bloody time.
  12. This goes in the sensationalist crap bin.
  13. fricken finally.

    every time i'm in the city....always see crazy cyclists weaving in and out of pedestrian's anywhere!...crossing/ intersections / tram stops....not a care in the world.

    obviously there is more that is needed..but this is atleast a start of a motion in the right direction.
  14. Now its time to see cyclists pay registration fees and get number plates
  15. Now its time to see cyclists pay registration fees and get number plates

    Dont forget that third party insurance.
  16. That..would be the awesomeness Christmas Present EVER!

    Hahaha...unfortunately, i can't see it happening...and it would be way to hard to monitor.

    Plus, would that mean parents would now have all these other things to worry about when buying their lil' kiddies a new bike to first learn riding on ?
  17. There is a lot of anti-cyclist sentiment on here. not sure why to be honest -I see bikes as our smaller, less motorised cousins who suffer the same disrespect as we do from other road users and therefore we have common ground, the difference being they are more vulnerable (not much protective gear and an inability to rocket out of trouble)

    I dont see what the big deal is with them. Sure you get the odd dickhead, but you also get dickheads on motorbikes and in cars.

    The way I see it, the dickheads on push bikes are short lived because they are the smallest on the road and 9 times out of ten will be splattered.

    Most cyclists are too busy trying to not be run off the road and killed by inconsiderate drivers to do anything really dangerous. You occasionally get a dickhead who goes too fast on the pavement and I totally agree with fines for these guys and serious penalties for occasioning harm / death. But surely there is no need for registration etc.

    So what if they run the odd red light - if they do it in traffic they wont be running too many red lights, and if they do it when the coast is clear they can get away from the body of traffic and get some momentum up by the time the cars get to them. No biggie for anyone. If the red light thing is the issue then perhaps we should demand rego and insurance for being a pedestrian - people running across the road when the pedestrian light is red have posed much more of a danger to me than any cyclists ever have.

    What is really the issue with bike riders as a group? Is there an issue, or are there just a few dickheads giving the rest of the bike riders a bad name. Or are there a few dickhead car users who are too impatient to wait 20 seconds and who make the road a hazardous place for this legit form of transport?

    Because I ride a motorbike am I automatically a meth dealer? Am I automatically a threat to society? Do I automatically have a big beard and a biatch? Regarding the last 2, I dont and do respectively, but not because I ride. You cant tar all people of a group because of the actions of a few knobs. What happens if the cops come and bust up a meet of moto enthusiasts (not the meat of moto enthusiasts) on the grounds of the new bikie laws just because lawmakers reacted to the publics knee jerk after the airport bashing? I'm sure we'd see another thread about lawmakers gone crazy etc etc.

    Sure the 2 deaths were tradgedies that could have been avoided but people are posting as if there has never been a motorcycle related fatality and that pushie riders are the only evil law-breaking maniacs and the most dangerous thing on the road, and I dont really think this is the case.

    The other day a dude on a skateboard almost lost control when going too fast on the pavement and came very close to hitting my friends kids. Perhaps skateboards should be registered too? Maybe some CTP? Or maybe this guy was just a cock who doesn't really represent the entire skateboarding fraternity.

    Adequate charges for negligent riding occasioning harm, definitely. Rego + insurance is taking it a step too far though. Dickheads on bikes dont generally last long enough to pay the installments.

    Are the people demanding rego and insurance for push bike riders the people lamenting the "nanny state" australia has become and how litigious society has been detrimental to australia? What next - insurance on billy carts? Registration on treehouses? No thanks.

    See it for what it is - you get the odd dick on a bike (step one, you put a seat on the bike, step to, you stick your junk on that bike ....) but that is no reason to tarr all cyclists with the same brush.
  18. Actually those cyclists who are members of Bicycle Victoria will find that their membership covers third party injury and property ($1,000 excess).

    All these penalties are about are bringing cyclists into line with other road users who cause death or injury through their own carelessness. I really can't see an issue here - sure, cyclists are less likely to cause a death - but if they do then the possible penalties should be the same as anyone else would get.
  19. What I really want to see is compulsory registration and licencing for pedestrians and their dogs/kids. For too long they have believed the rules don't apply to them. If they're irresponsible on shared paths (how hard is to keep left, or on their designated side with the kid/dog on a short leash?). With compulsory registration, they can face up to the consequences when their mindless wandering and lack of dog/kid control costs a cyclist umpteen injuries and a $5000 bike written off.

    Licencing should be a doddle, there's only really a couple of questions that need to be studied then answered correctly. Rego plates might prove pesky, not many suitable places to affix to a dog, perhaps a "plug-in" version would be best.
  20. Don't the pedallers just hate it when they're forced to act like grown-ups and take responsibility for their actions...
    If they're so harmless and saintly they won't ever get fined then, will they?

    In truth I doubt that many fines will ever BE issued. I just like the idea of equality under the law.