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[VIC] Netriders Shave for a Cure, Fri Mar 16th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Flipper aka Deb

    The time has come around quickly this year, only 10 months since last years big shave.
    Once again, Netrider will be participating in the Worlds Greatest Shave for a Cure to raise valuable funds for the Leukaemia Foundation.
    We need all netriders dow...

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  2. So, who is goin to go the shave this year????

    Not sure if i am or not. :? :? :?
  3. I'll happily run around with a tin again, chatting up cute girls and asking them for money. :grin:

    This year I have a special offer in my sales pitch which should generate more cash. :wink: :cool:
  4. Me me me I am for the first time ,cranium and facial hair removed to a number 2 .

    Only wax if $2k is raised by my work collegues
  5. I'm in the same boat as you Dave, to shave, or not to shave, that is the question :LOL:
  6. No shave booga but a bloody short cut on top and cut off the wiskers with the clippers.

    The craial and facial hair will be shorter than its ever been in living memory :)
  7. Can some one bring the reciept books and tins (if available) to the GP this weekend.
  8. You mean the supers? :p
    I don't have the tins as yet but I have books and will pack them for the weekend :)
  9. Hey it looks like I wont make the coffee nite and cos most of my donations are coming from work , the folks at work wanna get a shot with the shears for their money so we will be doing my shave down at work Friday , all donation will still go to Netrider count and I will post before an after shots .
    Anyone got a spare beany? :)
  10. Yep, thats what i said.
  11. Bugger Bugger Bugger!!! I had the books with me at the Island but forgot to pass them out :oops: :(
    We haven't had any online donations as yet but we should be able to raise heaps on the night with your support. This year we are on the SFAC's web site as a public event :dance: :dance: :dance: so I hope to see HEAPS of Netriders down there on the night.
    Seany, I am hoping to have some rattle tins delivered this week and 1 has your name on it ;)
    Brendan, are you able to organise those hairdressers from last year?
    If not, does anyone know any hairdressers who will be willing to give up a few hours on a Friday night to raise money for a worthy cause?
  12. Oh my god - should we be scared for those poor chicks??? lol

    Hey Deb,

    Can you put my name of one of those tins as well please???
    Ill definitely be in for that. Also i know a "celebrity hairdresser" that i can try and contact to see if they would be up for it...
    I can t promise anything as this person is hard to get in contact with but ill see how i go :)
  13. No probs Jamie and that would be great re the hairdresser, do what you can ;)
  14. i'll shave
  15. ill be there for sure.. ill bring some cash with me and im more than happy to walk round with a tin to raise some cash!
  16. Is there a link avail so I can donate online instead Deb?
  17. There sure is MG :grin:

    Go to this page and follow the steps using the following options.

    Step One: I am sponsoring someone who’s shaving or colouring

    Step Two: Group name - Netrider

    At this stage, there are 4 options. Please make sure you click on someone that is under the team name of NETRIDER (one word) There may be variations but anything that is not NETRIDER is not part of our particular group. At this stage you may either sponsor an individual who has registered under the name of Netrider or you may sponsor the group as a whole in which case you would go the following option -

    Netrider . Netrider MULGRAVE VIC Sponsor

    It would be good to see a few sponsorships happening on our page ;)
    Good luck everyone and I still have some receipt books if anyone wants to get sponsorship from work/family/friends to either shave or colour their hair :)
  18. I am currently still raising sponsorship under the NR banner on the Official " Worlds Greatest Shave " page I have raised
    about $250 so far + around 50 or 60 dollars that has been pledged , when I get it all in I will add a grand total to my name under the two largest sponsors.
  19. Who's considering doing the full shave and going bald in this years? Maybe we should start a list ....

    Rolla? :wink: