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[Vic] New 1km radars

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by stewy, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. Ok folks chasing some info, anyone know where i can point a friend to where he can get/who do they need to write off to get my hands on the operation manual for these new camera, basically a friends was picked up from by a on coming car still ant size in the distance, cop cresting a rise and friends cresting a rise bit of a dip between them, can these new radars dect rises and falls in the road, don't they need to be on flat roads or is it only straight roads

    cheers for any advice

  2. Re: New 1km radars

    all i can say is they work. I got done before i even saw him(was speeding at the time)
  3. Re: New 1km radars

    Unfortunately you will find that the radar is detecting the closing speed. The Spedo registers the ground speed.
    So if you are not on flat ground they could argue that your actual speed is greater than the detected speed.
    Getting the manual is not likely to help.
  4. Re: New 1km radars

    I too would like to know HOW they work. Being picked up for speeding from 1 km away? would hate for that speeding vehicle in front of me to turn off after speeding and be hit with their reading. 1km is a loooooong way away.
  5. Re: New 1km radars


    If you know how they must be operated and how they work, you can eliminate any "shifty tactics" by VicPol.
  6. Re: New 1km radars

    Sorry Vic I am making the statement from the perspective of the physics involved, yes there could be loopholes, but the science sais that you will only be detected at or below the speed at which you are travelling relative to the ground.
  7. Re: New 1km radars

    I do too, it'd be nice to know that these safety devices work correctly 100% of the time taking into account 100% of the environmental factors and are also 100% tamperproof by the operator.
  8. Re: New 1km radars

    1km is a long distance to obtain an accurate reading. What if a bird flies in the path of the radar when it is obtaining a reading? what about reflections off work road surfaces, what about the reflectors on the curb markers, what, what, what.........

    It's not a simple case of the cop car gets a reading from you from a km away and its expected that nothing else on this planet is capable of altering the reading.
  9. Re: New 1km radars

    Because (although it does depend on the magistrate) most of the time: the court is on the police's side, and will give them every chance in the world to "correct" (change) their story to fit the known facts and stitch you up.
  10. Re: New 1km radars

    The new laser can detect a speeder up to 4km away. That may vary with the size of the bike, truck or car. The antenna is about the diameter of a can of rexona and about half the length. If the patrol car has another antenna on the roof facing to the rear of the car then you will be detected speeding behind the police car or if you have passed the car in the opposite direction then you can still be detected. At the end of the day if you speed towards a police car from front or behind once you are within 4km of the car your chance of getting done is very high.

    I am only talking about the Vic Police.
  11. Re: New 1km radars

    4KM :shock:**** me this is getting crazy ](*,)
  12. Re: New 1km radars

    I understand that if they have a fix on your location they can work out how fast you are approaching or leaving (giving the radar knows their cars speed). But how do they actually book you? If your traveling the oppsite direction do they physically have to turn back and chase you? 8-[
  13. Re: New 1km radars

    yep. and you could run if you are quick. i didnt and the copper was leniant
  14. Re: New 1km radars

    Hmmm. One step closer to me giving up on riding on the street all together and becoming a track whore.
  15. Re: New 1km radars

    Don't worry, I'm sure someone is working on a system to track everyone's speed by satellite.
  16. Re: New 1km radars

    as i understand it they pulled over on the side of the road a bit up from where he saw them, and from the description was caught on a long boring straight road with bugger all side roads, and it was all paddocks open space so you can see quite some distance ](*,)
  17. Re: New 1km radars

    So basically he was speeding… Because there was NOTHING to hit
    So he wasn’t actually posing a threat to any one.
  18. Re: New 1km radars

    well it the issue of was he speeding that is in question hence we are looking into how they work (he checked speedo a while back on the geelong freeway so was working on that read out), but yeah i was told there wasn't another car in sight, well except for this tiny dot .....but you know it's nice Mr Plod saved my friend from certain death 1km further up the road, as he said it looked scary as he finally reach that section of road, apparently tarring looked like a few years old and lacked lots of cats eyes on the white lines to keep him in his lane :roll:
  19. Re: New 1km radars

    Thank god they got to him in time. He was surely only moments away from sponaneously exploding in a huge fireball and wiping out whole families of fluffy kittens
  20. Re: New 1km radars

    http://www.roadtraffic-technology.com/news/news68869.html Some general info on these 1km moving mode "stalker" radars.

    http://www.themotorreport.com.au/45...alker-speed-camera-technology-in-patrol-cars/ more general info.

    It pisses me off that the PR is linking speed enforcement with the low road toll.

    http://www.stalkerradar.com/law_dsr.shtml info from a mob who make them

    http://www.pbelectronics.com/new_page_3.htm more info from another mob who makes them.

    http://www.radars.com.au/police-radar.php probably has info on the problems with radar... I can't access it from work.